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  • While 'Bombay To Bangkok' may not rank among Kukunoor's best films, it is a very entertaining, adventurous and sweet flick. Hearing all the negative comments, I was still hoping that the film wouldn't be as bad. It wasn't bad. Yes there are flaws. I found the pacing to be slow and I thought Kukunoor could have added some more spice by building more humour. Some have complained that there wasn't enough of the beauty of Thailand in the film. While that may have made the film more pleasant to look at, it's still a film not a travel documentary. So I don't hold this as a major flaw and we still get to see some sights and sound of the country.

    In a few scenes, Kukunoor parodies his other film 'Iqbal'. He includes the cast: Shreyas Talpade, Yatin Karyekar and the great Naseeruddin Shah. There's part of the 'Aashayein' song which is hilariously used. There are plenty of such laughing moments. The love story between the doctor and the gangster rapper is hilariously endearing.

    The songs are quite funny too. 'Sama Same but Different' is quite catchy while most of the other songs (there aren't as many) are included in the background.

    Debutante Lina Christianson adds an exotic freshness to the cast. She has a lovely smile, good screen presence and shares a wonderful chemistry with Talpade. Shreyas Talpade totally owns up to the character. The actor is showing more of his versatility and becoming one of the finest actors of the current generation. Vijay Maurya is laugh out loud as the gangster rapper. One just has to watch it to see what I mean. Naseeruddin Shah is only there in one scene but he further adds to the comic relief.

    I also liked how Kukunoor, in a subtle way brought forth taboo issues such as prostitution. There's a splendid scene where Shankar tries to convince Jasmine to leave her job and Jasmine cleverly answers to him that it's just a regular job for which she works hard. One has to listen to the dialogue to understand the full essence of the scene.

    I would like to add that one shouldn't expect anything from 'Bombay to Bangkok' other than a fun comedy. It's certainly not as bad as critics have labelled it to be. It may not be as great as Kukunoor's 'Dor', 'Iqbal' and 'Teen Deewarein' but it is one that can be easily enjoyed with friends.
  • Well, Nagesh Kukunoor has once again delivered what he is famous for. A gripping story presented in light manner. Only, this time he has chosen to go for other things like love across countries, comedy and foreign actress. The movie is presented in a very narrative manner, and with excellent performance from the lead casts as well as the supporting casts. Shreyas Talpade has once again delivered excellent acting after his only disappointing role in Om Shanti Om. He is the main lead of the movie, he knows dancing well, acting well, and also delivers his dialogues well. Lina Christianson is very cute but strong in her role. she is certainly far better than any of young actresses of Bollywood, though it was her first lead performance film. Watching her remembered the korean movie "My Sassy Girl". Then, there is Dr Rati and her little romance with a Gangster delivered by Vijay Maurya. Both have acted very well to their roles. Watch the movie for a pleasant treat after so many disappointing movies from Bollywood. Go for it..
  • Souvik27 January 2008
    Bombay to Bangkok is the story of a small time cook in a dingy restaurant named Shankar (Shreyas Talpade). Faith leads him to Bangkok... well actually local Mafia goons makes him escape because he had stolen the money that they had received. There Shankar meets Jasmine (Lina Christianson). She is a masseur at a local club. Shankar falls in love with her. Because Shankar pretends he is a doctor and the Mafia keeps on chasing him Shankar hides the bag of money into one of the medical supplies going with the team of doctors that he is a part of now. Now after reaching Bangkok Shankar must take the help of his lady love to get the money hidden into one of the numerous medical supply boxes... Thats Bombay to Bangkok for you. The rest is all running around (read riding around)and some poor attempts at making this a comedy. The only highlights of the film are the songs that plays in the background whenever Shankar meets Jasmine and his dialogue "Ab bas mooh mat kholna!" (Now just don't open your mouth!) whenever Jasmin walks towards him because Jasmin cannot speak English properly and the only words that come out of her mouth are in Thai. Overall just a time pass film, that too if you have nothing else to do. Its hard to believe this as a venture of Nagesh Kukunoor. The same guy who gave us films like Hyderabad blues and Dor. Nagesh should stick to making 'his kind' of cinema and not try to be commercial. He has just proved he is not good at it at all. Good acting by Shreyas (as usual) and the man who played his friend 'Rashminder singh' or Rashes. The guy who plays KMK, the mafia Don's son definitely deserves special mention too. Other than that the whole cast of the film is a waste. Lina has a long way to go as far as acting is concerned. Lets face it - she is too wooden to act. Go watch it... if you have absolutely nothing else to do. NOTHING.
  • In few words, the movie doesn't seem to be a product of Nagesh. If you are expecting something on the lines of "Dor" or "3 Deewarein", then you will not only be disappointed big time but would also feel shocked to see such a mediocre product coming from the famous off beat film-maker Nagesh Kukunoor. He tries his hand on a comic subject for the second time after his first comedy "Bollywood Calling". But the latest one can be termed as the weakest movie made by him till date which is neither a comedy nor an enjoyable adventure movie. It seems as Nagesh started the movie with only Shreyas Talpade in mind and with no script at all. The film is about a simple boy running with the money of a gangster to Bangkok disguised as a doctor. There he meets a sex worker and falls in love with her. That's the main story with many unattended plots which the director just forgets to take care of. 1. Shreyas Talpade, just runs to Bangkok, leaving behind his mother on the mercy of God. 2. Naseeruddin Shah comes in one scene as the Top Gangster and then vanishes off to do some another movie I suppose. 3. A very weird love affair is shown between a rapper gangster and the psychiatrist doctor. This could have been a comedy plot but is not capable of generating any laughter. Shreyas is just OK in his act and he is also helpless since the script itself has nothing to offer. Lena (The Thai heroine) is more expressive in emotional scenes and does her part well. The best act is there from the Sardarji character 'Rachinder'. In fact he is the only enjoyable element in the movie with some good scenes. The songs have some unusual lyrics and they are used only as fillers. The otherwise beautiful city is shown as some dirty sea side village if we talk about the cinematography. The only impact the film can make is that it will be an insight into the flesh trade of Bangkok for the people who have not been there and now they will be more excited to visit. In all, I just couldn't figure out what Nagesh Kukunoor was thinking to make out of this movie and what section of the movie lovers he wanted to target this time. He would surely like to forget about his latest attempt and move on to his more promising future projects.
  • The usual stuff Kukunoor punch which keeps the viewers glued to the storyline is missing big time. "Dor" warranted a slow screenplay it but B2B seems painfully stretched to fill in the available time. Wonder if it was a result of Ghai's intervention.

