Rosebud: How do I look?

Mudbud: Uh... Like our sister in a space suit.

B-Dawg: I know I look tight.

Budderball: Mine's a little little too tight. Somebody give me a paw?

[Rosebud goes to help Budderball]

MudbudB-DawgBuddha: Don't pull his paw!

[Rosebud pulls Budderball's paw, and he farts causing his suit to inflate]

B-Dawg: Check it! It's the Good Year blimp!

Buddha: I think we should go explore and broaden our horizons.

B-Dawg: Broaden our horizons? We're lost in space, dawg! I think our horizons are broad enough!

[first lines]

Spudnick: Dreams are like stars. You can't touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny. I used to dream of being the first dogronaut to walk on the moon. And now, I dream of going home to my boy, Sasha.

Mudbud: Your right back leg you take a lift to take a whizzo. Left back you use to scratch your tummy. Left front paw you use to beg for food. And the right front paw is for snacking.

Budderball: Okay. Scratch, forward. Whizzo equals backward. Begging go right, and snacking go left. See? I got it.

Rosebud: Looks like he got a time out.

Buddha: When it rains, Mudbud gets grounded. He's a repeat offender.

Budderball: Remember the time I snagged a sample of the Thanksgiving turkey? I got a time out for that too.

B-Dawg: Sample shmample! You ate the whole butterball turkey, dawg!

Budderball: It's kind of embarrassing to be named after a turkey.

Budderball: Golly gosh! Maybe we could stop at the lunch pad for a snack... if it's on the way.

Rosebud: Budderball, that says "launch" pad.

Rosebud: Hey, guys? I hear a low rumbling sound.

Budderball: Don't look at me!

Budderball: [sees a refridgerator full of vegetables] Where's the beef?

B-Dawg: Check it! I'm doing the moonwalk!

Budderball: Which one is my left paw?

B-Dawg: We're doomed.

Budderball: Hey, it's not my fault I'm dyslexic!

Budderball: Guys? We have a problem. It's not working.

B-Dawg: You've gotta be kidding, dawg!

Budderball: I swear! Cross my stomach and hope to starve!

Budderball: I've never been so hungry in my life! I think I may have to eat that broccoli just to stay alive!

[eats all the broccoli]

Rosebud: Budderball!

Mudbud: [after Budderball finishes] Oh, dude! I can't believe you ate the whole thing!

Budderball: Well, I always said I'd eat broccoli when puppies fly.

Budderball: I think I'll start with the chili cheese dog... then steak... and then finish off with a bean burrito.

Rosebud: No beans!

Buddha: Budderball, we're on a journey of ginormous perportions.

Budderball: I'm about to eat a bowl of ginormous perportions myself!

Buddha: Budderball, there's no time for breakfast.

Budderball: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

B-Dawg: Who put the Red Bull in Buddha's doggie bowl?

B-Dawg: Check out these cool retro shades!

Mudbud: Dude, you shouldn't be touching those.

B-Dawg: I can fly this thing no problem. Piece of cake.

Budderball: Yeah, there's cake.

Budderball: [during the lift-off] It feels like my stomach is in my throat!

Rosebud: This is like a ride on Space Mountain!

B-Dawg: Dad always said I should be more down to Earth! Why didn't I listen?

Mudbud: This is out of this world... literally.

Mudbud: Dudes, what is this place?

Rosebud: Whatever it is, it's getting closer!

B-Dawg: I hope it's not an alien's house! Not that I'd be scared or anything.

Budderball: I hope it's a Denny's! I can sure go for a Moons Over My Hammy right about now!

B-Dawg: Come on, aliens. I ain't scared of nothing. Because I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, dawg.

Spudnick: I am no alien. Though, I suppose if I stay in space any longer, I may qualify.

B-Dawg: Aaahh! The Death Star!

Buddha: B-Dawg, it's the moon. It looks a lot bigger up here then when we used to howl at it from home.

Budderball: Oh, thank goodness! All the bleu cheese a fella could eat!

Rosebud: Budderball, did you eat all the bean burritos?

Budderball: What can I say? I'm a nervous eater. And walking in space makes me especially nervous.

Buddha: [as Budderball hits the ship's windshield] In life, sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.

Budderball: Did somebody catch the liscence plate on that UFO?

Rosebud: You're a ferret.

B-Dawg: Yo, dawg! You mean to tell me we had a rodent as our flight director?

Gravity: Hey, I'm not a rodent! I'm related to the mustella family of mammals which includes minks and skunks!

Budderball: Hey, I'm told I'm related to skunks too.

Rosebud: [wearing a new pink space suit] This is more like it! I feel much prettier in pink!

Rosebud: One small step for dog... one giant leap for dogkind.

Buddha: Come on, sis. I've got a plan for a rainy day field trip.

Rosebud: Gross! No way I'm going out in that rain! It'll mess up my fur do!

Buddha: The window of opportunity is upon us. Let's use it.

Budderball: I don't reccomend lift off on a full stomach.

Yuri: [as Spudnick plays a ballerina music box] Ah, now that sounds good. Hold me closer, tiny dancer.

Dr. Finkel: Again, please refrain from touching anything with your hands... you slimy, little, germ-infested creatures.