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  • haloomahmed6 February 2021
    Very different, not your typical turkish drama, very funny and interesting. The best thing about it is that it's only 8 episodes.
  • The script neither surprises you nor gives you exactly what you expected. At some point it made me laugh out loud, what else could I ask for anyway. Watch it, you won't regret it.
  • Especially, I love the performance of supporting actors. They make the series better but don't forget the lead actor, he did a great job, too. Don't be a prejudice, you will love it. ***Watch with Turkish audio.
  • mariagd-6306531 January 2021
    Very nice TV show. I really liked the action intertwined with dark humour and some hilarious scenes. The protagonist's road to a new life and redemption is also beautifully done. Engin Öztürk is simply amazing in this role and I'm sure this role will be a game changer for him. He gives so much charm and depth to Gölge. The supporting cast is also great, we have a comic relief duo, a cute love interest, several evil mafiosos etc.
  • acan-7772631 January 2021
    I was drawn into the story line from the first episode. You'll have to excuse some lapses in the plot (i.e. how did the bad guy escape), but overall, it was a good blend of drama and interspersed comedy. Some of the plot twists were unexpected, which is always a plus from the other formulaic series. The lead actor, Engin Ozturk, was cast very well in the role and I found him to be believable during his quest for his identity. I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch all eight episodes, which is a strong testament from me. I recommend the series and am looking froward to the second season.
  • It's very enjoyable tv series. I watched the entire season yesterday and I didnt get bored anywhere. Its dubbed in English is well and theres plenty of bad language used in it.
  • bwsercan30 January 2021
    If you have free time, you can watch this. I watched in two days and I am curious about next season.
  • Caglatureray29 January 2021
    I was a bit doubtful before I started watching it. I was positively surprised, I enjoyed it a lot. Script is well-written, Characters all have their personal stories, and the storyline is developed well to bind everything together. Maybe They could have chosen better background music to make it more exciting at some scenes. Overall I enjoyed watching it a lot. Especially the guy who plays the main character Golge (Shadow) is really good.
  • olcayozbay-0946831 January 2021
    This is the perfect blend of crime, drama with a pinch of absurd comedy. Impressive charactherisation and progress, all the changes are not unobtrusive and supported by their past. Full of twists which none to fool the audience. Suprise jokes in between some of the most serious scenes can be excused (even they are great) due to fact that writer is the creator of some highly acclaimed absurd comedy shows and movies. Crime and its environment/setup not detailed well one can easily spot unrealistic scenes but focus is not the crime itself. This tale is about humans which do not have any control over it. Well deserves to be called the best in its genre.
  • shamsalizada31 January 2021
    This is one of the best TV shows I have watched. Actors have been chosen so perfectly for the roles. Every character has their own life story & struggles. Scenes are unexpected. You expect one thing but totally different thing happens The small cute neighborhood have people who are trying to overcome the challenges from their pasts too. The main character Golge did a great job as well. All actors were talented
  • gtvjmpgc28 January 2021
    Nice story and different perspective to a drama or should I say crime
  • Fascinating look at life in Turkey. Excellent acting 7 dialogue. Hope there is a season 2!
  • I give 50Metrekare 10/10 Dilara and Adam are so cute together Engin Öztürk performance was perfect Aybüke Pusat like always gorgeous All cast sound tracks locations were awesome. Looking forward to scene2
  • All the characters feel convincing,the set design is great, but the acting is quite lackluster. Still would give it a watch,you should definitely watch it with friends.
  • hamitakyurek7 February 2021
    The first Netflix series I could laugh while watching, and Cengiz Bozkurt was also great ...
  • enis-basol3 February 2021
    When I first heard about the movie and cast I was really excited. But when I could finally see it, I felt sad mostly because the ending was not satisfactory enough. Acting is good and so is the cinematography. The story is exciting but it is frustrating to see it end so vaguely.
  • rattanfleur29 January 2021
    I love watching Netflix's productions in various countries around the world, but I never liked this series. It had a fairly ordinary script and sub-par acting. An extremely boring and simple show, sorry.
  • agokce-2067218 February 2021
    I liked the personality of the male lead. He is a killer with a sense of humor. Interesting to see how he can engage and convince other people. The older duo are really funny. Aybuke is always an eye candy. It has a different flavor than other turkish series. The holes in the plot are a bit bigger, maybe because it is shorter, so less time to explain stuff. Overall, it left a nice taste in my mouth. Looking forward to the next season.
  • Engin Öztürk is great in his role and with Cengiz Bozkurt the series reaches high grounds. I really loved the comedic lines (as a turk) and the comedic timing were always spot on and often subtle. There were some "inbetween" scenes that felt too hacky and "out of nowhere" and out of place. It could probably have been better with the right editing/cutting. I'm referring to the scenes focusing on Yakup and his friend, they made little sense and were too sudden. Some details, like Gölge drinking while driving was cringy. I would also liked seing more diversity in the "neighborhood". They avoided hijabi girls and women completely and that does not represent Turkey very well. Its tiredsome turkish tv-series generally avoids the hijabis completely as it is. So it would have been a nice touch with diversity atleast on netflix. Also one note about the translation of the subtitles in english; Horrid! It made absolutely no sense, for example in the opening scene, horrible english subtitles its like, they did not care at all, zero effort. Maybe they used google translate? The translation in Swedish was on the contrary good. The "Swedish team" did a great job on protecting the originality of the language! .

    So aside from some problems in smoothness, english subtitles and lack of diversity, this was in my opinion an enjoyable and good quality show with great subtle dark comedic content.
  • What are the things that i found really terrible.
    • scenario
    • acting
    • jokes
    • inconsistent across all the chapters (actually in this sense it is quite consistent)

    Good things... almost nothing.. we might say that directing.. selcuk was replaced with Burak after chapter 5 and directing got worse as well.
  • The characters are nicely drawn. The story, like all Turkish drama is long. A two episode special blown up in 8 episodes. The ugly part is the story itself: love the Government, fear the business as it will kill you.
  • mhananader7 February 2021
    Until now , all Turkish Netflix original production series have weak storyline and poor acting in comparison to other Turkish TVs series on the different channels.It is really commercial and not interesting. The shocking thing that well known Turkish actors and actresses who really act very good, act badly in Netflix series.
  • The storyline wasn't very intriguing. It didn't have any shocking moments. I did love the two old man's they were hilarious! I will still watch if there's a second season but I have the storyline is better.
  • Ok, so the series revolves around a hitman and his travails but it's still basically a light hearted comedy show with some adventure and a small pinch of romance thrown into the mix.

    50M2 is an enjoyable story set in a small neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey. The neighborhood's real estate is in the sights of the land mafia who wish to redevelop at the cost of the local community.

    Within the community we find the headman, the headman's daughter, mosque Iman, local gangster and a crippled wannabe football star, among others.

    The story pulls together well and kept me wanting more - despite the occasional silly comedy skits.

    However, the ending disappointed big-time, hence the six stars. Clearly, the producers are setting up for a second season.

    Despite my lowish six stars rating I'll be waiting for Season Two!
  • srgnsrmc28 March 2021
    I am turkish so i am biassed but this tv show is very good. I am happy to see series like that in Turkey.
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