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  • Hats off to director Mr. Nikhil Advani, who choose a tough path of making a meaningful film rather than following the common path of making a commercial cinema. Making an animation and meaningful film is complete risk in Bollywood but he took the challenge and proved himself right. This film is sweetly entertaining. Camera angle used in story telling keeps the pace of film on very good note. Animation is done creatively. Especially the bee animation is mind blowing. Most of the voice dubbing is done by known bollywood actors but Govinda's voice is superb. Wow, you can't stop smiling to hear him. He is brilliant. Rest Akshay Khanna, Boman Irani, Urmila Matondkar and Saurav Shukla are also fine but Govinda is outstanding. Story, screenplay is very good. Dialogues are fantastic. Great work by writers team Mr. Nikhil Advani, Girish Dhamija, Suresh Nair and Milap Zaveri. They have even touched a very sensitive issue of Tiger saving in a scene, which was heart touching. 3D impact is not up to mark but when subject and narration touch your emotions, you don't bother about other things. Music score by Shankar Ehsan Loy is very good. You would feel that you are simply watching a typical Bollywood movie. Even animated choreography justifies it. Overall, it has all ingredients of a good film, drama, emotion and entertainment. Please go and watch with your lovely kids. They will enjoy as well as you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This looked like another "Madagascar" type movie, so I played it for my 2 year old.

    To my horror, a scene played out that shows a monkey imagining himself killing a parrot first with a gun, then a chainsaw, and then a knife. I abruptly shut the film off following this scene, but by then, it had already played out.

    This is NOT a movie that I think a 2 year old is ready for! Parents, please use caution when thinking of playing this.

    SHAME on the creators, for adding violence like this in a children's movie! What were you thinking?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What can I even say about this film that can even begin to explain the absolutely disgusting experience that is "Delhi Safari". The animation is some of the most sub-par slop I've ever laid my eyes on; the models are grotesque and too many animals have human teeth, lips and eyes for you to not feel violated in every sense of the word. The story makes less than no sense and even as a children's movie it's dull and bizarre without the slightest substance to keep any sort of audience entertained. Even your kids will be either bored, annoyed, or uncomfortable. The plot changes at random (which is with nearly every scene), and there are so many songs so horrid that I, a music therapy major, had to take a moment to consider if I was wrong and music was instead always intended to be a method of torture.

    I read one review that claimed this movie wasn't too preachy about its environmentalist message and I am legitimately worried that that person was being held at gunpoint while writing said review. Every other scene PETA makes sure to slam down your throat how evil humans are while at the same time assaulting your eyes with the most vomit-inducing imagery ever put to screen. The concept of subtlety does not exist and the message is so heavy handed I'm convinced that if you even said the word "subtle" to the director he would stab you in the stomach. Here are a few key moments, just to explain what kind of movie this is to you:

    The main monkey character tries to literally murder a bird by means of chainsaw, guns and stabbing. Said monkey also zips down an invisible fly to urinate in the grass for seemingly no reason, and also gets two bear fingers unmistakably shoved into his rectum (no, I'm not embellishing, that is legitimately what happens). Two human characters at one point are without question about to act out a pornographic film, with the camera labeling the scene as "Casting Couch: Scene 69". A talking parrot speaks with the prime minister and is taken as seriously as a cancer diagnosis. And finally, near the end of the film, a man in plain view is wearing a shirt that simply says "FCUK"...I shouldn't have to help you decipher that one.

    I would rather have my fingernails systematically removed with pliers than have to sit through this film again. Just when you thought that you didn't have any more reasons to hate PETA, this movie comes along demanding to be added to their ever lengthening list of atrocities. I hate this movie so much, I made this IMDb account with the sole purpose to express my disgust towards this film. Save yourself and your children.
  • The animation is very poor, the character movements are very stiff as though it's a slow frame rate. The acting is atrocious. There are scenes that are just plain wrong, like the animals getting stoned by a crowd of people. How on earth that scene got approved I'll never know, it's just just plain weird.

    I can only assume that it's down to different cultures. So many things don't fit in between the parameters of what you'd call an acceptable kids film.

    Do yourself a favor and re-watch anything else by Dreamworks, Pixar, Sony Animations or even Bibo Films in France (Monster in Paris) - a wonderful film.

    Don't believe any of the positive feedbacks, this is a truly poor film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I recently got this movie on DVD after seeing a few clips and songs on Youtube, because it looked promising. Let me start on a positive note in this review. The songs were good, the texture of the characters was good, and the settings were well-animated. The environmental message and family moments were especially good.

    The only things I didn't like about this movie were the two monkeys Mharela and Bharela, as they got irritating after a couple minutes; a couple instances of editing didn't make sense or work well; the bees were unnecessary and also somewhat irritating; and the hyenas were just plain irritating. Just lifted from Lion King.

