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  • In recent years, there really hasn't been many truly great action flicks to warrant fans of the genre to go to the theaters. Sure, there has been a few entries in classic action series like Rambo and Indiana Jones hat met with varied success, but not much in the line of fresh new flicks has been produced (Except the awesome Crank). Thus we come to a film that really garnered next to no hype and slipped quietly into theaters, 12 Rounds. Is it the movie action fans have been yearning for? Danny Fisher, played by WWE superstar John Cena, is a New Orleans detective faced with a problem: an old terrorist named Miles he arrested a year back has broken out of jail and has taken Fisher's girl. Now the only way to get her back is to complete 12 rounds of a "game" that Miles created to finally get revenge on the cop that ruined his life. It's an unlikely scenario to be sure, but hey, this is an action flick, so it's just preposterous enough to make for an interesting plot. The thing I don't understand though is the fact that in the trailer for 12 Rounds, it is said to be directed by the same director who did Die Hard 2, and produced by the Speed producer. Why is this odd? Well, it is obvious right from the start that 12 Rounds is a blatant rip-off of Speed right down to some scenes being near carbon-copies. Well, at least they ripped off the cream of the action genre crop I guess.

    One of the major compliments I feel I have to give to the filmmakers comes in that no noticeable CGI was used anywhere in the movie. CGI has been overused way too much as of late, so to see an action movie with good ol' fashioned stunts and explosions is great. What's better than no CGI is how all the action is done incredibly well. Between great car chases, huge explosions, and nicely choreographed fights, it's a feast for the eyes. Of course, all this awesomeness couldn't just stay awesome thanks heavily to the awful camera-work. Similar to Quantum of Solace's quick cuts and shaky camera during action sequences, 12 Rounds makes it difficult at times to tell what the hell is going on. I don't see what is wrong with traditional camera-work where viewers can actually enjoy the high-quality special effects since they can be seen in all their glory, but I digress.

    Honestly, there really isn't much to say about this one. If you are an action fan that has already seen every Stallone and Schwarzenegger movie under the sun, then 12 Rounds is sure to entertain on a rainy afternoon. Granted, it doesn't bring much to the table in terms of new concepts or anything like that, but it's entertaining, and that all that really matters, right? Again, it's a complete and utter rip-off of Speed, but it's a damn fine rip-off, and I would be willing to call this Speed 2 more than that pathetic piece of crap film with the cruise ship. After jumping to conclusions when I saw John Cena as the star and it being a WWE Production, I was genuinely surprised by the entertainment value found within, and I think that if viewers go in with the right mindset, they too will have a great time.
  • As you may or may not know John Cena's film '12 Rounds' was released in Australia on the 19th of March.

    Just got home from seeing it and i have to say it was great. Good, solid movie all the way through. Having Renny Harlin as director obviously helped make this a much better effort than previous WWE films. Don't want to give away too much cause i really think people will actually like this movie and that they should go see it. Good cast - Brain J White was by far the stand out. But I have to say John's performance was so much better this time around and you really can notice a difference between his acting ability in '12 Rounds' and 'The Marine'. He's not as tense and you can actually believe what he's saying. There are little tiny things (maybe like 2 moments in the film) that your like 'as if that could really happen' but the story keeps you too focused to really care.

    If you like car chases, you'll like this. If you like John Cena, you'll like this. If you like a little Drama/Romance (Ladies?), you'll like this.

    Go see it, I swear you'll be surprised.
  • oahumom30 March 2009
    The movie has a good idea and some really seat-gripping excitement. It reminds me of Die Hard with a Vengeance but even more exciting. The plot is good with enough twists to keep everyone's interests.

    I have only one negative thing to say...and this is that I hate the type of camera work in this movie. It seems to be the latest rage in have jerky-action shots. Personally I think it looks amateurish and makes the watcher slightly nauseous. What a shame to do that to such an exciting film.

    Even with that type of photography, I would still recommend this film and have done so. I had never seen any advertising for this film and would not have gone to see it had I not looked up a synopsis of it.
  • Yes, I saw this movie. Why? Because it was free. No one expects this to be a groundbreaking action movie that changes the face of the genre. I didn't even expect it to be a decent ripoff. But hey, I had a good time watching this's not going to go down as epic or anything, but it's certainly not the worst product featuring a wrestler in a starring role (Doom, anyone?). This is all well and good, but they should change the title of this film to '12 Rounds of Insanity', because there's no way any of this movie is possible.

