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  • This is China's 1986 TV-series version of the Journey to the West, featuring the four characters of Monkey King, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka. The four journeys to the West to fetch the scriptures of Buddha to bring back to China so that the land will learn of Buddha's teachings.

    Along the journey, the three disciples protect Tripitaka from a host of elves, witches and demons. What results are special effects galore of magic and spells, which is OK for the 1980s, but is dated by today's standards.

    The music score is magnificent, very catchy and harmonic. Just about each episode is full of fun adventures and action, and doses of humor mixed in as well.

    With such a large cast of characters, from the heavenly deities to the human characters, it's the ultimate adaptation of the Monkey King story. Highly recommended.

    Grade A
  • darkmedia22 August 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Though many versions of Journey to the West have been made, I still love the original 1986 series. CCTV has been broadcasting this every year for some time now. You'll also find a Dicky Cheung version and 2010 version. Liu Xiao Ling Tong stars as Sun Wukong, a mischievous monkey who was released by stone, thus earning the name of 'Stone Monkey' and 'Monkey King'. After causing chaos in heaven, he must accompany Tripitaka across the land full of demons who believe drinking Tripitaka's flesh will gain them longevity.

    What follows is a lively story of their journey to the west. The hard part in watching these old series is where to find them. You can find them easily however they won't have English subs. There are a few VCD copies which have English subtitles however you can buy the English subtitles released by CCTV on Ebay! Enjoy! This CCTV series is a classic and anyone who wants something relaxing and enjoyable, this is it!

    ****1/2 out of *****
  • Even though this series is very old, but everyone in every age is watching this. It's tradition with family.

    I like the pig very much, he is very funny and cute.
  • The 86 edition journey to the west is the crystallization of Chinese traditional culture, which moves generations with its simple artistic style. Many people think that classics can't be broken through, and remaking is just in vain, but I don't think so. The reason why classics become classics is that this play, based on the idea of art concept from the beginning, presents us a good play with limited capital and limited technology under such tough conditions. It's a matter of attitude. It took four years to shoot the 86 version of journey to the West. It's hard for today's crew to do it on the spot in most of China. 86 version brings us a simple artistic style, rather than a strong visual stimulation through computer design. Never before, I hope there will be someone coming.
  • nvsan-9793027 February 2020
    A whole sky of childhood. Film is both thrilling, philosophical, and witty. Each episode is a vivid story. Actors are more than amazing. Create the standard character image. Magnificent view. Profound dialogue. "It is not known whether the Bodhisattva became a Youkai or the Youkai turned into a Bodhisattva." Each view is very interesting.
  • Although the special effect of the 86 edition journey to the west is simple, it tells a good story. It avoids the horrible and dark things in the original work and focuses on the encounter and difficulties of the four masters and apprentices on the way. It can cut off the demons and remove the demons, and it is difficult to obtain the Scriptures after ninety-one. The plot is suitable for all ages. It's worth watching. Up to now, it's still the most reruns of TV series in winter and summer vacation. It's still a classic that can't be surpassed.
  • x-5431324 March 2020
    This is a classic TV series, is the adaptation of Chinese classical classics, the myth of the world is very exciting