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  • You have to at least show some respect for writer/director Frank Sabatella. For his debut long-feature "Blood Night" he did absolutely nothing special or innovative, but nevertheless delivered a hugely amusing and 100% unpretentious slasher movie that gave me personally a lot of viewing pleasure! It actually pretty much seems like Sabatella simply opened the big unwritten book of horror movie clichés and stereotypes and processed every single one in his screenplay. Literally everything you can think of is present here: the intro with a flashback set in the gritty 1970's, a dark ominous asylum, perverted night guards, horny drunken teenagers, Ouija boards, the creepy but wise cemetery caretaker, evil heritages, actors that are way too old for their teenage character roles and a whole lot of graphic axe-murders! Mary Hatchet is the nickname of a local anti-heroine whose murderous rampage became a holiday more popular than Halloween. She butchered her parents with an axe in 1978, but really went berserk in 1989, when she delivered a stillborn baby as a result of being raped by a guard. Twenty years after her death, a bunch of teenagers passes by her grave with a Ouija board before heading home and party hard. It doesn't take long before the dim- witted teenagers are knocked off one by one, seemingly by the hand of the resurrected Mary Hatchet herself. "Blood Night" is – plain and simple – pure brainless horror entertainment. Yes, the gory make-up effects are utterly grotesque and fake and there isn't a single moment of suspense to detect in the entire film, but I don't think anyone can claim they were bored whilst watching this. The characters are walking, talking stereotypes that deliver the utmost idiotic lines, but somehow they come across as realistic. Last but not least, Sabatella managed to engage two famous horror names for his modest production, namely veteran Bill Moseley and upcoming starlet Danielle Harris. Recommended if you're looking for … nothing special except a good hour and a half of sheer entertainment.
  • Just caught this at a special screening in NYC. I was excited to be a part of this very intimate show. This film had all the makings of an effective boiler-plate horror flick: Ghosts, murderous town history, sex, insane asylums... How could it possibly go wrong, right?

    Well, for starters it was terminally boring and terribly executed. Amateur is a perfect adjective to describe it. There are ZERO scares or even minor cheap thrills. The direction sucked out any life this movie could have had. Danielle Harris should fire her agent.

    Honestly, I really really wanted to like this movie - but it offered nothing.

    The gore was awfully phony. No direct contact shots, only reactions by bored and untalented actors followed by shots of prop heads being cut in half. Again, amateur.

    Ugh, and the score... I'm speechless.

    I can even forgive a lot of this if only there was something, anything to grab onto. Unfortunately there was nothing of value in what seemed like the longest 90 minutes ever. Too bad.

    Quick note: Where does a girl raised in an insane asylum get fake breasts? (HA!!)
  • The teen-horror movie has definitely been done to death, if you excuse the pun, and this is one of the poorer ones. It comes across as lazy. A movie made for the sake of making a movie. Pretty much everything about it was really quite poor: acting, dialogue, effects... yeah. Everything.

    Positives, positives, positives.... well, the Graveyard Gus character was a nice reference to Crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th... apart from that, the sound effect when a girl goes down on a boy was quite amusing. I can only imagine they recorded someone angrily drinking a pint of milk and used that. Oh, and the naked dead girl had nice boobs. Please don't think that these are good reasons to watch this though, because they're not.
  • An honest review. As far as gore is concerned, pretty much every gag is a shot of blood spattering the wall (or something else), followed by dummy work. Often, the most basic moments misfire. There's a "door flying off the hinges" gag that is so poorly done I watched it a few times in slow motion to see if I missed something.

    The performances are pretty bad. Bill Moseley is stuck reciting dialogue that Bruce Lee couldn't jiu-jitsu into something resembling human speech, and Danielle Harris seems genuinely bored to be in the picture. And we spend way too much time with the (not particularly interesting) characters. The entire second act is a trite, bloodless party scene (save for a corny flashback).

    Kind of garden variety if you ask me. If you like bad movies, you may find some novelty. But it's certainly not one of the better slashers.

