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  • emceegusto8 April 2020
    Citizen Kane


    Gone with the Wind

    The Godfather

    Threat Level Midnight
  • When I heard this film was going to be released I was impressed by the amount of talent put in by the director Michael Scott. I would like to say this film gets not enough attention for its visually captivating cinematography and motivating story.
  • Absolutely phenomenal, this is the best movie to ever exist, we should show this in schools and art galleries and carnivals and festivals.
  • sietzevdvinne4 February 2020
    Why does the best movie ever made only have 25 ratings?
  • robinder-1553023 April 2020
    Is this a good movie? I really can't say... But, yes!
  • JoeofFields13 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    It is something that comes once a hundred years. It should went viral I do not know why not too many have watched it!
  • je_baeza21 April 2020
    The all-time action classic box office breaker comes to your screen with all the action you would expect from such an aclaimed movie. The right amount of comedy an romance, combined with a puzzling and intriguing plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Great cast and visual effects, accompanied by a great soundtrack. Simpy incredible.
  • I've seen a lot of films over years and this is certainly the greatest film ever made. The actors are top notch and should be casted for many more Hollywood blockbusters, the VFX are great, and the script is like the Matrix on drugs. The director of this masterpiece...Micheal Scott, he should be a full time director because this is on par with movies like the Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Fight Club and the Shining.

    This movie has opened my eyes to what true filmaking is and I am craving for more, that's what she said, from Great Scott Productions.

    10/10 Greatest Movie of All Time.
  • The acting, the writing, the story, the characters. Pure perfection. The best viewing experience I could ask for. Stunning VFX, breathtaking action sequences. Must watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is a masterpiece of action and comedy. Golden face is a very threatening villain! "Ready... Set.." "Die!" One of the most chilling lines ever, and all those twists, it's amazing! So twisty. Lots of people so that it's ripping off films, but really it's being inspired and improving on them! Truly a masterpiece! Being honest, if you are a fan of the office (like myself), I would give it a watch, creed is great.
  • mwgangu6 November 2020
    I have never in my life have watched a movie like this film. the acting, the writing, the directing...all incredible. kudos to everyone involved in this film.
  • It's, like, one of the best movies i've ever seen in my life. Micheal Scott should enter it in festivals !
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a world of endless reboots and sequels, I was beginning to lose hope in the idea of an original movie. Well, I just saw Threat Level Midnight, and boy did it make me believe again. In his directorial debut, Michael Scott crafts a stunning and incredibly well-written film that is rivaled by no other that I've seen in a long time.

    From a visual standpoint, Threat Level Midnight looks almost too good to be a directorial debut. I was genuinely shocked when Scott's name popped up in the credits. I wouldn't be surprised if this film takes home the Oscar for best cinematography.

    However, a film needs a good script, and that is absolutely where Threat Level Midnight shines. With twists and turns around every corner, this unpredictable thrill ride of a film provides the audience with some of the greatest action sequences of all time (including a brilliantly executed and staged ice-skating shootout sequence).

    What is even more impressive to me is that while Scott is directing, he also is starring as reluctant hero Michael Scarn in one of the most raw and visceral performances I've ever scene. A lot of films these days rely on huge VFX sequences to drive the plot forward, but Threat Level Midnight, at its core, is an incredibly character focused film with multiple emotional struggles, including getting over the death of a loved one, leaving your comfort zone for the greater good, and showing how villains can be just as sympathetic as the protagonist.

    Some highlights of the film are: Mind-blowing visual effects (especially a certain head explosion, but I'll say no more), Creed Bratton's incredibly subtle performance as Cherokee Jack, An underrated Ryan Howard performance, the breathtaking opening action sequence, and of course, The Scarn, a very fun scene which adds some lightheartedness to an otherwise extremely serious film

    Overall, I just want to say thank you, Michael Scott, for making every moviegoer's dreams come true. If someday you ever read this, which I know is unlikely, I just want you to know that you inspired me to create my own films and show them to the world. It's always incredibly refreshing to see a new filmmaker come out of the gate like this. I look forward to any future Michael Scott films and I can only hope that they maintain the same level of dedication that was so crucial in making this film. 10/10. If I could rate it higher I would.
  • Picture your favorite movie of all time. Now imagine if that movie was 9,886,000 times better. The great Michael Gary Scott has shown that he's wasting his time as Dunder Mifflin Scranton's manager and needs to help Hollywood get out of this crisis. For crying out loud, he gave the world the greatest film ever made, he could single handedly rescue cinema.

    He also gave us one heck of a screenplay. It's sharp as a needle and it presents the pinnacle of writing. Subtlety is presented as effortless and every genre can be found. You got comedy, drama, action, fantasy, horror, romance, musical, sci-fi, crime, and historical. The film is just a whole bundle of joy that can never be beat on any circumstance.
  • I am speechless, seeing Michael, John, Pam, Dwigth again. The episode was great also but releasing this extended short film as a stand alone of its own universe one big surprise. I had both tears and smile on my face while watching this film. A must watch film.
  • So Michael Scott makes the movie of everyone wished for, this movie has everything that audience wants, literally everything. Michael Scott is the legend.

    The dialogues are so powerful that sometimes it makes you cry.

    So everyone's sweetheart "jim" is the villain, and he plays the role of his lifetime.

    And I didn't know if it was Dwight or a robot, because he was so good.

    The special effects are so good that you won't even notice it's fake.

    And the action sequences are insane.

    And the dancing scene is my favourite scen of the movie.

    Overall it's a the perfect movie that everyone should watch it.

    It taught me lots of things, watched it like a dozen times, and it's my favourite movie of all-time.

    Can't wait for the sequel.
  • ahlindavid27 February 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    I stumbled across this movie at a festival. What a rollercoaster. I laughted and I cried. The copier did tricks on the high-wire. A lady tried to give away a baby that looked like a cat. A strong man crushed a turtle. Not a bad documentary about a dog food company.
  • otopccut19 July 2020
    I wanted to give this movie an A+ but I completely forgot there is an A++. I do feel a bit let down that Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration didn't provide the ice for the ice skating scene. That is my short review because why write long review when short review do trick.
  • ksau-1519812 June 2020
    I wonder why the Oscar ignore this movie, ladies, and gentlemen's the masterpiece waiting for you
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is simply the greatest movie of all time. And also of other timelines, like in Star Trek. I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, and Sylvester Stallone all turned down the role of Michael Scarn because they felt they weren't good enough to depict this modern day hero. As a side note, if you learn how to do the Scarn, be careful, as it possesses powers both great and mighty.
  • Michael Scott/Steve Carell acts his heart out in his role of Michael Scarn. Thrilling action and all round great movie, probably the best. How this movie was not nominated for a dundee is beyond me!
  • This is easily the best film I have ever seen. It is a true masterpiece. The actors really fit into their roles, probably because of their chemistry on a television show called "The Office". The script and effects are second to none and it is just overall a great story. It is truly a work of art 11 years in the making.
  • This is the greatest movie of all time. Everyone needs to watch this. Better than anything that has ever been produced
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Omg this film can be the best film i have ever seen. Michael scott is such a amazing actor. And one of the best things about this movie dwight schrute play a robot buttler its amazing guys
  • jbrady-7886224 February 2021
    I had tears at the end. The best movie of my lifetime. The story acting and special FX have to be seen to be believed. Rip Catherine Zeta Scarn
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