    That's where the chuckles will begin. The premise of this movie, pretty much 'Saw' crossed with 'Speed', is rather clever - it's the one reason I didn't hate the movie - however, this doesn't change the fact that this is one of the most ridiculous and insane movies of recent memory. I don't mean insane insane. I mean insane as in that only an insane person could see the events of the film as realistic.

    Is Renny Harlin still capable of directing decent action? Sure, as '12 Rounds' doesn't do a bad job supplying some quality stunts and explosions, which, let's face it - is all the audience really wants from this movie. 'Die Hard 2' was a worthy entry in that series (though it may be the most forgettable), but hey, Harlin does pack the movie with enough action and thrills to make it at least somewhat entertaining.

    John Cena, as we know, is not an actor...I do not expect him to deliver award worthy work, therefore he does not disappoint. He does have an air of likability about him, but he doesn't have the same level of charisma as most other action stars nowadays. I don't even think he smiles in this movie. Again, is Harlin known for getting great performances? No, so you shouldn't expect anything more. What's kind of sad is that the actors in the movie, the people who actually have that as their first profession, are nothing short of laughable. Ashley Scott in particular was disappointing because of her lack of emotion. Aidan Gillen is a passable villain (though he couldn't have been cheesier if he tried), and is also the character hurt most by the ridiculous events in the script. Brian White as Cena's partner was probably my favorite character and performance in the film.

    In short, '12 Rounds' is not a movie that should be taken overly serious. It aims for an audience who expects cool explosions, a fast talking villain, and a ton of action. In that respect, this movie is alright. It's also the first action movie this year that the kids (around 9 or 10 and up) should be okay in, as there's very little language and no sex at all. If you go in with low to modest expectations (or are in the mood for exactly what it promises), '12 Rounds' might just be a decent movie.
  • peterkowalski20 April 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    I must admit, I did enjoy the trailer for this movie and I was immediately intrigued. It didn't take more than 10 first minutes of the movie for all the positive feelings to go down the drain. There are a couple of things that are just wrong: 1) John Cena, being possibly one of the worst actors ever. I have no idea who decided he can act: his face portrays no emotion whatsoever, even in scenes when he should be angry. His eyes lack of any feelings, the tone of his voice almost never changes. Even in the scenes where he is supposed to just stand, he does it with incompetence and discomfort. If somebody else was cast for his role, perhaps the movie was a little bit more watchable. 2) The movie is supposedly made by the same people who made Die Hard 2 and Speed. No kidding! Even without knowing that for sure, you'd be able to tell. All of the tricks used more than 10 years ago have been reincarnated. The question is, are you a really that much of an one trick pony to not be able to pull something original out of your sleeve? You can literally point out more than 10 motifs that are actually repeated again, like the terrorist on a bus; elevator crashing down; mass transit unit without brakes (I believe it was subway in Speed) and many many more. Plus, the ending kissing scene in a roof pool? We've seen that. Jumping from a roof to grab a helicopter? Seen it. You name it, we've seen it. 10 years ago. 3) The dialogs are sometimes painful to bear with and misplaced. Especially in the last scenes in the helicopter, w Molly yells Danny's name over and over and over and over again. 4) I won't point out how unreal the movie is - at this point it's obvious.