    Shreyas Talpade does his part fine. He is evolving into a fine and a mature performer.

    Lina is strictly OK.

    Yatin, Vijay Maurya & Jeneva Talwar are OK in their parts.

    Manmeet Singh is a good discovery. Hope he gets a good footing into the Bollywood after this role as the lovable Sardarji.

    Naseer is barely there for a few minutes.

    Songs are definite force-fit. Sherlock Holmes famous phrase seemed to be a force-fit.

    There is too much showcasing of Bangkok Tourism.

    Definitely not belonging to Kukunoor's category by any standards.
  • eajazkhans9 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    People watch a movie with lot of expectations and for a taste.

    The movie has some humor into it, but has so many facts out of proportion.

    Things could have been more interesting if the stolen thing was a diamond or something even more expensive like drugs.

    Bad love story involving four people. and the suspense was not very captive.

    Good Casting though.

    overall poor story film, the movie crew and cast could have been utilized in the best way to make it a hit
  • Not a masterpiece, but definitely a friendly and entertaining movie. A tad slow perhaps, but not enough to make it boring. Someone described it as "cute", and that's an excellent description for this one.

    Except for Shreyas Talpade and the great Naseeruddin Shah (the latter only in a very short guest appearance), all roles in this movie are played by less-known actors. Nevertheless, they perform their tasks very well. Shreyas is both convincing and entertaining as Shankar. Lena Christensen's role was perhaps not a hard one, but she does a decent job nonetheless. Most of all, however, I enjoyed Vijay Maurya in the role of a rapping gangster who deep inside isn't that bad at all, and Manmeet Singh, who for a change plays a bigger role than the occasional taxi driver. I surely hope to see more of both gentlemen in the future. All in all, a well-chosen ensemble cast.

    The story itself holds the middle between a road movie, a love story and a comedy of errors. Nothing special really, but good enough for an enjoyable movie.

