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  • This was an extra on the Words and Music DVD which discussed the life and impact of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, especially the latter. Among the interviewees is Mary Rodgers, Richard's daughter. Also discussed is the movie in which it's made clear how much M-G-M couldn't depict of Hart's life especially that of being a homosexual, a no-no at the time. As a result, much of it was fictionalized. Some of the performances are also discussed like that of Lena Horne, Judy Garland performing again on film with Mickey Rooney, and Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen concerning the "Slaughter on 10th Avenue" sequence. There's also the mention of what would eventually split the team, namely Hart's not wanting to do what eventually became "Oklahoma!" which led to Rodgers to team with Oscar Hammerstein II for the first time. So on that note, I recommend A Life in Words and Music.