    Generally: if you're Cena fan; if you like 90's style action movies and have not seen Speed or Die Hard, this might be just the movie for you. The remaining 98% of the population should really pass.
  • ctomvelu121 November 2010
    John Cena, who should stick to the wrestling ring, does in 12 ROUNDS what boils down to a reprise of his character from THE MARINE. The plot is also the same, which has Cena once again chasing after his kidnapped wife. The actress playing the wife even looks like the wife from THE MARINE. The only difference is this time, Cena must match wits with an IRA type who puts Cena through a series of improbable tasks to save her. The film is of the shaky camera and CGI variety, and it frankly isn't as heart-pounding as THE MARINE. This is partly because we've seen it all before, and because the tasks Cena must undertake are completely unbelievable. Plus the acting is sub par. The flick also is highly derivative of past flicks like DIE HARD, PHONE BOOTH, DIRTY HARRY, CELL PHONE and LETHAL WEAPON, among others.
  • Gripping, original action movie with the wrestler John Cena desperately trying to find the means avoid his girlfriend to be murdered . Exciting screenplay that dispenses absurd excitement as well as amusement . Excellent thriller full of intrigue and tense, this is a fast-paced, stylized action-suspense film. The tension of this picture keeps snowballing as the clock ticks ever close for killing his lover .Detective Danny Fisher (John Cena) discovers his love interest (Ashley Scott) has been abducted by a ex-con (Aidan Gillen) tied to Fisher's past, and he'll have to successfully complete 12 challenges in order to secure her safe release. The tale appears to unfold in real time as the many stirring and intense scenes will verify. Most unusual is the device of having the victim play desperado and hunt the killer, and saving his girlfriend , as time runs out.

    This mindless, interesting and ingenious film is packed with thrills, suspense, tension and lots of interminable action. Enjoyable battle of wits between two main characters, Cena and Gillen , based on risked circumstances work out pretty well . Witty argument that dispenses excitement as well as entertainment . Casting is frankly well, John Cena is fine as tormented and intrepid cop , Aidan Gillen steals the show and takes honors as psychopath who attempts to turn the tables on the victim before he can chase him and a gorgeous Ashley Scott . Plus, a good secondary cast, such as Brian White as his best friend , Steve Harris as FBI agent and Nick Gomez among them. Adequate musical score accompanying the action by Trevor Ravin and inventively photographed , using Steadicam or hand-held camera by by David Boyd reflecting splendidly New Orleans streets .The motion picture is professionally directed by Renny Harlin , he's expert on action genre such as ¨ Cliffhunger , Die hard 2 , Deep blue sea , Driven , Long kiss goodnight¨ and many others . Rating : acceptable and passable thriller movie . The picture will appeal to frenetic action buffs .
  • this very enjoyable action flick by renny harlin has opened in Australia with little fanfare. it a shame for it has all the ingeedance of a box office hit, good action,good plot,fast pace and a no brainer.

    12 rounds moves at a hell of a pace which is great because if you think about it to long its just plain stupid.but it does, so you don't care well that is if you are a action junkie, and i guess you are or you would not be reading.

    its good to see renny back on the big screen doing what he does best blowing stuff up.he made the better pirate movie in my option. so sit back relax put your mind in neutral and let the fun begin.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unremarkable Renny Harlin film stars John Cena as a cop who gets on the bad side of a terrorist by "killing" his girlfriend accidentally. After being in prison for a year the bad guy escapes, kidnaps Cena's wife and then has Cena go through 12 rounds of danger to get his wife back.

    The stunts and set pieces are spectacular but the film lacks a reason to care. The ever increasing action scenes becomes rather dull because they make no logical sense in or out of the film. Worse the films pace seems to be off, I looked at my watch and the set up to the story, the cop and terrorist meeting for the first time doesn't come for a half an hour in (its then another 15 minutes before the chase begins in earnest). Its as if we're watching another movie entirely before we get to the real plot of the film. Then the film careens from set piece to set piece, which as I said become more and more unbelievable, and dissipates any tension because they are so fantastic. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. Its as if the filmmakers were making things up as they went along, dropping plot points at the last possible minute in a futile attempt to fill the plot chasms.

    God how I wish I had been home on the couch watching this with friends so I could have made fun of it. 11 Bucks for this? no way. While the action is okay, the rest is a mess and shouldn't be paid for, wait for cable.

    5 out of 10 (and am I the only one who thinks this is a poor man's passenger 57?)
  • Ric-713 April 2009
    If you can just avoid asking "how?" you might enjoy this film as an exciting collection of action scenes. The villain does bad things, and the hero John Cena manages to save the day (as expected). Reality and logic are overlooked when they are in conflict with a good action scene. The fact that the action in this film could never, never ever happen is beside the point.

    Very little time is spent on character development, since all you need to know is who the villain is. You find this out within a minute or two, and you can then switch off your brain for the rest of the film.

    This film is immune to criticism. John Cena does not have any big acting scenes, and might even be capable of passable acting. However, he's not called upon to do much acting. His execution of the stunts and action scenes is amazing.

