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  • WilsonLau23 January 2009
    This is a tremendously underrated show from Canada. The characters are well fleshed out, the story lines are funny and very entertaining. It's not one of those typical cheap, low budget, old school Canadian shows but rather more like the modern show like TPB, or Corner Gas where it's got good production values and an amazing writing staff. The problem with it is that City is not promoting it enough, and it's never on when they say it's going to be on. I hope this show doesn't get canceled, or if it does, i hope it gets picked up by Showcase since they seem to have a better eye for talent and originality.

    Find out where you can find this show and watch it. You won't be disappointed. It's another one of those shows that are amazing but need your support or it will go the way of the dodo or the Firefly.
  • dan-277330 August 2009
    You know, it stuns me, that when Canadians produce a great show like this, they don't put the effort into marketing it. It's almost like they're embarrassed that it's good. I live in Canada and want to see more Canadian content, but good content, not some stupid period piece about some chick growing up on the east coast. This show is funny. It's well written, directed and edited. The actors in it cannot only act, but are real. The humor doesn't come out of some actor "mugging" the camera, but out of the reality of the scenes, which can only be done when you have a strong cast. Hopefully, they'll have more than one season, which is doubtful, given that I actually tried to follow this on cable and couldn't, because the scheduling either changed, or was wrong, or whatever. If you have a PVR, it's worth finding when it's on and taping it. This show is worth seeing. It's too bad that there are only 13 episodes, but if they're smart, they'll make more. End rating: a great show, with crappy promotion, but definitely worth seeing.
  • This is my favourite sitcom at the moment. Only The Office comes close and Less Than Kind is better than. It's sort of like a cross between the British sitcom Shameless and Malcolm in the Middle.

    Just to give an example of how well written and well acted this show is, in the episode in which the Blechers cars are being repossessed, there is very minor character, the towtruck driver. He only appears for two minutes and only in this one episode, but in those two minutes they gave him a whole back story and a fully-fleshed out personality. You want to see more of this guy.

    After pursuing them through the whole episode, the towtruck driver, gently persuades Sam to let him take the car. "People bounce back from these things all the time, man. I see it every day." It's a wonderful scene and the way Maury Chaykin plays Sam's slow and tired surrender is pure genius.

    Chaykin is one of Canada's best actors of all time. But in Less Than Kind he plays second fiddle to the awesome Jesse Camacho who really carries the show.

    Less Than Kind has been renewed for a second season. In the meantime, I'm happy to watch the first season episodes over and over again. It's that good. You can watch all the first season episodes on the CityTV website.
  • mark-8375 August 2009
    This is one of the greatest shows ever made. It is funny, dramatic, sad and poignant. If people complain that they're not laughing out loud it's because it's not that kind of show, its REAL humor and it works.

    The writing is amazing and the cast is great. I am American and I prefer this show to 99% of the stuff I watch on American television.I was visiting a cousin in Toronto when i first saw it and had to watch them all on because it was so Good. Find it and watch it, you will not regret it. There are some people who obviously don't like the show, the truth is the pilot was not very strong so keep watching after that because it gets amazing. It truly is incredible, fun and entertaining television.
  • The premiere of the second season was quite an enjoyable episode. Sheldon and his anxious family stand vigil at the hospital while his father, Sam Blecher is repeatedly on death's door. Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) guest stars as a doctor who might be a little too eager to see Sam pass on. Definitely check out this great adult show on HBO. A detailed analysis of the series after the jump.

    Generally, I dislike Canadian humor. They never help out our stereotypes. That was why I could never get into Corner Gas and I won't be watch the upcoming Hiccups or Dan for Mayor. One of the few exceptions which didn't feel completely Canadian was Kids in the Hall. This particular show, Less Than Kind happens to be written and produced by one of the founding members of Kids, Mark McKinney. Perhaps, he's better known in the U.S. for being a cast member on SNL from 1995-1997.