    • Saintthomas1985 (check out all my reviews!!!)
  • Long Island, NY, 1978: little Mary chops up her parents with an axe.

    Eleven years later, and Mary, now a big breasted babe residing at Kings Park Psychiatric Centre, is raped by a night guard, resulting in the birth of a daughter nine months later. However, Mary is informed that her child died during delivery and, shortly after, she escapes leaving a trail of corpses behind her. Completely naked, covered in blood, and clutching a severed head, Mary is finally apprehended by the police, who shoot her dead.

    Years later, the story of Mary Hatchet has become an local legend, the day of her death a public holiday during which teenagers get drunk and play pranks. But when a group of high school students go one step further and summon Mary's spirit with a Ouija board, Blood Night really lives up to its name...

    Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet was never intended to be anything but a mindless gore-fest with some quality T&A, and to that end it succeeds brilliantly, but it would have been nice to have seen just a little more effort go into the story. Had the makers tried a tad harder in the plot department, then this film might possibly have become an instant all-time favourite, rather than simply 'fun while it lasts'.

    Still, 'fun while it lasts' is better than no fun at all, and at least this one fulfilled my immediate desire to see a bunch of good looking teens getting it on before being slaughtered in a variety of very gruesome ways. After quite a bit of partying hard and a bit of slap and tickle—best moments: a discussion about whether thongs are better than boyshorts, and a lucky guy getting broken in by total hottie Jen (Maryam Basir)—the graphic bloodletting begins and continues unabated until the final frame. Gory delights include a bloke having his head cut in half during sex, a girl having her guts wound out with a pick-axe, and a face being sliced in half (the victim's brains spilling onto the floor).

    6.5 out of 10, generously rounded up to 7 for all the boobs, buns and blood.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lets see, first 5 mins we learn about Mary. Next 50 mins is teens partying and, surprise, surprise, having sex. What is it with the black girl and the sounds she is making when in the bedroom??? Sounds like she's drinking a quart of liquid or something.......then we start some gore action, then it's basically over before it began, a bit like some of the male characters when in the bedrooms.

    I popped out to the kitchen to make a brew and when i got back the gang had all moved over to the old Psycho hospital, why, well you got me there too, i dunno????? Why not jump in your cars and go to the cop shop???? Bit too easy i suppose.

    And the kicker that always wrecks a good horror for me is the girls.

    WHY the hell do they have to whimper loud enough for a bull to hear, they are suppose to be hiding you know, not giving away their locations!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! On review, I HATE this MOVIE and i think the producer and script writers are voyeurs who get their rocks off watching teen actors simulating sex.

    The part with the Mary hatchett Tampon throwing online game is really not needed as well, that just shows the mindset of whoever wrote this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off the title "Blood Night" is one of the most generic titles I've ever heard for a movie. The dialogue is wretched. The plot ridiculous and full of holes. Even the actors, who play high school kids and range in age from 25-34, point out foibles at one point. I rented this from the local DVD vending machine because of Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley, and they could not save this film. Nor could the gratuitous sex scenes that went on and on. Almost for an uncomfortable amount of time. I figured out 10 mins in that Harris's character was playing Molly er Mary Hatchets daughter. My girlfriend who usually is terrified of horror movies didn't jump once. The special fx were kinda cool, but thats about it. Very bloody and a lot of gore. I couldn't figure out why Harris's character didn't clean up her period mess. That was pretty gross. Anyways it's a bad film with very few redeeming qualities. Don't waste your money. Not even a dollar.
  • For a quick comparison think Halloween 4 for atmosphere. For the uninitiated Halloween 4 kicked ass and raked in huge $$$$ at the time. Add this with a bit of American Pie and Scream.

    The acting is above average for a low budget horror. The dialogue reminds me of how we used to speak especially to each other at 17 which was the point but something that movies rarely succeed in. A negative is the fact that the actors are well over 25. But they did a good job. Loved Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley.

    The movie is really gory but in our gen with Hostel etc this is nothing new. The director does try to use his own technique and style with the death scenes and this does work well, at least as something different in what is becoming a tired sub-genre.

