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  • I am actually thinking a scene of the movie any time of the day,laugh for 5 minutes and continue my day!By far the greatest Greek movie ever.The plot very easy,five I4(soldiers that have some kind of illness) join the military.What comes next?Hillarius scenes which does not even compare with those of most of the recent Greek films that have come out.Haris Mavroudis and Kostas Fragolias were good but the reward goes to Thanasis Tsaltabasis who became famous with Greek commercials(!).Another think that makes the movie to approach a social dimension is the good Greek-turkey relation. Conclusion?If you are Greek and you want a very nice comedy to see this one is highly recommended!
  • Don't expect a great movie, but it was fun to watch. People were laughing in the theater through out the length of the film. Plot: Doesn't really have a good one, as most of the recent Greek films. Just 4 guys trying to avoid the army and eventually having to serve as I4, a rank right before incapable to serve. They join a 5th I4 as they are sent to serve some short time on an island where special forces are training. The SF guys give them a hard time and somewhere in the middle of the film, they decide to fight back!

    The only thing that I didn't like was the ending.Don't worry, no deaths or a sad ending. Just in my opinion, they could have come up with something better for the ending.
  • I just finished watching this movie, if it was one. Only one real actor (Kimoulis) and lot of Greek celebrities, Greek rappers (haha) and an idiot guy who went famous due to his participation in some stupid Greek commercials. There is lack of acting, no sense of humor and no plot. This movie seems to was made only to promote NiVo (one of the Greek rappers, very famous in Greece) and his songs which are heard through the entirely movie. The movie has no real ending so it ends because it has to. I thought that it couldn't be worse than the previous sequel (Loufa & Parallagi - Seirines sto Aigaio) but I-4 is for sure much worse.
  • maverx126 August 2008
    ...even by modern Greek cinema standards.

    Childish and pompous dialogue, forced situations, mostly amateur "acting".

    Makes you wonder why they even bother making this. (I'm guessing to cash in from the original's heritage and to promote certain "celebrities".) Even the previous installment (Sirines sto Egeo) was better than this, and that says A LOT.

    Avoid at all costs but do watch the original "Loufa kai Parallagi" from 1984 (in which G. Kimoulis, amongst others, delivered a great performance; why he accepted to be a part of the modern adaptation is beyond me. Money problems, maybe?)

    But what's even sadder (and alarming), is the fact that some people actually found this movie funny, at least according to a couple of (underaged?) reviewers here. As for the IMDb score, I'm pretty sure that most of the positive ratings originate from the people that were actually involved in the film itself.
  • kosmasp18 August 2008
    Yes there can be funny and decent comedies coming from Greece. Even if some jokes work more, if you have a knowledge of some of the Greek history and/or background (incl. Relationships to other countries), but it still is funny.

    Having said all that, that doesn't mean, that the movie has no faults. Quite the opposite. It still has a few too many awkward moments, some jokes that misfire entirely or won't even ignite at all. The premise of course is bound to bring many jokes with it. Compared to other recent Greek comedies/efforts, it does almost exploit every possible good joke there is. It's in those details, that the movie fails to deliver something truly great and the fact, that it's more for southern Europeans, who are more likely to get most/all the jokes. I just hope they continue like this and continue making good movies. On a (small) different note, a musician plays one major role and the movie is filled with (greek) Hip Hop music!
  • Oh how the mighty have fallen... :( The TV series Loufa & Parallagi was and remains a gem of Greek comedy. It would be a classic in any language... Then came Loufa kai parallaghi; seirines sto Aigaio, which while not quite as light-hearted was entertaining enough... Then we had L&P; Seirines stin steria which I thought quite crazy, not very funny, and kind of weird. It was was marginally watchable for story line... From there we've dived downhill into this appalling excuse for a comedy. This is so achingly, boringly awful it should all have ended on the cutting room floor. Having come from the glorious comic heights of the TV series, to descend to this trash heap is a sad comment ion Greek cinema and TV since 2008 and the Crisis. It has all gone downhill at a straight dive into oblivion. I'm so disappointed. I try very hard to find decent Greek comedy and to enjoy it...somehow. But that effort is increasingly in vain. I'm sorry I can't say more be more specific... I've said all I want to say.