    Less Than Kind features Sheldon Blecher an overweight Winnipeg teenager living with his dysfunctional Jewish family. I like the show because it's not trying to glamourize Canada by making it look fun, it's the place last place Sheldon wants to be. In fact, the theme song is titled "I Hate Winnipeg." Less Than Kind was airing on City TV last year. Despite the fact that it was on one of Canada's major networks last year and that the show is about a family, this is a surprisingly adult show, filled with constant f-bombs and the occasional nudity. This year, it's a much better fit on HBO and it will be able to expand to a wider audience.
  • MovieLoverLBR1 February 2010
    This is a really funny series! Haven't had as many belly laughs from a show for quite a while. The writing (and acting) may be as good as breaking bad or mad men, though admittedly it's a comedy - the characters are not as deep. However they are deep enough. I'm only through 3 episodes.

    By the way, the rating system where 10 = excellent - seems a bit low. Meaning 10 should be exceptional, and 9 could be excellent. I'd give this a 9.5 certainly. But I gave it a 10 because it is at least excellent.

    The fellow from Winnipeg who gave it a 1, not sure if he's a self-hating Winnipeger, or just from the planet humourless, but something has got his goat. I would ignore that rating if you like witty writing, a bit of a slapstick presentation and good colourful characters.
  • I can't believe I've never seen this mind blowing clever, hilarious and heartfelt experience before season 3.

    Less Than Kind is one of the greatest shows ever made and holds a special place in many a heart right next to Judd Apatow's dearly departed Freaks and Geeks. The cast is so good it's unbelievable. Given the range of subject matter (death, love, sex, shame, coming of age angst) its amazing to watch how every cast member's character has evolved over time. Each character holds my attention when they get their screen time. The comedy itself is very successful but tends to be a bit over the top. Everyone is so great they make it work and its hilarious. I can only imagine what the writer's room is like when they're riffing on Josh and Eric's parts.

    If anyone from the show is reading this, don't stop! I joined IMDb just to post this review. It's killing me season 1 and 2 aren't available on DVD yet! HBO get on it!
  • Stumbled on this show without hearing anything about it whatsoever. I recognized the dad from Entourage and other movies so started watching. Its a great show, thought the older brother character seemed a little "played out" not the actor but the character seems to be in every movie/show but he did grow on me as well as episodes went by.

    Maybe its kinda aimed at geeks or outcasts a little, mixed with the dysfunctional family (not that my family is as crazy as this, but we are crazy in our own right) but I liked and related to this show plenty. Living in a small town is something I can't really relate to but most everything else in this show would be funny regardless of the setting.

    Now I will have to get season 2 on DVD since I don't have HBO Canada (CBC? why would you not show season 2? I'm not feeling your new 2010 shows over this one)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ......of course, it ran for four.

    Not to say that the final two seasons were bad, but it lost a lot of heart after the passing of Maury Chaykin. The first two years, I would put up against any other dramedy out there, each episode had laughs, but it also had characters that you want to root for going up against some substantial obstacles in life, and it was never less than highly entertaining.

    The latter two seasons, by contrast, seemed to lose some of the humour, and some characters became less likable. It is natural that the tone of the show would shift darker after the loss of a lead character, but it never seemed to get back to the same level as it was before. Still a good show, but it never had a chance to become what it once was.

    As a result, I gave the show a 9 overall, would argue that it deserved a 10 for the first seasons, and an 8 for the last ones
  • MisterKevin21 October 2018
    This was a good show. I liked the stories and characters. Maury Chaykin was awesome. Some of the other actors were a bit off and after Chaykin died it was not a very good show any more but still better than most Canadian comedy TV shows. Almost wooooooot!?!
  • aoystreck7 June 2009
    I was bored and flipping through the channel guide one day and saw this show was set in my hometown, so I gave it a try. Went online to read more about it while I was watching it. Was genuinely shocked to read that this is supposedly a comedy. Shocked because it didn't seem to even be trying for a laugh, let alone trying and failing. I have lots of respect for Mark McKinney, but this show feels like a bad indie movie where the writer is so satisfied with the wacky characters he created, he doesn't bother making them do anything entertaining. Did I just happen to tune into a particularly weak episode? Possible, but I get the impression this is one of those shows Canadians grade on a curve because it's Canadian. The same attitude treated Flashpoint like high art when it was really just a mediocre procedural, and Red Green as culturally relevant when it was really just Hee Haw.