    For horror fans this is a good movie. It has lots of blood and violence and a good storyline even if there is nothing original about the movie. For those who are squeamish and not a fan of horror you should avoid this movie (especially the death scene at 1hr 5 min!).

    I give it a 7/10.
  • Attempting to celebrate the grisly legacy of a notorious killer, a group of friends find their party interrupted by the spirit of the famous killer and must find a way of stopping the carnage before it's too late.

    This turned out to be quite the fun and enjoyable old-school slasher with a lot to really like about it. The fact that this certainly dwells in all the old familiar trappings of the style, with the group of horny, alcoholic-infused teens trying to celebrate the legacy of a brutal mass murder with a wild party is straight from the play-book of the time and certainly adds to the retro feel in here by playing off the past's successes for it's own. That certainly puts this as a rather fun and grisly slasher when this one gets going here as the final half to this one really utilizes the stalk-and-slash formulas quite well by focusing on the slashing around the house before heading out to other areas around the community and finally settling on the abandoned hospital at the end where it really unleashes the carnage with a multitude of spectacular, gruesome deaths that amp up the blood-letting considerably as a slew of impressive deaths are dished out. There's also great use of the setting here to actually maximize the suspense factor apart from the killings so that there's a great deal of stalking being used to great effect within this and making for a rather enjoyable finale that really helps to add to the old-school feel here. There's a few nagging issues with this one, mainly the fact that the film never really gives too much information about the characters so that it's nearly impossible to know who's-who when the slashing starts. Often-times, it seems like a character simply thrown in to serve as cannon-fodder and it's only later that you realize they've been around since the beginning of the film. As well, you may not get a name to a character until they stumble upon the body and cry out over who just got killed which is a big nagging issue. This is surprising since the beginning to this really could've made a bigger deal about this issue but seems far too focused on other areas so that there's not a lot of time spent dealing with the characters while not really engaging in a lot of slashing with most of these kills happening off-screen only to finally see how it all happened in the flashback at the end which is quite a cheat. These factors do end up making it slightly lower than it should've been, but overall it's still quite fun.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Continuous Full Nudity, Graphic Language, several strong sex scenes, a rape and pervasive drug use.
  • RogerB-P3RV313 September 2012
    parricidal Mary Mattock (Samantha Facchi) is constrained at sanatorium for much of her growing years – catatonic until one traumatic experience makes her go loony again, slaughtering the hospital staff and killed in process by police.

    After 20-years, the psychotic Mary 'Hatchet' has turn into an urban legend. High-school seniors commemorate Mary's death as blood night - partying and reveling all over the town.

    The night celebration will soon transforms into unbridled terror for one group of friends.

    Abundant of nudity & sexy shots smooth over the dull parts before the killings starts. Nifty gore effects considering the modest budget.

    Debuting writer-director Frank Sabatella has an eye for bloodletting (one victim's innards is 'spaghetti-zed') but lacks experience in other departments.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the last decade and the current one, a sudden resurgence of movies trying to hearken back to the gory heyday of the slasher movie have come about. Films like "Hatchet", "Midnight Movie", "Laid to Rest" and several others have done their best to bring back the Regan era slasher film, trying to create iconic killers for a new generation of fear fans. Frank Sabatella's 2009 slasher movie "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet" (previously released independently, now being re-released by Lionsgate) is the latest of these movies, but in the process, forgets a very important aspect to these movies-make them interesting.

    The movie opens promisingly, with a young Mary Hatchet (Patricia Raven) butchering her family in gory fashion before being sentenced to a mental hospital. Once she enters the hospital, he are treated to an ugly scene where an older Mary (Samantha Facchi) being raped and impregnated by an orderly, and her miscarriage leading to another slaughter, and her being gunned down. Years later, a group of really obnoxious teens (well, twenty and thirty something year old actors playing teens) celebrate "Blood Night", which commemorates the death of Mary Hatchet. Well, this turns out to be what Will Arnett's Gob character from "Arrested Development" would call "a huge mistake", because Mary comes back, and she's p!$$ed.

