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  • Don't know what happened to it. It's based on the animated internet series of the same name. It's about a happy blue girl named Charlotte who's voice is hilarious. Vendetta, who hates Charlotte, is the other lead character. What's freaking hilarious about this is that it's on Nick. It's one of the most morbid and happy shows I have ever seen, and if you've seen Edgar and Ellan and hated it, this is a breath of fresh air. Check it out online at this link: HTTP://making Seriously, check it freaking out. You'll love it. Here's the theme song: Once there was a little girl, a girl who could make fiends. She kept the whole town terrified of the girl who could make fiends. Then there came another girl who wanted to be friends, Vendetta can not stand her, so she plots her end. Making Fiends, Making Fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends, making fiends when Charlotte makes friends. Judge it by the theme song. It's just awesome.
  • It's no argument, that they don't make cartoons like they used to. And no, Making Fiends is not like the "good old days", but that's just it. The charm in Making Fiends is that it embraces everything good about modern cartoons, and that has a look & feel, humor, and wit that is all it's own.

    The show takes place in Clamburg, a town taken over by a green girl named Vendetta who can make fiends: monsters who keep the town of Clamburg in fear. When an endlessly cheerful blue girl comes to town, chaos ensues. Vendetta wants to destroy her with fiends, but Charlotte just wants to play. Yippee!

    The first great noteworthy thing is that it is well written. No matter how beautiful the character design and humorous the actors (both of which, by the way, are present in this cartoon), nothing beats good writing. No wasted lines, no tasteless jokes. Nothing is ever trying too hard to be funny. Ever. And while the show will never be deep and emotional (in any obvious way, at least), it still finds its niche as a very unique comedy.

    From its humble beginnings as a small web cartoon by Amy Winfrey (, this show has really transformed. It still keeps its original charm with its clever songs and characters, and the same voice actors and core crew from the original cartoons. Each of the characters are fantastic: the happy-go-lucky Charlotte, the cynical Vendetta, the timid Mr. Milk, and more. All of the elements of a good show are present here. Not every single episode is perfect, and the show is not always a 100 percent sure shot, but boy, is it close. If it continues, it can only get better.

    All I can ask is that Nickelodeon doesn't decide to pull the plug on the show, and if they're feeling ambitious, they can even promote it more. We will never see a show like this again, and good cartoons have become far and few between. So get off your bums and spread the word: good and new CAN co-exist in a cartoon—even if such spectacles only appear every once in a little blue girl.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a shame this was canceled because there're a lot great episodes and funny moments. The premise is simple: A girl named Vendetta terrorizes a town into submission with the monsters she makes called "Fiends". That all changes however when one day an overly optimistic girl named Charlotte moves in and starts to get on Vendetta's nerves. Vendetta tries to kill her with her fiends but it's all in vain as they either get destroyed or end up befriending her.

    The animation's simple but has a unique style. It almost looks like the whole world was made out of cut-out paper. The characters are fun to watch and have mostly well defined personalities. Charlotte's positive and while it can get annoying (even creepy at times), it's funny to see her antics ranging from her singing songs about something to trying to improve the towns conditions despite being oblivious to her surroundings. Vendetta is also a fun character. She hates almost everything and it's funny to see her try and fail when it comes to getting rid of Charlotte even with the help of her giant hamster who's her caretaker.

    The songs are also enjoyable. They're silly but fun to listen to. I really like the "Moon song" as well as "Now that we're small". The jokes are also very funny. There's one episode where Vendetta creates exploding chicks in hopes of killing Charlotte but unsurprisingly the latter befriends them leading to some hilarious scenes involving Vendetta having several misses with death.

    It may not've lasted long but it was enjoyable nonetheless. This's was a really great, underrated show and I highly recommend checking it out.