    How can anyone complain about an illogical plot when the film was produced by the WWE and stars a professional wrestler? The movie was filmed entirely in New Orleans,and makes terrific use of dozens of locations. I probably gave it an extra point or two for this.

    The scene with the "runaway streetcar" has got to be an in-joke, because the "real" Canal Street streetcar cannot travel more than a half-block at a time at a very, very slow pace. It is frequently blocked by vehicles stopped across its tracks. The havoc (if not revenge) wreaked on vehicular traffic by this runaway streetcar has got to bring delight to any local streetcar rider.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For $5 it wasn't too bad. An enjoyable romp with the family (not little kids) and even more fun afterward in making fun of it. John Cena wasn't too bad in the movie. Unfortunately, Ashley Scott as Molly was horrible. She had such stunning lines as 'he made me say that' and 'he has a gun!' like that was a surprise, Queen Obvious. Her lines were horrendous and useless. Couple of good lines for the others throughout the movie. The villain was fun and probably the best actor in the film. Brian J. White didn't do too badly til the end when he lost most of his solid personality.

    In short, not so bad, but the acting sucks. The situations aren't that plausible and just to note, landing from that high up into the swimming pool? That's not a safe and fun swim landing.
  • Renny Harlin has been relatively quiet these days, but I won't be shy in stating for a fact that I had enjoyed some of his action movies in the past, with the likes of Die Hard 2 (despite all the loopholes), Cliffhanger with Stallone, Driven (also starring Sly) and The Long Kiss Goodnight even. Despite being better known for duds starting with Cutthroat Island, Mindhunters and even The Covenant which turned out to be a comedy, 12 Rounds turned out to be better than expected, also because John Cena looked the classic action hero that Hollywood so sorely misses.

    No, I'm not a WWE John Cena wrestling fan, because my interest in WWE was left back when it was known as WWF, and like The Rock (now wanting to be known simply as Dwayne Johnson), Cena follows in his footsteps in making that leap to the big screen. While his first outing as The Marine was pretty much straight to DVD fare, this one was designed for the big screen with its big set action pieces befittingly challenging the big man, and having an old hand of action at the helm helped to bring out some enjoyable moments despite clichés abound.

    As the trailer would already have suggested, Danny Fisher (Cena) is a beat cop who gets in the way of a heist by international arms trader Miles Jackson (Aiden Gillen who was just a mile wide of being a memorable psychopathic villain), and in his pursuit causes the latter's main squeeze to die in a traffic accident. Ridden with rage, Miles remembers his pursuer so that he can exact revenge when he breaks out of prison. Only that he harbours some diabolical plot to play with his prey, hence the kidnapping of Danny's girlfriend Molly (Ashley Scott) and the devising of 12 rounds of city-wide games with the overcoming of each round leading Danny closer to his girl.

    So begins a running around New Orleans to perform the usual one-man cop stunts that calls for everything from intellect to brute force. It could easily fit into the Die Hard franchise, or Speed for that matter as one sequence in a bus would have me reminisce. In shows like these, things do get a tad convenient, and though I tried to examine just a little bit more into it, the plot still made some sense and held some water. In some moments it seemed like it's paying its own tribute to the emergency services of New Orleans post-Katrina, with the police, fire and medical departments featured prominently as occupations of choice of its characters.

    12 Rounds is rip-roaring fun. As an action film, it has enough thrills and spills if you'd just park aside believability for a minute, and bask in the possibility of one man saving the world only because it got personal stakes involved, coming complete with obnoxious FBI agents who think they know the world. Sprinkled with some light touches of humour, the body count here is surprisingly low, which in some way gave a breathe of fresh air instead of subscribing to the mantra that the more gruesome or gritty, the better.

    But if there are qualms, it's directed more at the technical areas, like the lapsing into the shaky cam, where I had thought to roll my eyes and exclaim that Renny should have bought a bloody tripod for his DOP. Also, the editing probably needed to rethink his quick cuts in the final action sequence in closed quarters, as well as some cheesy lines where it's not warranted (I swear if I hear one more "wrong place, wrong time" comment...)