    There really isn't much good about "Blood Night." The gore is plentiful, but the effects work is hit and miss, with some moments looking great, and others a bit rubbery and fake. The kills are also hit and miss, some of which are great (dig the spine and intestine removing scene) and others the same "decapitations and geysers of blood" we've seen in the past. The direction is pretty bad, with poor camera angles and obnoxiously flashy editing dominating much of the film. The characters are mostly annoying, as are most of the actors. It also doesn't help that a lot-and I mean a lot-of time is spent watching these stupid kids partying and having a good time, to the point that when the killer goes back to work, you'll be lucky to stay awake.

    This leads to another problem I have with the movie: Mary Hatchet isn't really all that scary or interesting. Slasher movies of the past, and more recent ones like the aforementioned "Laid to Rest" remembered to give the audience slasher villains that were menacing and imposing, not to mention interesting. Mary Hatchet on the other hand, is just another vengeful specter who kills. She doesn't have any real personality, and apart from the fact that she's naked, there's nothing memorable about her.

    I'll give the movie this much: it sure as hell doesn't skimp on the bloodshed, carnage and nudity, Danielle Harris does a good job in her role, and though his character exists only to explain the legend of the title villain, Bill Mosely does a fine job with his limited role (he's probably also glad to not be playing a psychopath for a change.) Plus, this is Sabatella's first movie. Maybe he'll learn from the mistake he makes here the next time.

    Sadly, those aren't reasons to recommend this movie, which is just a drab experience to watch. You're better off watching one of the 80's slasher movies that influenced it than the movie itself.
  • I attended Spooky Empire this past weekend, and like every year, I get to watch new horror films..some mainstream, mostly independent. And this year was no exception... out of the four films I saw...Blood Night was the best one, hands down. You know, all these horror films want to bring back the "fun 80's vibe", and this film is no exception. The only difference is that it succeeds!

    "Blood Night" has great acting from everyone involved, but Danielle Harris stands out..absolutely adorable and one hell of a job. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you what the film's about, I'm sure you read the overview. It was fun, very well paced, the gore was awesome, and there's a great twist that I REALLY wanna talk about, but it's such an important part in the film that I just can't do it.
  • Teenager slasher movie just got slashed...

    This movie had potential to be more than it turned out to be, especially with the background story that was there all lined up, but the ghost part of the movie sort of became background stuff when you learned who the killer was. And that was where the movie snapped in half.

    The story, briefly summarized, is about Mary Mattock (aka Mary Hatchet) who killed her parents, then institutionalized, raped and murdered a bunch of orderlies before she was killed herself. And now she is out seeking revenge on every night of her death, on Blood Night. Alright, enough said about the storyline, because it is a fairly average run-of-the-mill slasher movie actually.

    Not even Bill Moseley could keep this movie afloat, though it is always nice to see him in the roles he plays. However, the role in "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet" was a bit tame and stereotypical. And he wasn't at his best here. The movie had some other fairly decent actors/actresses in it, but of course, no award-winning material here.

    There were some fairly good moments of thrills and suspense throughout the movie, and the special effects were adequate enough to make it worthwhile. But for gorehounds, the effects would be a bit tame. But for those with less need for blood and gore, I think you are served just enough mayhem throughout the movie.

    Given the average storyline of the movie, you pretty much know who will be killed, just a question of how. As for a girl nicknamed "Hatchet", she wasn't really living up to that title, because most killings were done with a pick axe.

    In overall, the movie is an adequate experience, but nothing new to be seen here that haven't been seen in other slasher movies already. The ending of the movie, well, I thought it was alright actually. "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet" is the type of movie that you watch once, then never pick it up again.
  • Some years ago, a girl has her first period and goes nuts. She kills her parents. She ends up in a mental facility where as a teenager she's raped by one of the guards. Her daughter dies during birth. Mary flips out, escapes the facility leaving a trail of death behind her until she's shot by police.

