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  • Much has changed since this second volume of WSW was issued 13 years ago. The series has achieved amazing high standards, accounting for its addictive nature and loyal following, dutifully watching a new title month in-month out.

    Rena directed this, and her proclivity for gynecological closeups is a huge drawback. She also directed one of Girlfriends Films' least typical (and most unpleasant) features LESBIAN HOSPITAL, so the classier approach of late is much to be appreciated.

    Fortunately, Rena's cast is excellent, including company spokesperson Veronica Snow, hooked up with younger girl (and busty to boot) Kelly Fire; fan favorite Kyla tearing up the screen in a cooking-fetish opener with Holly that is clearly the highlight. The duo's joie de vivre is infectious and certainly this vignette would be a great stand-alone entry titled "Chocolate Cake", and now in our Streaming era it does have an independent identity.

    Final segment has plain-Jane thin Lena back in action paired with the label's biggest star (back then) Tara Wild in a combination I found most unappealing, even without the vagina closeups. Another drawback of Volume 2 is an emphasis on "nighttime" lighting in a futile attempt to add atmosphere -that experiment by Girlfriends was thankfully dropped.