    However if you go at this with expectations set low, you might just come out with a grin at the end of it. I'll be anticipating more John Cena movies to come, and will probably go dig at his older film as well, but here's hoping that he doesn't go the way that most action stars do - easy come and easy go - that he gets some longevity at the box office, before being unceremoniously pushed aside (if it does happen, like Seagal's career) to the straight to video shelves.
  • This movie proves that John Cena has taken one too many hits to the head if he thought this would help establish him as an actress. Renny Harlin continues to disappoint with his movies. I found this movie boring, predictable and a combination rip off of well known action movies. Miles couldn't decide of he wanted to sound Irish or American. Sad for someone from Ireland. If our FBI is as incompetent as portrayed in this movie, we are in serious trouble. There was plenty of action, just no suspense in the action. John Cena should stick with Ghosthunters Live. There are more thrills there than in this movie. It was convenient how the bad guy could escape prison and it not be reported to the man that put him there and even more remarkable that he had the access to try to pull off his little heist. The only thing of value in this movie was the way events had to happen to make the bad guys plan successful. Too bad it was so poorly tied together. It was like watching a bad Scooby Doo episode. Scooby Doo tells the stories better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is totally un-engaging. My mind drifted elsewhere many times during the entire show. Please don't waste your time unless you are a die-hard John Cena fan.

    I was going to fall asleep by the end of the movie. And many people were right about the rip-off. It was like watching a copy & paste movie from Speed, Die Hard & something else.

    What a waste of cast as they were all good actors/actress but the plot is predictable, trying so hard to be exciting but it isn't. Perhaps they should have cut from 12 agonizing rounds to 3 rounds. Honestly at the prices of movie tickets nowadays, this is not worth it. If you really must watch this, wait for the DVD & even so, rent the DVD. You have been warned.

    When I read the outline I was anticipating something gripping & totally keeping you at the edge of the seat, holding your breath. But it ended up being the complete opposite.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I stopped seeing WWE by the age of 16, because that is when I found out that everything was staged and there was no true rivalry between anybody. So, I knew who John Cena (I was not a fan even back then, but I loved his trademark 'you can't see me') was and this looked like it could be a decent movie by the commercials they were airing on TV. Saw it last night and I have to say it doesn't impress much. Anyway when one sees the WWE logo at the start of the movie, you know what one can expect. So with extremely low expectations I sat down to watch the movie. One thing that I really hated was the use of way too much shaky cam. I normally like shaky cam direction, but this was just overkill for me, I couldn't even properly see the action scenes at times. And John Cena was very wooden in some scenes, but I forgave him as he is just a performer inside the ring and not cut out for movies (which actually requires a wooden character for the action hero part!) I actually like mindless action movies; this movie ripped off Die Hard and Speed, but still it was decent. Just don't expect much and you will probably not hate it. I saw it along with my best friend who slept after halfway through saying it was boring.

    Danny Fisher (John Cena) is a new cop in the New Orleans department and his first day on the job is pretty exciting. Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen) is a dangerous wanted felon who is being chased by the FBI for selling bombs and weapons, and he is roaming around the streets of New Orleans nonchalantly. The FBI manage to trap him around a warehouse, but he is smarter than they are and gives the FBI the slip. In the process of his escape, Danny Fisher jumps into the scene and somehow after chasing Aidan Gillen's car on foot for many blocks manages to corner Gillen. In the process, Gillen's hot girlfriend gets herself accidentally killed. He blames Fisher for her death and vows to avenge her. After a year, Gillen escapes from his top-security prison and makes a call to Danny Fisher, who is now a detective, informing him about his little revenge game. He has taken Fisher's girlfriend captive and has offered Fisher her safety if he plays his highly inventive and dangerous game, '12 Rounds'. Of course Fisher accepts and tries to be a one-man army to save his girlfriend.

    I cannot believe this movie was made by the same guy who directed Die Hard 2 (which was good)! Streetcar gets stopped by a normal car! Wow! Streetcars front end are made to push sideways anything obstructing them and they move at a snail's pace, not at the frantic speed shown here. Wouldn't there be a special line for FBI officers to take control of the situation at hand? They wouldn't just call the local 911 number. If they did, they would have a special id confirmation password or something. That was just plain stupid on the part of the director. And there were just too many 'rounds', 12 was too much to bear with (the runtime is 100 minutes, but it felt like a 150 minute movie) . And that Scottish or English guy, Aidan Gillen looked like a comedian rather than a menacing character. And when Cena and his girlfriend reunite, its like they don't even know each other and they just seem to be going through the motions. Also I could see the twist in the tale from a mile away, still it elevated this movie somewhat. As I said before, leave out your brains before watching and you will probably not hate it. Though I enjoyed the movie at some parts, I seriously don't recommend it.

