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  • A game forged out of the rock of ages has come, giving the hard rocking metal fans what they want. Awesome tunes, rocking action/violence, big stars and a few well placed curse words. That game is Brutal legend. Jack Black is hilarious as Eddie Riggs, a poor roadie who meets an untimely end after trying to save some pratt on a rock n roll stage. His soul is taken to Hell where rock is a weapon of choice. Eddie dispatches evil with a huge battle axe and his trusty guitar and lays waste to anything in his path. Take a good look at the name of this game. It's called BRUTAL LEGEND and it means what it says. This is a very gory game but that's what I love about it. There's decapitations, limbs being hacked off, people being run over, you name it, this will probably have it. Also it has the best rock/metal tunes of yesteryear pumping out and rocking your console as you progress through the game. I found this game a lot of fun. It quenched my blood-lust and also appealed to the rocker within me. Jack Black does an excellent job as the hero of the game. He makes you totally believe in the character and you wonder where the quests will take you next. Cameos come a plenty in this from the prince of darkness himself Ozzy makes an appearance, Rob Halford from Judas Priest as well as Lemmy from Motorhead is involved in the storyline, leaving the best part of the villain to the great Tim Curry. BRUTAL LEGEND is the game that Metal/Rock fans have been waiting for and it has been a long wait. Finally it's here and it ROCKS!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ' Brutal Legend' is a very entertainment game that has the heavy metal as his main theme.

    In the game, the main character is a roadie named Eddie Riggs that is considered a very talented man, but lives, for his sadness, in a time where the music stopped to be the ''real deal'' to become totally commercial. After an accident, Eddie wakes up in a fantasy heavy metal world where the music has supernatural powers. In this world, Eddie will count with the help of incredible people like Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister to go ahead with his missions, as well to fight against Doviculus, the emperor of the Tainted Coil, and his glam metal puppet, General Lionwhyte.

    The playability and the challenges of 'Brutal Legend' are a mix of the ''open world'' style with the combats of a kind of a simple ''God of War.''

    It is a game that is very fast to end if the 'side missions' are not done, as well with cool upgrades that are not mandatory to play the game.

    In general, I would say that ' Brutal Legend' is a very fun ( although sometimes vague) light headed game, with an excellent soundtrack and very cool characters, specially for people who enjoys/ are fans of the good and old Heavy Metal!
  • If you're into Metal you must play this game! Even more so if you like hack n slash, free roaming and Jack Black's typical sense of humour. I just got lost in the beautifully crafted world of Bladehenge, and fell in love with all the characters and vehicles. Great selection in music, the combat system works excellent, fun side missions, epic movie-like storyline and a well-chosen breathable atmosphere. It's total fantasy clad in a brilliantly exaggerated heavy metal theme, but you buy it the minute you see it. In one word: Awesome! Too bad the game ended earlier than I expected though, leaving me praying for a sequel!

    Anyone know where I can order a Druid Plough hotrod?
  • My brother is more the video game fan than I am, but when they are good they are great fun to watch and play. Brutal Legend had some really interesting ideas and the voice cast- you can never go wrong with Tim Curry voicing a villain- and music choices are enough to draw anybody in. On the whole, Brutal Legend is an awesome game. It is a little too short, maybe if the ending was longer and more rounded off that may have solved things, and there are a few moments where the missions are repetitive and lack variety. But the good far outweighs the not-so-good, and Brutal Legend's good points are outstanding. Where to start with the praise? Well, the graphics are just great, very detailed, easy-flowing and atmospherically coloured. The visual effects are also eye-catching. The soundtrack fits so well too with some really catchy and energetic song choices, heavy metal is not a style I usually listen to but Brutal Legend is one of the reasons why the appreciation for it is going up. There is some hilarious writing, Eddie's lines especially, though there are also some thoughtful and intense moments like with Doviculus. The story is exciting, told in a way that anybody will follow with no problem and has an atmosphere that draws you right into the world it is set in, the final battle between Eddie and Doviculus is epic personified. The game play is not simplistic, nor is it too complex, one may wish for more variety but mostly it is a lot of fun to play. The characters are also great, Eddie is one cool and likable hero, Orphelia is sexy, Ozzy Osborne's character is hugely entertaining and Doviculus is convincing and not one to mess one, with a design that seems to be influenced by Darkness from Legend. Likewise with the voice acting, Jack Black is in his element in a role that just allows him to be him and do what he wants. Ozzy Osborne relishes his cracking one-liners, the heavy metal legends are fun in itself to listen out for and spot and Tim Curry's voicing of Doviculus is chilling in a way that few other actors specialising in villain roles can pull off so well. Overall, awesome. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Ambertechel15 January 2016
    Brutal Legend is a great game and I would recommend it to anyone. Story line was compelling with never a dull moment. It told a story and had positive impact for it taught the players lessons such as be kind to others, never give up, respect, when to take a step back and most importantly the power of music. Brutal Legend had excellent graphics and didn't find any bugs. Gotta be able to handle flashing lights though for certain battles require players to shoot light bombs. The game had different difficulty options and settings so that you can adjust for comfort. Badges players can earn to keep the players coming back and they can set goals for themselves to achieve each time.
  • "Brutal Legend" has plenty going for it in both charm and the imagination put into its creation. I now know what a Tim Schafer game is, and he's got my attention in the future. And casting Jack Black as the lead character was a stroke of genius. In the right doses (i.e. this game), he's very likable, and the guy's woven into the very fabric of the whole thing. He makes Eddie Riggs a memorable character. And you can tell what kind of love letter this is to heavy metal just from the game design; this world looks like you've just been grabbed into some of those wicked '80s album covers. It's great fantasy.

    And it's mostly a fun game, definitely worth a play for pretty much anyone. I didn't expect to be commanding armies into battle - which, while a cool idea on paper, became repetitive and not at all my cup of tea. I was much more at home tearing through the metal landscape in the hot rod and tearing through bodies with the axe. If not for the actual setting up of merch booths and controlling the head-banging forces, this would be an all-around winner.