    From then on seniors at the local high school celebrate each year "Blood Night" where they do all sorts of shenanigans. Now it's blood night and a couple of kids go to the cemetery and play the Ouija board on Mary's grave. Then they throw a party. More kids join and some start making it to the bedrooms. But suddenly some kids start dying. The surviving ones run into Graveyard Gus. He was with them at the cemetery telling them scary stories about Mary. But now that people are dying, he decides it's time do something- something he should have done years ago.

    It turns out that Gus used to work at the mental facility and now he has visions of Mary. She wants something from him. She wants her baby. So he and the kids brake into the abandoned facility and follow Mary's ghost. Going through the records they discover a secret and confront the killer.

    Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet is a fun East Coast B-movie, so don't expect award winning performances or fancy sets. It is clearly a homage to 80s teen horror movies- with plenty of nudity, sex, violence and gore, just what you want in a horror movie. If you want meaningless torture porn with a discolored look and some tough chick character but without sympathetic characters, gore or nudity, Blood Night isn't it. As with most East Coast movies, it's much better at portraying relationships and the acting is more natural, allowing for the personality of the actors to come through. It also lacks the moronic cynical race/gender/social agendas that plague Hollywood productions. Sure there are limitations when it comes to budget, acting, and direction. But nevertheless I found this movie very entertaining and fun. Performances aren't nearly as poor as some seem to think; Alissa Dean in particular shines. And the gore is also pretty good. Overall, recommended if you're looking for a fun teen horror movie done in the spirit of the 80s. Now this movie could use a sequel.
  • jrstano4 November 2010
    this has to be the worst movie i have ever seen. in this day and age there is no excuse for terrible effects, terrible acting, terrible music and worst of all, terrible direction. the unknown actors given an opportunity really should be trying a lot harder. there is one scene where a guy has to try and knock a door down with his shoulder and all he does is rub his shoulder up against it, lazy directing, why were the actors aloud to get away with this. if you are on a shoestring budget - which they obviously were - then why not pop along to the nearest college/university and pick up some drama students...they would have done a million times better.

    i mean, the story line isn't that fact probably a 7/10 but the rest of it has stolen 90 minutes of my life that i will never get back. the makers should be ashamed of themselves great material - bad execution
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...since if you're here reading this, you likely already know. Somehow a no-name tyro director and his backers lured Bill "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" Moseley and pint-sized scream queen Danielle "Halloween (2007)" Harris into heading up an otherwise equally no-name cast in an utterly uninspired direct-to-DVD slasher film. This is Sturgeon's Revelation all the way, folks, with minimal redemptive value, in one eye and out the other. Be assured, there is nothing "haunting" or in any way shocking, horrifying, or scary contained within "Blood Night..." other than the sheer banality of everything that takes place, and the lack of verve and style with which it is executed. Moseley's performance is the worst I've ever seen him do; why he accepted the role is beyond me (maybe he's just tired of playing psychos). Harris does what she can after waiting half the film to make her entrance, but there's only so much credence one can lend to a 30-year-old woman playing a college freshman (and never mind that none of the rest of the cast look like the teenagers they're supposed to be). The script is sophomoric at best, without an ounce of wit or originality, the dual-DP cinematography is competent but uninteresting, and you've seen gore fx and general mayhem like this done a thousand times before, and usually better. The stronger of the actresses (including Harris) wisely avoid nudity, the rest of the cast is undistinguished, and the less I have to say, the less you have to bother reading. You've been warned; this is boredom viewing only, fit only for indiscriminate adolescents with nothing better to do with their time, another strike against my local library's video buyer.
  • i bought this simply because it had danielle harris in it because i think she is the new scream queen and i can tell you i was not disappointed it has a great script excellent acting and a good storyline and while everybody is entitled to there opinion i don't think other reviews of this film do it justice the death scenes are excellent and very well done i paid five pounds for this film and i can only say what a bargain i would have gladly paid more im am a big fan of slasher movies and this is definitely one of the best i have seen in a long time it is certainly up there with the likes of halloween and Friday the thirteenth so at the weekend get some beers and pizza and popcorn and rent this or even better buy it and i promise you will not be disappointed
  • There's really not much that needs to be said about this. If you've watched the Hatchet flicks, this is more of the same. If you expect to find ANY of the following, then you're in the WRONG place:
    • well developed story
    • Oscar caliber acting
    • prophetic story telling and plot
    • likeable & defined characters

