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  • Love definitely could be blind when everyone is pretty.
  • pajorieth21 February 2020
    Producers: *we wanna do a 'scientific experiment' that is supposed to show whether love is based on outward appearance* Producers: *wow let's only cast attractive people*
  • This show is shallow, full of only pretty people, and I can't stop watching it.
  • RobinFlys16 February 2020
    What the heck is this? After five frivolous conversations they are in love? I guess if you throw several attractive, emotionally immature people together, someone's bound to "fall in love". The girls have no indoor voice, only over-the-top staged, loud conversations. The word "like" is used twice in every sentence, sometimes more. All of the guys cry. It's the first time any of them have ever felt *fill in emotion here*. I think I vomited at one point.

    So why five stars? Because it's a train wreck and I can't stop watching. My bet is there will be a second season. Ugh.
  • I feel like I've gotten dumber after watching 2 episodes
  • Nothing but drama. Very childish. Totally train wreck and yet I can't stop watching haha
  • teagwo26 February 2020
    It's shallow, corny, unrealistic and you will love to waste some hours watching this fools trying really hard to be in love with someone they don't know about. Great guilty please TV show.
  • senorapat-1015422 February 2020
    Perhaps if they were not continually drinking, they would have a more realistic idea of what they want.
  • mhunts3314 February 2020
    Ok...People are either acting or completely insane. One guy is actually crying after telling a woman, in the 3rd conversation they have ever had mind you... that he loves her?!? I can understand the experiment they are in but its just not believable . More staged "reality ". However in this day and age it will probably be on tv for the next 20 years like the Bachelor or Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire.
  • pandrews210418 February 2020
    What type of dim wit really thinks you can make a lifetime commitment and decision in just a matter of days? Well that's what the show is full of so we get lots of interviews with these idiots saying things they think are deep. But in spite of this I've watched 3 episodes of this junk and I don't feel good about it.
  • Toph7216 February 2020
    This show is the shallowest I've ever seen. The men are all good looking and fit; the women are all fit and beautiful. Let's have some real falling in love with the personality by having "real people" and not pseudo-models.
  • Of course love isn't blind, but it's nice to laugh at idiots who think it could be.
  • Good lord. Thank you for the rainy day I needed to recharge and reevaluate my life choices and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I'd rather be alone with my cactus than to make a life long commitment to a stranger. These vapid people think they're in love with someone they've never seen, haven't spent actual time outside their "love bubble pod". The Ex tank mechanic is one of the most obnoxious humans and has made my eyeballs roll so far back into my head, they were stuck for a full three minutes. Probably as long as this Lethario, Barnett, would last in bed. Where the heck are the Lachey's and why are they receiving hosting credits when I'm well into the third episode and haven't seen them since the first? If there was full dont all, I would've given it 4 stars.
  • Big surprise...everyone is a very attractive person just searching for their soulmate. It's eyerolling that the concept is based on meeting, loving, and marrying someone based on personality yet physicality is what determines whether or not they will put you on camera. This concept and content is nothing any of us haven't seen before. Two strangers meet and within days start lying about how much they have fallen in love, they've never felt this way before, nobody has made them feel this way before , and blah, blah, blah. The show is unoriginal, bland, and I guarantee there are better options on Netflix than this. Ruling: SKIP IT.
  • Of course it's stupid - cringeworthy at times. But it's a better concept. It's so entertaining. I mean what's worse than 1 guy/girl to 20+ girls/guys? nothing. This is better. I can't stop watching.
  • This show is such a wired concept to start with and kinda entertains how stupid it is. But how can they call it Love is blind when all of them look as if they are models, and yes that is subject to opinion

    How about having people on the show who are a little bigger than average you know like everyday people that you would see on the streets. Even someone who wears glasses or hearing aids or something. Then they could call it Love is blind
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Boring, pathetic and so cringeworthy! I made it through 1/2 of episode one. Skipped to last episode to see if people would actually marry someone they proposed to after 5 conversations behind a wall and guess what, spoiler alert, people ARE that dumb!! I only used skip 10 seconds 20 times that episode! I am so glad I didn't waste time or brain cells on episodes 2 through 9!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    And their names are Lauren and Camron. Everything else is trash but those two are actually watchable and like able.
  • 1) Science says being attractive is a large part of a long relationship. Evolution and the reptilian brian proved that over thousands of years. Love isn't blind. 2) If love is so blind, where are all of the fat and ugly individuals? 3) I ended up in the hospital before the first episode ended. Drank some bleach to distract me from the worst tv experience I've ever had.
  • kiaramessore16 February 2020
    I personally find this show really entertaining. Could it be staged? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. I really do enjoy watching this and I will continue watching the entire season. You grow attachments to certain people!
  • 2 Stars for an interesting basic concept, zero for the rest. Regardless of how much of it is fake/set up, it is terribly realized. 1. As others noted already, none of the candidates is a visual challenge. 2. All candidates are superficial. 3. Neither the candidates nor the makers of the show have only the slightest idea about the ingredients of a successful relationship. While this might be true for 95 % of all people it would be nice for once to watch a program about how to make it better rather than relationship making people feel comfortable about other the same way as they do.

    On the other hand, if you take Love is Blind as an educational program, you'll find in it practically every mistake one can make while starting a relationship to make it fail. Due to the fundamentally flawed experimental setup you won't find out if love is really blind, though.
  • rlyosha23 February 2020
    The main idea of being in love after a few conversation is really weird for me. They're just asking to each other random questions and it looks like they're acting the role because normally people don't behave like so weird with strangers.
  • Naive 20-somethings ask each other questions sight unseen. No one is realistic in their answers, obviously saying whatever they think is the best sounding response to vapid, general questions. Think The Bachelor mixed with Dating Game. It actually makes me nauseous watching such meaningless programming starring obviously fame/attention seeking contestants. Hosted by some boy band guy that adds nothing whatsoever.
  • It would be far more interesting to do this with a group of *mature* people (and I don't mean old) who actually know what love is about, and know what makes a marriage work. I'm halfway through the second episode, and while I've seen the trailers that show difficult times ahead, it wasn't hard to see that coming because thinking you're 'in love' after a few days - well, there's a whole lot more to love than what this group understands.
  • keikoyoshikawa15 February 2020
    Attractive people. Too bad they're all shallow. Watch it if you want to see gorgeous men and women pretending to have deep thoughts and genuine emotions. I'm quite sure many of the people are acting or else their reactions are contrived for the camera.

    Do yourself a favour and save your time - skip this boring fakery.
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