    Despite the cons, I found this to be a good movie. Though it was slightly derivative, it was done in a way that worked well. Definitely worth a watch with the kids, and adults will like it too.
  • I was taken aback. While watching India's first stereoscopic 3D movie with such a beautiful message, I was entertained, mesmerized & marveled at the creation.

    The story is simple, yet unrealistic, about a group of animals who set out to the Parliament to speak out their grievances. The grievance is that they are being murdered, chased away from their natural habitats. It is so in parallel with the need of the hour in India & the whole world. It talks about the plight of animals and why animals are going extinct. An eye-opener for some, Delhi Safari is truly remarkable in its style, narration and innovation.

    Yes, like I said it IS little unrealistic, but who cares when it gives a valid message. The voices provided by our Bollywood celebrities are very good, the dialogs make you laugh and the direction is also good. I was little disappointed with the editing but the soundtrack made my day. A complete entertainment package, this!

    BOTTOM LINE: A wonderful must-watch in the wake of boring mainstream Bollywood movies. 100% Recommended. Both for adults (the message) & kids (animation).

    Language: Mediocre | Sex & Nudity: No | Violence: Critical | Gore: No | Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs: No
  • nikozguri18 May 2014
    what can i say about it? meh. it wasn't great but it wasn't atrocious either. it was just... okay. the story's about a group of animals whose home (the jungle) gets destroyed by humans with bulldozers to make way for a some-kinda resort or a hotel. so the animals set on a journey to the big city to ask the humans why are they destroying the jungle. and when i heard of that, i was like "this sounds really generic". and it was generic, but i can't deny that it did have its great moments. and some of the characters were likable and relevant so there's that. but honestly, even though i did enjoy it, "Delhi Safari" still wasn't that good. the story's nothing new, we seen it done over and over again. and it really plays on that by-the-numbers scenario in which it gets annoying. well for most of the time, it does. and even though i did admit there were likable characters, most of them felt just really bland, so you don't really care about them that much. watching "Delhi Safari", i was pretty much like "i seen better characters than these before". like in "Alpha and Omega", where the movie kept me smiling and happy, it doesn't play by-the-numbers, it had better animation, a great message and i loved every character in it. here, it's not the same thing. "Delhi Safari" obviously has weaker animation than "Alpha and Omega" (and "Alpha and Omega" was co-produced in India too, despite being almost entirely American). like the movements seemed rough, the characters designs weren't that great and the backgrounds were a big meh. and it wasn't really funny either. i mean, it had jokes that did made chuckle (there's only 2 jokes in the whole movie that made me laugh), but chuckle alone isn't enough to make your movie funny. so, with that being said: "Delhi Safari" did have good moments in it, it did have some good/relevant characters, the voice acting was good and some of the animation and cinematography looked nice and pretty, but honestly that's not enough. most of the time, the animation was stiff, the other characters were bland and forced, it was pretty predictable, the we've- seen-it-before story plays by-the-numbers which gets annoying and there wasn't much of a climax here, cause once you think it's gonna get better by the end... no, it just ends like that, abruptly. that really kinda ruined the movie. i did enjoy it and i respect the fact that India actually tried to give us something at least enjoyable (they did), but they should've worked on this movie even more.

  • Pros: There are superb funny dialogs of monkey character... Very funny voice given by Govinda to this monkey character... It makes overall movie too funny... It gives Eco-friendly message...Songs of movie are also good... what human has done with nature with nature showed in songs.... this movie inspires us to save environment... this movie gives a strong message about caring for the environment and wildlife preservation... As we are here only because of nature...

    Cons: The movie animation is isn't that much great which can be neglected if you focus more on comedy and message of the film..... This move is extremely violent and uses inappropriate language for English version sound is not properly synchronized with character lips so it looks very poor animation...

    so for full enjoyment must saw this movie's Hindi language version....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Delhi Safari is a bilingual 3-D animation film directed by Nikhil Advani. It has been produced by Krayon Pictures (a Pune based 3D animation studio) and People Tree Films. The film features the voices of Akshaye Khanna, Govinda, Suniel Shetty, Boman Irani, and Urmila Matondkar. The screenplay of the film is written by Girish Dhamija and Suresh Nair. The film traces the journey of five animals and birds from Mumbai to Delhi.[2] The music of the film is composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while the lyrics are penned by Sameer. The residents of the national park welcome a bright sunny morning, birds singing away merrily, animals running around with joy, Sultan (Suniel Shetty) and his cub Yuvi (Sweeney Khara), playing by the lakeside. The jungle has an air of joy and peace. A distant thunder breaks the silence and a closer look reveals the jungle being raided by man and machine destroying everything in its path. Sultan tries to fight a futile battle and ends up losing his life.