    Now...on the other hand, if you are looking for any of THESE, you're in the RIGHT place:
    • schlocky indie horror,
    • "teenage" nudity and gratuitous sex that has nothing to do with the story,
    • "teenage" kids making asinine decisions, like going outside alone to check on why the lights just went out, or following a trail of blood (alone) while freaked out, or...well, you get the picture,
    • tons of blood and gore via adequate fx,
    • Bill Moseley,
    • the cute-as-a-button Danielle Harris,
    • 80ish minutes of completely mindless killing.

    So come on folks. Stop giving this film bad reviews. 'Cause if you actually come in to this expecting more than it is, you should be the one receiving the bad review.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watchable film, though I think it may have worked better as two separate films. In fact, it's one of those movies I knew I'd seen before, but had to rewatch because I couldn't remember the plot (or ending).

    The plot: We open with the night young Mary Mattock (Hatchet) slaughters her parents. A very Halloween-like tale, gender-reversed.

    Fast forward - now in her 20s, Mary is institutionalized. For whatever reason, she's in her room, completely naked, nearly catatonic. Enter sleazy orderly - who asks if she wants to suck his 'lollipop'. If you want the stuff of nightmares, think of the liberties that surely take place behind locked doors.

    Yep - he rapes her & she becomes pregnant. Not knowing what the hell's going on, she gives birth. The doctors tell her it didn't survive. And, Mary escapes her room & starts another killing spree, before exiting the building - in the altogether, holding a severed head for modesty. She's shot & we cut to opening credits.

    The opening titles tell us her outbursts were aggravated by Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Yep - on the rag = in a rage. Oh, and her death spawned a local holiday: Blood Night. To celebrate a mass murderess? Menstruation? Who knows.

    And, now, we leave history to join a group of 'teens' preparing to celebrate this traditional rite of passage. It's Halloween pranks plus tampons & bloody hand prints. Stay classy, LI.

    Our 'teens' (who should've just been written as college-aged) play with a ouija board in the cemetery. Yep, sh#t gets spiritual. They're chastised by Graveyard Gus (Horror icon Bill Moseley), the local drunk, for playin with the devil. Oh - and he may have had an interaction with the dearly departed Ms. Mary.

    OK, enough with the heavy stuff: ON TO THE PARTY! Alcohol, dirty dancing. A nerd lays the hottie! WHOO-HOO!

    And, the introduction of (Halloween III's) Danielle Harris' character. One of the most convoluted, misplaced stories I've heard. But, it was effective. She's welcomed into the group & the night continues with some good old group porno viewing while couples branch off in search of their own action.

    Which, of course, leads to killin! Heads cleaved, screaming victims dragged out of frame! Is it Mary or someone more corporeal? No one knows, no one cares. They're far too drunk & horny.

    Violence escalates & the remaining gang flees the house. Who happens to be right there? Graveyard Gus! Friend or suspect?

    And, that's the extent of the mystery. The night is sprinkled with supernatural winks, but overall they're ignored. Until Gus sees the naked form of Mary herself. He brings the gang to her grave. But, all is not well - so they end up at the asylum. Where, they learn a secret...

    Yep - we're fully into convoluted now. Why in the hell did he take them to the graveyard? Then the asylum? Is there an Idiot's Guide to Exorcism?

    Let's just say, more people die, and truths are finally revealed in the last moments.

    Overall, the acting is decent, and the pacing doesn't drag. Continuing with some of my other film observations: the sound is really good in this film. Many of the special fx are good. However, there are a few "clearly that's a dummy head" moments. The partying teen thing is cliché - especially given their obvious ability to legally buy alcohol. Overall, a decent slasher flick.

    So, why, then, do I think this should be two movies?

    ***SPOILER ALERT****

    Mary is only one of the killers. The other is a living, breathing member of the group.