    As for the music, usually I admire the work of the duo Salim-Suleiman, but Bombay to Bangkok is definitely not their best work. The background is okay, but the songs hardly worth remembering. Besides, they don't really seem to fit well within the movie. But criticism aside, Bombay to Bangkok is a nice and entertaining movie, and there is no harm in watching it one time.
  • Even though I would have to confess that I can be categorized as a cult follower of Nagesh Kukunoor, I haven't let that bias this review of the movie. The movie is narrative at its best. The director has a grip on the screen play and knows exactly the plot and the purpose of the characters played. The casting is apt. Even the Thai actors deliver their best. The naissance of any movie is in its details. The scene in particular where the "sardar" guide uses war as a metaphor to choose what food to "attack" first. Last but not the least, the social taboo of prostitution is aptly dealt with. What ever amount of modernization that you bring into a society, selling sex for money is still looked down upon. Kukunoor brings about this social issue may not be deliberately but the subject does brush off. Then there is the epitomizing of "Love" beyond boundaries and language. The kind of chemistry the film showcases between "Shankar" and "Jasmine" is commendable. Anyone would agree that to make viewers believe that two people from different parts of the world with nothing in common to be in love on screen is as difficult as making a "Zonkey" or "Zeebrass". Do excuse the metaphor.

    Do see the movie to enjoy the humor and story telling.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The plot revolves around a poor Bombay-based cook called Shankar Singh (Shreyas) who mistakenly steals from Khan Baba (Naseeurudding Shah), a fearsome Don who sends his son to recover the amount from Shankar as he tries to flee India to Dubai, but eventually ends up on an Indian Medical-team chartered flight to Bangkok. Once in Thailand, he encounters Jasmine (Lina Christianson), a beautiful massage parlour "make you happy" girl. Their slow romance development is the main theme of the movie. The apparent cultural disparities as evident in Shankar's lack of Thai skills (neither does Jasmine know English) have been realistically portrayed and are delightful to watch (I remember having had similar encounters with Thai girls on my trip). Also, Shankar is portrayed shocked by his clear failure to understand unique aspects of Thai/South-East Asian culture e.g. a society with easier morals compared to India (there was one funny debate between the Indian man and the Thai girl about their respective views of prostitution - also, Shankar made a faux pas when he mistook Jasmine's brother as a thief because he took his bag only to return it later. It became apparent when he entered into the fold of monks and that was his last "fun night"). Being of the easy and gullible Indian male mentality -Shankar didn't waste time to fall in love with his Thai enchantress whereas she was visibly mad at him after it became clear Shankar was a fugitive and in deep trouble; Jasmine got arrested by Police for her involvement with Shankar - there was some action. Of course, in the end after a few twists and turns; both Shankar was finally able to convince his sweetheart how much he was in iove with her and by the time of credits, they were shown carrying a 6-year old kid.

    Among side-plots: my favorite character was that fat Thai Sardarji who doubled as interpreter and assistant to Shankar in his numerous adventures. Man, I would have loved someone like him around when I had an unpleasant encounter in Thailand- communication is SO DIFFICULT in that country! Another character called Javed Khan, the son of Khan Bhai the Don was interesting - he's a wannabe rapper and has a personality disorder which is cured by a beautiful doctor on the Indian Medical team, Dr. Rati. They have a funny romance!

    Having travelled to Thailand 2 years back, I have fond memories of its beautiful Buddhism-based culture, accepting/hospitable people and of course, such pretty girls. "Bombay to Bangkok" for me is a refreshing and nostalgic journey into that phase of life. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this movie; Nagesh Kukunoor has written a brilliant script (coming from Nagesh Kukunoor of Hyderabad Blues fame, I take it as original and not cheap Bollywood plagiarism.
  • I have not watched too many Bollywood films before, because to me, once you see one film, it is as if you watched it all. Really, the storyline is almost the same, the premise, the tearjerkers and whatnot. The differences that Bollywood films may have are its actors and actresses, the location, and the film title. That was how I perceived Bollywood films.

    So, with much persuasion from my friends to give this film a try, I watched it with a heavy heart, thinking that I am definitely gonna waste my time watching it.

    Boy, was I wrong. This film is not the typical Bollywood-style film. In fact, this film is so different that I believe maybe this is a new genre of India-made film, and I believe it will revive the rather slump in the movie-goers interest in Bollywood film.

    Whilst this film maybe a bit slow in the beginning, it does pick up momentum in the later parts of the film. Which is quite good actually, as there is more time to understand as to why the lead actor were in Bangkok, far from his hometown in Bombay.

    A special mention to the mafia's son character, which outperformed even the leading actor and actresses, being the tough guy outside but a soft soul at heart. He is very funny in a clumsy kind of way, without being spastic and an annoyance.

    A score of 8 for this film, for its commendable effort in making a film that moves away from the typical and predictability Bollywood films is usually associated with.