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  • Mavra mesanyxta is a really nice TV-series with a very interesting plot. The success of that series was sure even by its factors. First of all the writer, Panos Kokkinopoulos, who is one of the best Greek writers and creator of the two wonderful TV-series "10h entoli" and "Kokkinos kyklos". The other strong paper in that serial is its actors, Bessy Malfa, Panagiota Vlanti, Stelios Mainas and Gerasimos Skiadaresis, although he doesn't appear a lot. These four actors and also the others who play in that series, they play their roles naturally and convincingly. The plot keeps you interested in and in suspense of what is going to happen and there are scenes where you laugh and entertain. It shows a lot of problems of society, like family relations, problems at work, love, drugs, murders and the effort of people to survive in a hard and unknown world. It's a really good effort and I suggest you watching it. Also, there is a nice soundtrack.