The wardrobe of Graveyard Gus ('Bill Moseley') is an homage to Crazy Ralph in Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981).

All of Samantha Fahcci's exterior nude scenes were shot in subfreezing weather.

Despite Blood Night being a tale about Long Island, shot in Long Island with a cast and crew of many Long Islanders, production was not always welcome in the area. The production team was frequently harassed, fined and eventually sued by the mayor of the town who did not want a horror movie being filmed there.

The tale of Blood Night was based off the popular Long Island, NY urban legend of Mary Hatchet. Writer/director Frank Sabatella is from Long Island NY.

The cemetery scene was shot in Cypress Hills cemetery in Brooklyn NY overnight. The crew would eat "lunch" in a mausoleum since it was too cold outside. Legendary actress Mae West was entombed in the mausoleum the Blood Night crew was held in. One night cast and crew all payed her a visit.

Blood Night was mostly an overnight shoot which took place in the dead of winter on the East coast. Temperatures were frequently below freezing.

The bloody bathroom scene was the first scene Danielle Harris shot in the film.

The initial strip tease scene was accidentally deleted during production and the scene needed to be completely shot all over again.

The Essex Mountain sanitarium had its own creepy tales of ghouls. One of which was a black shadow which occupied one of the buildings and a wandering spectral nurse.

Most of the props in the sanatorium were left over from when the building was abandoned. Apparently the building owners could not get a cleaning crew to stay to properly remove the materials longer than a week. They would all leave after experiencing supernatural occurrences.

The opening tale of Mary Hatchets childhood was shot several months after the initial production schedule with a different cinematographer.

Most of the special effects for the film were shot in one day after principle photography was wrapped. The special effects were first constructed with silicone heads life cast from the actors. They were then enhanced with digital effects afterwards. The actors were shot in the same positions and then their faces were composed on top of the dummies.

Since the overnight shoot at the cemetery went into the early morning hours, a tent needed to be constructed to continue shooting close ups after the sun had rose.

While most the film was shot on location, both the interior house bathroom and the Sanatorium file room were constructed on a soundstage in Brooklyn, NY right next to each other.

The production tried to shoot in the actual Kings Park sanitarium in Long Island, NY, however due to the extreme degradation of the facility it was deemed unsafe. The Essex Mountain sanitarium in central New Jersey was used as a replacement.

A distraught crew member smashed the set windows with a hammer while the crew was on break. Most of the broken windows you see during the hallway scene were due to this destruction.

The film takes place in 1978, 1989 and 2008.

The candlelit seance was simulated with Christmas tree lights.

The sanitarium had no working heat so portable heaters needed to be brought in to keep the holding areas warm. The sets however had no heat whatsoever.

Directorial debut of Director Frank Sabatella.