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  • More an adventure / parapsychic/mystery film for kids with some very basic touches of vfx alla star wars 1976 level. its a kids film made for adolescents on somebodys wallets and wills, but it is an adventure. so if you are a parent, fosterparent adoptive parent or work within the childprotection and orphans, then you might feel the hitch in your right leg, yeah lets try that.

    i cant say its a bad film, the filmographic elements are good, so are the editing and some of the sound work too, but most of all i will praise the childactors that are able to carry most of the story on their own shoulders, without shaking heads wrinkling forheads and anxious looks for mum, ''are you there''?...bravo and 7 out of 10 to them. also the elected sites of filming locations and natural scenes hold high standards.

    so if your into the science of orphanology or extremely fond of sosciodynamical institusionalized children research, or simply just love kids on the block, give this film a chance, the rest can let it pass, and find scare and horror somewhere else. i give 3 for efforts, 7 for the kids, and zero for the choice of genre, that gives a median of 3.3 stars from the grumpy old man
  • Right, well I sat down to watch the 2020 movie "Survival Guide" as it was listed as being a horror movie. So I must say that the expectations that I had for the movie were most certainly not met, as this was a children's movie. It could be considered a children's horror movie, I suppose, but this was by no means a horror movie for a seasoned horror veteran such as myself.

    The storyline in "Survival Guide" was pretty straight forward. But again, sitting here to watch the movie as an adult, I must admit that the entertainment level were near zero. This movie was meant for a young audience, no doubt about it.

    The acting in the movie was wobbly, to say the least. I will say that it looked like the young actresses and actors were enjoying participating in the movie, but it wasn't stellar acting performances being put on throughout the course of the movie, keep that in mind.

    Visually then this movie was not impressive. They made use of a little bit of CGI for some special effects for some magic scenes, and that was about it.

    Now, I am sure that if I was maybe 12 years old then I would enjoy "Survival Guide" from writer and director Ben Fritz, but as an adult this movie was simply just falling short of everything.

    My rating of "Survival Guide" lands on a three out of ten stars. Watch this one if you are a young viewer, but you might want to skip out on it if you are an adult, trust me.
  • ks-605005 November 2020
    Which part is horror? Seeing the kids messing around is the horror? Couple of things in this movie makes me feel can watch but the story just bad.
  • This "movie" is actually horror, meaning it's one of the worst things I have seen in ages, the second I saw the trailer I had the plot down. Teenage kids who adults can't possibly understand save the world from stupid adults. Then of course the girls are all strong and full of magic, give me a break. Like this schlock hasn't been done to death already by everyone trying to cash in on the "girl power" wave. Save yourself a lobotomy and catch a rerun of "Stranger Things" if you want to see whiny kids saving the world. It's the same garbage on a better scale, at least the effects are decent. ONE GOOD THING about this "movie" was Millie Bobby Brown didn't spend a hour crying constantly and bleeding.