  • This could have been a good movie. Hard to say, though.

    The owner of the store I rent from believes in customer service. He lets me know which movies he's heard have horrible, amateurish jiggle cam action, such as this one.

    He also lets me preview it, to see if I could bear watching it.

    This movie failed. Barely 10 minutes in, there is so much strange and horrid camera movement, that any good action shots will clearly be unwatchable. Generally, I find that such movies also have no plot.

    This movie gets a 1, as all jiggle cam movies do and should. People wonder why theatre attendance is down, who can blame them when this garbage is what you're expected to pay for?!
  • Danny Fisher(John Cena) is a man who has the great life, he is police detective for New Orleans, he has a beautiful girlfriend named Molly(Ashley Scott) who is a nurse. But an incident that happened a year ago, will soon come back to haunt Danny. Before he made detective, he was a blue suit policeman, that was in hot pursuit of a terrorist named Miles Jackson(Aidian Gillian), and his girlfriend. When he soon had them cornered, Miles girlfriend tried to make a run for it, but is killed instantly after being hit by a car. Miles wants revenge on Danny. And in a year later, Miles escapes from prison, and kidnaps Molly, and blows up there house. Danny is forced to Miles deadly games, if he ever wants Molly to make it out alive. Will Danny save Molly before it's too late?

    Although it is not very original, but entertaining for the most part, it does not try to be anything more then it is. It had terrific action, and I liked the enjoyable view of New Orleans. John Cena gave a pretty descent performance, I liked the way he was not played so one dimensional, like some action heroes are sometimes portrayed. Ashley Scott and Aidan Gilliam are also good. And well directed by Renny Harlin.
  • The first 15 minutes from 12 Rounds have enough material for a whole movie: during a complicated operating designed to capture a dangerous terrorist we have many shootouts, chases, destruction of private property and a few revelations which a more serious and disciplined movie would have left for the ending.But 12 Rounds is not one of those movies, because its intention is not leaving that things like logic, credibility or common sense to be obstacles on its mission to entertain us.The problem is that 12 Rounds does not fulfill with its intention of entertaining.

    It seems simultaneously unusual and obvious that a wrestling company accepted to resurrect the formula of some 80's action movies, with a stoic hero, unidimensional villains and over the top action sequences which should be exciting but result to be tedious and badly filmed.So, it is perfectly logical that the homework of making this movie fell on director Renny Harlin, who sent his career to hell after big pieces of crap he made in Hollywood, like Cutthroat Island, Deep Blue Sea and Driven.

    12 Rounds is another piece of junk in Harlin's career.Ex-wrestler John Cena is absolutely bland on the leading role; the screenplay is very weak, because it is only based on creating arbitrary action sequences joined by a bad premise; the villain lacks of any personality; and the supporting cast is absolutely anonymous.In summary, I did not feel any excitement, suspense or interest in the hero's mission, or in the survival of the damsel in danger, or in watching the villain receiving what he deserves.To worsen the things, at being PG-13, we do not have brutality or gore in 12 Rounds, but insipid violence.When the movie gets close to the ending and the villain says "we lead to the great ending", I felt myself really well, because it meant I was about to take the DVD out and go on with my life.