    This could have been a story of an abused/raped asylum refugee who takes her revenge on those who wronged her (as an escapee or a ghost). OR, it coud've been simply the story of a woman with Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder who's a bit beyond 'bitchy' when Aunt Flo visits.

    Combining the two makes the story muddled and less interesting. Who's killing whom & why? Why does Mary choose now to appear? Why did the living person start killing? Or have they killed throughout their lives.

    Plot holes a'plenty mar this film. Honestly, I think it had potential as a 'one or the other' scenario.

    I gave it a 5/10. A well-played single killer flick may have brought it to a 7 or 8.
  • A group of teenagers celebrating the anniversary of the death of a local axe murderer suddenly find themselves face to face with the realities of this haunting urban legend.

    On Bill Moseley as Graveyard Gus (an homage to Crazy Ralph) -- a bit campy, but still appreciated. I am no fan of Moseley because of a personal reason, so I may be biased. Either way, this is not his best performance. Danielle Harris is incredible here, and I wonder how much longer she can play the college girl (she is in her 30s). But if you got it, flaunt it!

    The whole film seems to be a love letter to earlier horror films: the song ("Party Time") that is a clear homage to "Return of the Living Dead", the watching of "Killer Tomatoes". It never really adds up to a great film, though, preferring to try to replace plot and action with sensuality.

    Some of the gore is decent, but overall there is nothing here for horror fans. And non-fans would be wasting their time even more.
  • I don't now what it is but US laws are sometimes a bit stupid. Again when I contacted Sabatella he wasn't able to send this DVD overseas. But the problem is solved now and it can be obtained in Europe through amazon. And be sure to order it. This is old school from the beginning until the end. All I can tell is that the killings starts from minute one just until the end. The only time it falls a bit down is when everybody is meeting everybody at the house party, but don't worry. Instead you will get nudity and sexy shots. I am glad to see that the independent directors are back in business. The majors are letting us down but a big cheer to independent labels. The red stuff flows frequently and it even get sometimes really gory. Lucky for them but Moseley and Harris are giving their best in their roles. Almost 90 minutes of pure horror, get it while you can, I am really looking out for his second feature. Great
  • josephinehorror4 November 2009
    I loved Blood Night! It reminded me of the old school horror films that I grew up with in the 80's. Plenty of sex, kills, and nudity!! I thought it was pretty clever that the local high school kids party on the anniversary of Mary Hatchet's death. Sounds like something me and my friends would do!! It was also pretty neat to finally see the urban legend come to life. I'd been hearing about the legend of Mary hatchet since I was a kid and it spooked the heck out me then. Glad to see that the film was equally as creepy and scary. The first ten minutes are pretty sick too! Also, I love Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris so if you're fans of their work,you should definitely check it out. I also just found out that this is a completely independent film. How come all the best horror films are independents? Anyway, great film!

    Can wait to see it again!
  • So after watching this movie, I wanted to review it straight away but I couldn't really find out exactly how I felt about it. In one way, it's one of the best horrors I've seen in ages and in another way, it's just the same as the other horrors released. The story is okay and had the Halloween feel to it, which I liked but then it started to go a little out of hand. The acting is average, most of the performances given were quite bad but there were one or two actors who were okay…ish. The direction is done well and the cinematography is great as well. The special effects and the scenes were executed very well but I must warn that this isn't for the faint-hearted as this probably has more gore in the first ten minutes than Saw does.