    The night has a very tense air as all the animals gather around with fear in their heart, discussing their fate of losing their habitat to human beings. Yuvi tries to reason with the elders, urging them to not give up their homes.

    Everyone is convinced that it is futile to fight humans, and the only option is to leave and move to a safer home. The hot headed militant monkey, Bajrangi (Govinda), wants to declare a full scale war against the humans taking over their homes. But the anger management Guru, Bagga the bear (Boman Irani), has a more civilized suggestion. He believes that all problems could be sorted out through peaceful discussions. So the best way to get back their homes is to have a dialog with the humans, win their hearts and their own homes. The only problem being that no one can speak the human language. Air India, the pigeon recommends Alex (Akshaye Khanna), the talking parrot who can come to their rescue.

    With hope in their hearts, Yuvi, Bajrangi, and Bagga decide to kidnap Alex from his luxurious golden cage. However, their hope turns to despair as the talking parrot Alex hates animals. Loves humans. And wants nothing to do with the problems of these barbaric animals especially, the primitive ape. Bajrangi. Also Alex is sure that such issues need to be addressed in the parliament at Delhi.

    Now starts a journey from Mumbai to Delhi. From hate to love. From enmity to friendship as a motley group of five animals travel across India with a message. A message that they discover not only plagues their homes, but the homes and lives of thousands of other animals on the way.

    The journey across the country becomes a journey where enemies become friends and a family comes together to fight for what rightfully belongs to them, a home.
  • My four year old chose it on Netflix I'm so glad my husband and I were in the room with her. At first it seemed harmless (sure, not great animation like Disney/Pixar, but not everything is!) but the dialogue became aggressive and a monkey pulls out a HUGe revolver and threatens other animals. We turned it off, and I looked up it up immediately on IMDB. SO GLAD we didn't get to the scenes where the monkey danagasizes murdering the parrot in three gruesome ways, or the scene where the bear probes the monkey (seriously?!?!!?). I'll stick with Moana.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Quick note: i have nothing against peta, they want to protect animals and i'm OK with that *falls through roof* SERIOUSLY!? guess i'm gonna have an entrance gag, *sigh* oh hey! it's me! and today i'm looking at *drumroll* jungle safari, turns out a guy who inspired me to write reviews posted a review on this, if you thought Sam, you were correct, now let us see, jungle safari, still better then wolf children am i right? Oh! i forgot, i'm watching wolf children again to see if i was wrong, anyway the movie starts with a lion cub talking about something, but since i have no heart i didn't cry at all, even at the death, seriously i don't think i ever cried at a death in a movie, turns out he fought his father, then a song then the father dies, they go to Delhi to get them to stop, they also kidnap a parrot (WITH TEETH) to talk to the humans, after a long crazy trip, a crazy violent bonkers monkey almost kills the parrot and later becomes friends with it, they stop the forest from being destroyed, a park is made from their forest, and it is over, before you ask, why haven't i made a review for some time? i had to have an operation and i didn't feel like it, i also hadn't seen any movies lately so yeah, this movie stole some stuff from other movies such as the dad coming back as a ghost! (lion king?) and yeah, since the dad came back as a ghost here is my ending expansion, the lion or whatever it is gets sent back in time has a child then lion king happens! i'm sorry i'm just done. goodbye!
  • Nostalgia contributes more to this review than the actual ratings. This movie was one of the first Indian animation movies I watched, and it has left a deep impact on me. It's animation doesn't hold up, it's message is overused and it's filled with fart and poop jokes - but its a good movie all the same. It's filled with songs that contribute messages, and it's finale is something to remember. I would say it doesn't deserve a 9 star, but its a good movie all the same.
  • The movie starts off so innocent- and good.

    Then takes a turn in a couple clips that really do not follow the film or the "good nature" that I would assume was intended.

    Most of all, I find it odd that in any culture individuals choose to include adult content, that is not needed, not humorous and provides no-value to the movie.

    If you want to direct and create an adult movie, with adult humor do- rate it accordingly. If you want to create a children's film, direct the movie around that of a child.

    I do not support the film and would encourage any parent to review prior to having their child watch. I did not watch it and my 8 and 10 year old let me know that the animals "are getting drunk" and the "f" word is scrambled on one of the characters T-shirts.

  • Movie: Delhi Safari Rating: 4/5

    Despite of the fact that Indian animation films are not made in large numbers to be watched by all, Delhi Safari is one such attempt that is quite praiseworthy and takes Indian animation movies to a next level.

    The visuals are pretty good. Comedy tracks are good. The story is well written and portrayed on screen. The music is good. The film succeeds in bringing out a message for the society. In other words, this film is not merely for children, but for adults as well.