    In summary, 12 Rounds is a horrible action film, which is absolutely boring and without any energy, so do not watch it by any means.
  • edwardmac15 May 2009
    I have to write at least ten lines to have this comment listed. To begin with the start is not quite right but I'm thinking if I'm patient it will pick up. After all, every director has his/her weak points. It carries on just not quite holding my 100% interest. I waiver due to yawning and boredom setting in. Implausibility is jumping around from scene to scene and I'm thinking who is ever this clever except for God! This villain is everywhere and obviously has a very high IQ. Yawn. Action is everywhere but my brain refuses to take part, it keeps dragging it's heels and asking me to fast forward and go to bed. I have seen worse (I think), it was Hudson Hawk which was Bruce Willis's attempt to become immortal as a director, he failed, badly! I have never avoided falling asleep during that film, so, if you can't sleep then watch Hudson Hawk. I was happy to see the end of this not quite getting there film and as a last comment I'd say the casting was poor (it's bad) and it went on twenty minutes too long.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a way to compensate for a lack of original ideas, Renny Harlin, the director of this rip off movie, goes for a non-stop chase through a post Katrina New Orleans, where a man bent on revenge begins following a policeman whom he blames for the death of his beloved lover. To fill 108 minutes of screen time, Mr. Harlin wrecks cars, a helicopter, and even one of the famous St. Charles' streetcars to create an atmosphere in which to play the action.

    The problem with this thriller is that we have seen it in other forms, done much better. The casting of the two principals, Aidan Gillen and John Cena, was not, perhaps, a good choice to make either one of their characters remotely likable. Neither actor shows anything to redeem themselves. Mr. Gillen is not creepy enough and Mr. Cena does not show any emotions, even in the most tense situations.

    This is a film recommended for fans of this genre that will enjoy the special effects more than a good story that makes more sense that what comes out of "Twelve Rounds"
  • Is it possible for a film to have too much action? Not when there are constant bouts of well-choreographed destruction or martial arts mayhem. But when it comes to mundane, familiar action scenes that have been played out on our screens decades then the answer is yes – and that's the problem with 12 ROUNDS. It has the makings of a decent action flick, but when it comes down to it, 12 ROUNDS is an all-too-familiar exercise in cinematic familiarity.

    This film's a perfect example of overkill – it kicks off with an explosive car chase and has absolutely nowhere to go from that point in. The scrawny screenplay sees man-mountain John Cena (a wrestler-turned-actor whose appalling acting was previously showcased in THE MARINE) sweat and grunt his way around the streets of New Orleans, at the beck and call of a terrorist with a grudge. If this all sounds very familiar stuff indeed, it's because the storyline is a direct rip-off of DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, borrowing so many elements from that movie that I'm surprised a lawsuit for plagiarism wasn't filed. And it's not half as good.

    Director Renny Harlin, who once showed promise with DIE HARD 2 and CLIFFHANGER, continues his journey as a journeyman without an ounce of style (this one's only marginally better than THE COVENANT). Instead of bringing his own method to the table, Harlin is content to copy the style of the Bourne flicks, with mucho camera shakery to render the on-screen antics incomprehensible. Not that we're missing much. As Cena blows up half the city in pursuit of his kidnapped girlfriend (and she's not somebody you'd bother getting out of bed to make a cup of tea for, let's be honest), there are the usual concessions to the PG-13 market and scenes oddly familiar from other movies (the bit where they transfer the action from SPEED onto a tram is particularly pathetic). Add in a bad guy who's more of an irritant than a genuine threat, and you have a sub-par movie in every respect.
  • lagriff0526 July 2009
    This movie is just retarded. It's basically nothing more than a badly acted vehicle for pro wrestler John Cena to star in a poorly written Die Hard with a Vengeance ripoff. I was pretty excited when I heard was this was going to be about, but unfortunately it is bogged down horribly by very poor acting, which leads to shallow characters and poorly delivered lines, which leads to the death of any tension that could possibly come from the movie's plot.

    Also, when Die Hard with a Vengeance did this, they had like three or four challenges that Bruce Willis had to do, and they were stretched out over a long period of time; generally exciting and fun to watch. With this movie, it's twelve challenges, and they're all done in rapid succession. This movie isn't believable, it isn't exciting and it isn't endearing. Does any of this sound good to you? I didn't think so.
  • shaimaa_8719 March 2009
    I really don't know why I bothered seeing this movie. The plot is totally predictable. The acting was ridiculous. And Cena was one note the entire movie! The only thing the movie has going for it are some of the action scenes. Other than that it is pretty lame.

    Be prepared for very eye rolling cliché's and bad acting between Cena and his partner. Oh, and also keep an eye out for some very bad music anytime there's dialogue.

    Would only suggest seeing this movie if you have free tickets, or there really is absolutely nothing else out. It's good for a laugh if nothing else.

