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  • I haven't watched all 134 volumes of this hit series, but Volume 5 is so good maybe I should quit while I'm ahead. Its three lengthy (and unrelated) lesbian vignettes are brilliantly simple demonstrations of what makes for a successful Sapphic romance video.

    So I would recommend this one highly to the makers of the lucrative product currently being cranked out at Gamma Entertainment, Sweetheart Video and Filly Films, to name just the most prominent companies specializing in girl/girl Adult Entertainment. And the owners of Girlfriends Films would do well to look at this early (2003) entry in their history, to see what works in their chosen field.

    Each segment covers, rather simply yet definitively, a different aspect of the Sapphic Romance genre. Opener stars the great Jewels Jade, perfectly tanned and fit here but still boasting those amazing fake breasts. With a harp version of "Ode to Joy" playing romantically on the soundtrack, she and paramour Meghan get out of their glamorous gowns to settle down for a thorough-going roll in the way with Jewels as dom. Meghan's convincing orgasms are impressive as well as Jade's prowess with a strap-on-dildo, all performed and shot naturalistically so as to be believable - a method lost on so many recent porn shoots.

    After the intensity (including some ear-splitting shrieks of pleasure) of this vignette, the show turns on a dime to a completely light-hearted and ebullient celebration of young love in "Holly & Kyla's Sourdough Pancakes". Complete with recipes shown on screen, the hot duo divide their time between nude baking in the kitchen and hot sex in the bedroom, always lively and life-affirming. Even though Holly is better known for her fine career as Holly Hollywood, she seems utterly real and not a porn star in this incarnation, and is matched, erect nipple for erect nipple, by Girlfriends' earliest super-talent Kyla. This segment even features a very convincing squirting scene for Holly (which is subsequently replayed at 1/20th speed for the fans), in which she emits just a trace of liquid, not the ridiculous Golden Showers of urine that populate so many later Girlfriends releases.

    Finale turns to lesbian seduction, by far the most effective and enduring format of this girl/girl genre. Lena, a butch-styled star of the label's early years, seduced straight woman Justine, and again realism rather than melodrama is the key. Concluding line: "Would it be tacky to say thank you?" after they finish lovemaking adds just the right piquant touch. By contrast, seduction in most of today's lesbian videos is presented phonily as just a brief tease before the rush to XXX humping and has become not merely a cliché but yet another irritant that has caused so many fans to go gonzo, and eschew story lines and characterizations altogether, preferring to cut to the XXX chase. Watching "WSW Volume 5" should show them the error of that decision.