    On the whole, Delhi Safari is a brilliant film. Watch it for sure you will be satisfied.
  • This is my all time FVRT Indian animation movie. I have enjoyed all the characters specially Bajarangi (voice of Govinda).

    Funny as it may sound, Govinda's voice for Bajrangi the Monkey is just perfect. The actor, known for his comic timing makes you laugh even with his voice.

    Boman Irani as Bagga the Bear also works well as you can make out that the actor has put in effort to perfect the many moods of the bear.

    Despite the predictable song-and-dance and even the story, Delhi Safari works as the train journey from Mumbai to New Delhi has a few of stops and fun moments that fit well into the plot

    I hope this will be a milestone in Indian animation industry.
  • Graphics - Not up to the mark. No comparisons with Hollywood movies as the animation is below par. Nevertheless, pretty good leap for Indian animation industry.

    Performances - Outright hilarious, mind blowing and awe inspiring. The way Govinda infuses life into the monkey is unbelievable. He is the best of the lot with all the funny dialogs of the movie. Akshay Khanna is simply fabulous, especially in the climax scene. Another voice over to look forward to is that of Prem Chopra, who shall leave you with your mouths wide open.

    Overall verdict - One could see this movie thrice in three consecutive days. The dialogs will make your day and there is very high probability that you fall in love with the Bihari hooligan accent and imitate it for days to come.
  • Very educational Animated movie, all age group can enjoy :)
  • This type of animation doesn't work in the time of movies like polar Express,up,wreck it Ralph,a Christmas Carol etc.
  • thatcuriousbitch1818 April 2019
    A great movie with a great message. I love d Bajrani & his Army.
  • The movie is about animals going on a trip to the city to talk to humans so that they stop killing them and destroy the forest. The message itself is great. I don't know why some are whining about "PETA agenda", not destroying the planet and kill animals is a pretty damn good "agenda".

    I actually liked the animation. It is not done in a very progressed way but it is cute and has a feeling of innocence which I also enjoy to watch. The characters are really well drawn and cute. Especially that little adorable parrot.

    That all said I am surprised by the age group for which it was recommended. 2 to 7 years? No way. Actually it is better for kids right after that age group. It is a bit too violent for younger kids to handle. After 7 though they should be fine with it, enjoy the movie and learn a good lesson about loving our planet and other species.
  • janevicsimonp13 May 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I first watched this movie, I was in fourth grade and I'll admit, I loved it. It had a great environmental message and some good original songs to help move along the plot. However, now that I'm in 8th grade, I realize its cons outweigh its pros, but I still don't think its a terrible movie.

    Bad qualities: The animation is less than impressive for something from the same year as Madagascar 3, Brave, and Wreck-it-Ralph. The scene where the monkey envisions various how to murder the parrot with a chainsaw and other weapons is extremely disturbing. It rips off elements of other animated films: the big cat's father dying and then coming back as a ghost to deliver important messages to his son is too much like The Lion King, as are the evil hyenas. The concept of a parrot raised as a pet being dumped in the wild not knowing how to fly is a lot like Rio. THE PARROT HAS TEETH.

    Good qualities: It has a positive environmental message that isn't "humans are evil" (which is the case in Animals United). The original songs are mostly pretty good, my favorite being "Delhi Safari", which the jungle animals use to persuade Alex the parrot to join them on their quest. It also gets a reprise.

    So yeah, I wouldn't really recommend this movie, but overall I don't think its an absolute abomination. Some effort certainly feels put into it at least.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A group of animals decide to journey across the country (from Mumbai to Delhi) to save their home. They are in danger of loosing their home as a deforestation process is underway.

    It is not possible for the animals to communicate with the humans. But there is someone; a talking parrot who knows-understand-can talk both human language and certainly of animal. So, they start for Delhi.

    Well, the message of the movie is simple: stop being cruel to the animal, stop deforestation. Save the wilderness, save the world. The character development, the story everything was really good. The movie is full of entertainment and fun. The people who watch Bollywood movies must be able to catch and understand the sense of humor presented in the movie.

    At some point of the movie I got afraid that the movie has lost its way; may be it will not be able to finish its journey as I was expecting. But finally I was satisfied about the way it delivered the message to the human, the way voice of "animal" reached the human.

    Something disappointed me about the script: the songs! I think they were unnecessary. I think this is the high time for the peers of the Bollywood film industry and the directors, producers, screen writers to understand that the main thing of a movie that makes it great is its story.

    Bollywood dare to make a 3D animation and I think they made it good. Thanks to Mr. Advani. I would recommend you to watch the movie and I am sure you will be entertained and you will be agitated by the words being delivered by Alex the parrot! I rated it 9/10; actually I wanted to give 8.5. Without the songs it could have 9.5!