    I liked how the movie reverted back to the eighties horror-slasher movie style just like the eighties version of Halloween and mixed it with the latest horror style by adding the gore. I don't usually like gore in movies that's used only to scare the audience with no jumpy bits or nothing. The movie has one or two scenes which were a little creepy but there were a couple of scenes that were executed poorly and made the movie more of a cliché such as doors slamming off hinges and getting the Ouija board to contact Mary from beyond the grave. The story was pretty much average and started promising but as the movie went on, it started to get more and more ridiculous, however this doesn't surprisingly spoil the movie much as you kind of expected it to get a little silly in a way. The introduction part about Mary Hatchet was brilliantly done in my opinion and after the introduction finished, that was when the story started to go downhill. The teenagers planning a party on 'Blood Night' was all-good but it was when the killings started, that was when the story started to plummet very fast. The acting was below average and some were convincing as their characters but there weren't really anyone that stood out in the movie. The characters weren't so bad but they're your stereotypical teenage characters who think of nothing but sex, parties and booze and it doesn't go any deeper than that. There wasn't really any depth to their characters and you didn't exactly care who lived or died as most of the characters were pretty much the same. The cinematography was great and the gory kill scenes were done very well but other than that, there isn't really much I can say.

    This is quite an odd movie because, although I've not really been praising the movie, it has something likable about it, which you can't really put your finger on. Whether it be your typical eighties cheesy horror flick modernised or the gore or the 'scary' scenes, there is something there that would make a horror fan love this movie. I think if you're a fan of the Halloween series or a fan of classic eighties horrors then you will like this.

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  • pieterjanspiessens7 September 2018
    The low rating is unfair thats why i give it a 10. If you're looking for a classic slasher like they made in the 80s/90s you will enjoy this one. It has some really cool gore in it and does focus on the kills with enough story to keep it all together. Enjoyed watching this one
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Blood Night is the story of a young girl who turns into a woman. It just happens to be a woman who likes to kill everyone.

    A particularly heavy and gruesome period is the catalyst for Mary's transformation from young girl to psychopathic woman, causing her to go apeshit, and kill her parents. Years later while in psychiatric care, Blood Night is born when she pops out her sprog and then goes on another killing spree around the hospital, before being shot unceremoniously in the head. Fast forward again, and her child, who Mary thought was dead, goes on a killing spree of their own on the anniversary of the original Blood Night. Sounds cool, right?

    The retrospective beginning of The Legend of Mary Hatchet starts the film promisingly enough. The whole sequence has a wonderfully retro feel to it, from the camera angles, to the atmosphere, to the gloriously camp and grim kills.

    However, once we move into the present day, the film starts loosing its identity.

    The legend aspect of the film which is set up at the beginning, is lost relatively quickly, only present in the distant background of the story in that the events are taking place during the Blood Night celebrations. When the legend comes to the foreground again it has almost become defunct; a pointless Ouija board in the graveyard, a door bursting open which no-one takes any stock in. The reappearance of the ghost of Hatchet at the close of the film is a nice touch, but leaves the viewer wishing more had been made of it throughout.

    The presence of horror stars such as Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley, suggest this is meant to be perhaps an homage to the slasher genre, or at the very least a postmodern nod to that "old school B horror movie shit," a reference a character makes to 'Attack of The Killer Tomatoes,'(John De Bello, 1978). But these thing alone are not enough to make the filmmakers intentions clear. The overly abundant characters aren't savvy enough to be anything except for sex-mad, disposable meat sacks, which goes against any self referential or post modern leanings this film may have had. They do lend themselves to some inventive kills, the 'pickaxe and twist' being a particular favourite, but sadly some dire acting distracts from this.

    The occasionally pastiche and atmospheric production is sometimes marred by the occasional dodgy camera angle and edits, such as terrible circular transitions. This does improve as the film moves on, these cheapening effects fade themselves out and production becomes more linear. It makes the tone rather uneven however, and spoils the overall feel of the film.

    By far the most convincing thing in the film is Danielle Harris, portraying the psychopathic daughter of Mary Hatchet with gusto and success. However, despite showing she can really grind an axe, once she is revealed to be the next in line to inherit the family menstrual psychosis, it throws up some continuity issues with the narrative - how she is meant to be have snuck out of the house to kill a bunch of kids and then deposit herself back into a bloody bathroom without anyone noticing is anyones guess.

    Overall, with some nice kills and buckets of blood, Blood Night will satisfy many fans of the slasher out there, but definitely adds nothing new to the genre.

    BOTTOM LINE: Uneven, bloody menstrual story, best viewed with a maxi-pad.
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