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  • My first look at this program left me impressed. Of course, the topic was almost guaranteed to be an interesting one: a look at the Navy SEALs, considered the most elite strike force team in the world.

    The first five minutes of this program was packed with so many amazing facts, I wouldn't know where to start. Suffice to say, if one knew nothing about this group, one would be immediately extremely impressed. These guys have some well-earned reputation!

    In this episode, we learn why these guys are so good, a history of the organization (and the horrible circumstance which led the formation of this unit) and the amazing weapons they use. A number of myths about some of those weapons, such as the "suppressor" or "silencer" for guns, is one example. By the way, the man who invented the noisiest gun - the machine- gun - had a son who invented the quietest, the "suppressor."

    Watching this show, it appears that the Vietnam War helped the Navy SEALs evolve even further as it tested their new equipment and methods and made them even tougher and smarter.

    There were some amazing sights in here, like the modern mini-subs and jumping out of airplanes from high, these guys do it all. This was a great program, very good start-to-finish.
  • I'm not commenting on the show except to say that it's very good. I'm just here to comment about the previous post. For whatever reason the writer thought that Navy Seals is the most elite strike force in the World. Having served in the military for quite some time, it occurred to me that anybody who knows nothing about the military always think that Navy Seal is the best. Well there aren't. In the world of Special Operation, the is no best. Seal is better at some things, mainly naval and water to surface missions, but there aren't better or as good as US Army Special Forces in counter insurgency. There aren't as good as the Ranger in seizing airfield and terrain.

    Navy Seal is very good in conducting quick strike mission that last a few hours to a few days. There cannot however operate independently and without any support for months at a time like the US Army Special Forces. One personal critic and problem I have with the Seal is that they have very poor mission planning skills. In the world of Special Ops, there's no best. Everyone is versatile, but each unit has its expertize, strength, and weaknesses. The Seal just do better PR than everyone else.