    Otherwise, I'm sure the DVD will be out any day now.
  • I would ask for how many minutes of my life back, but I forwarded through much of the stupid parts, which was 98% of it.

    I would outline the items that were soooooo unbelievable, but the maximum number of words is 1,0000.

    I will give the one example of the most insane.... well you decide.

    A speeding street trolley car, going down hill, is slowed down by a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria. The tires didn't burst. The "cow scoop" that was on front of the trolley car didn't push it to either side, as it was designed.

    If you are putting someone on death row, make them watch this film. They will eat their own head.

    One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life..........

    Run.. Run.. Gouge your eyes out, poke pencils in your ears.... or, just don't watch it. You'll thank me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In New Orleans a takedown of Miles Jackson (Aiden Gillen), a dangerous criminal who is selling weapons, is set to be staged. Yet when he manages to escape the police with the love of his life, a cop named Danny Fisher (John Cena) and his partner are quickly set on his heels. Tragically, once Jackson is eventually arrested his lover is killed in by a speeding car. One year later, facing issues with his girlfriend, Fisher receives a call from Jackson who has escaped from prison and wants revenge. He kidnaps Fisher's girlfriend Molly (Ashley Scott) and blows up their house, forcing Danny to play a serious of rounds where he has to run through the city from phone to phone, completing tasks to try and get Molly back.

    To set a film in New Orleans – only a few years after Hurricane Katrina- and have the city ripped apart by a police officer so he can get his girlfriend back, is indicative of the amount of thought or lack of that the WWE have put into producing this depressing junk. It is a numbingly dull, cookie-cutter action movie that does not contain anything resembling a plot, but more the equivalent of an amusement park ride: that is, vomit educing but without the thrills or excitement. I suspect the only factors preventing 12 Rounds from being released straight to DVD would by the money provided by the WWE and the hype surrounding wrestler turned actor John Cena. Both have been put to waste. Not a single dollar has been spent on what shouldn't be a called a script.

    The film would like to be the next Die Hard. It steals blatantly from the plot of Die Hard: With a Vengeance and director Renny Harlin was actually the composer of Die Hard 2. What Harlin has forgotten or just ignored about the first Die Hard film was that it spent a sensible amount of time establishing the character of John McClaine. before the real action went down. There was a character to care about and we were interested in what he was doing. 12 Rounds cannot wait for its credits to end before dropping us into the action and that is all the filmmakers seem to care about. Any attempt to add characterisation and depth to Fisher by having him argue with his girlfriend over a leaking sink is outright phoney and embarrassing. They are also not aided by the awful performance of Cena, whose acting chops haven't improved since getting in the ring. He scowls, he runs and he gets mad. With his hollow eyes, the lights look like they are on in this boofhead, but he exhibits about as much as charisma a store manikin and his voice sounds almost inflated with testosterone. By the end of the film I wanted to put Cena and his script writer in a half-nelson. Gillen is just as awful, attempting to channel every screen megalomaniac, but the only thing scary about him is that his accent changes from Irish to otherwise, throughout the film.

    Even as a pure action film, the movie is a failure because of its lack of imagination in purely rehashing sequences from many other superior films such as Speed, The Rock and In the Line of Fire. The screenwriter –Daniel Kunka attempts to outdo each situation for sheer stupidity. Cena is indestructible and able to be blown against cars and get up to talk on his cell phone, rappel down a high-rise building, fall through scaffolding and run off, pilot a fire truck and latch onto an airborne helicopter. It is so moronic and unintentionally hilarious that it becomes a self parody, the equivalent of the McBain sequences from The Simpsons. None of the action is competently handled either. The film is drastically over-edited with excessive use of zooms, cuts and the dreaded hand-held camera. With little adjustment to momentum in the story, the result is indeed a cinematic milestone: 12 Rounds is perhaps now the longest action movie trailer in history.

    What is more depressing about this sorry affair is that it will probably sail to the top of the box-office, while the Australian film The Combination resides with the recent memory that it was almost banned for the ludicrous suggestion that it insinuated violence. I know which film I'd rather see off the screen. After Cena free falls from an exploding helicopter into a hotel swimming pool, the sound of people in the audience laughing at the stupidity of this film is perhaps a sign that maybe people are not cinematically deprived enough to enjoy what will be the worst film of the year. Do not see this movie.
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