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  • newsnehasallapam15 October 2009
    How often we get to see Salman minus his childish histrionics? How often we get to see heroine not just limited for the glamor quotient? How often we get to see Sohail Khan doing a controlled acting. Not so often, right? Well apparently this film is the answer. A soft romantic melodrama without many ups and downs and still at the end leaves a smile on our face.

    Rehna(Kareena) is an orphan who falls in love with Samir Khanna(Salman) and gets married to him against the wish of his parents. They are settled in Melbourne, Australia. When life takes a down stride Samir is left with no option but to send Rehna back home to Delhi and himself to leave to Singapore for getting a good job. Rehna when comes to know about his plan, stay back in Melbourne. It is her wait for Samir and what happens when another guy (Sohail as Akash) who loves Rehna, comes in between them.

    The story- A feel good story which has got its own moments but still under developed. They could have worked more on this part.

    Acting: - Salman as struggling, romantic (usual childish act) and cool Samir was a treat to watch. He just rocks. Kareena lives as Mrs. Khanna. She has matured a lot from the bubbly girl image. Sohail is cute and his acting is controlled. Priety Zinta was there just for a song. Deepika Padukone, in a surprise cameo, looks stunning. Rest of the cast is OK.

    Music & BGM - Music by Sajid - Wajid is strictly OK. May be the younger generation will like it. BGM suited the mood of the movie.

    Direction and Script - Prem R Soni's debut holds a promise for future. May be he will be the next Imtiaz Ali. I felt so. Script doesn't offer many ups and downs or dramatic situation like a usual Bollywood movie. Still it could have been edited out to avoid some unnecessary elements like Priety's cameo and all. Characterization could have been reworked as well. Also he should have taken more caring while showing Dubai as Australia in some scenes Over all a an OK attempt from a first timer.

    Verdict - Will be a multiplex hit.
  • At times after watching a movie you just have one thought in the mind that why on earth this movie was made in the first place. What was the creative team thinking while working on this project and how did they come up with an idea of making a complete movie on such a thin, rotten and completely uninteresting plot. "Main Aurr Mrs Khanna" is the latest example of such a movie which fails to impress miserably from its first scene itself and falls flat.

    The story is about a husband and wife, who are parting for some time to gain more financial stability in the future. The wife has to stay alone for the same and within that time period she establishes new friendly relationship with people who help her in finding a new job. On his return the husband starts the same old games of suspicion and then after certain usual clarifications it all ends on a happy note.

    In the new age period of 2009, it's really strange and courageous of the film-makers to even think of conceiving a film on this subject. May be the narration was quite different from the final product and that may also be the reason why there was not a huge promotional campaign planned for this Salman Khan starrer after the success of his "Wanted". It seems that the makers already knew that they have a loser in their kitty.

    The film starts on a confusing note, with no proper explanations about its key characters, their origin or their work. The viewer keeps guessing how Salman has failed in the business and how he later suddenly succeeds and returns as a rich man just like that. Till intermission the movie keeps moving on its own as if it is not even concerned about the viewer's interest. And on the top, post interval you are straight away given a song to watch which comes from simply no-where.

    To build up the plot, Sohail Khan unrealistically tries to break the loving couple of Salman & Kareena with his silly and unconvincing efforts. He deliberately tries to become the other person in Kareena's life, even when she never gives him any hint in that direction. And that was completely incompetent stuff from the writing department after the intermission. Moreover introduction of a new girl (Deepika Padukone) in the end, who becomes Sohail's fresh love interest was also an old surprise trick seen several times before in many similar love stories.

    In the acting department, Kareena tries hard to keep the viewer's interest alive but doesn't get the support of her writers. Salman looks a bit tired and too casual in his husband act. Sohail Khan simply repeats himself as usual. Mahek Chahal, Yash Tonk & Nauheed Cyrusi have got nothing much to do in their short roles. Dino Morea is just there for a few minutes. But Bappi Lahiri, who has a full fledged role in the movie is cool and nice to see with all his gold chains around the neck as his trademark.

    Sajid Wajid's music has got something to enjoy as a soundtrack alone. However their few melodious songs could have been used in a more deserving way in some other project. Cinematography is fine capturing the foreign locales, but writing is the weakest department in the movie, coming up with bizarre dialogues such as, "I have bought a star from NASA as a Gift for you." Now what was that supposed to mean?

    On the whole, I strongly believe that with such huge stars supporting his project, director Prem Soni should have thought of another fresh subject altogether for his first movie. In real terms, the only entertaining five minutes in the movie are with Priety Zinta dancing with the entire cast in a peppy item song having the right punch. But that alone will not be able to bring huge crowds in to the theaters in this festive season.
  • I rarely give Salman Khan movies 2 star rating, believe me it was hard!(I never give them more then 1 normally) I watched this movie just after I finished watching "Blue" so I maybe bit biased as "Blue" was one of THE worst film of this year.

    Anyway back to the review. The story revolves around two people meeting & falling in love and ultimately getting married. It is only then the real story begins and over next two hours or so we find out how the global recession affected the couple as Kareena chooses to work but her greedy banker! husband just wants to pamper her, but can't afford to, thus he sets a journey of a thousand miles to go where every man goes (finds a work), and bring home the all mighty dollar, so that he can buy his wife a posh home. And it is during this thousand mile journey where the two hearts are separated and only connected with pay phone (She can't afford to have a mobile phone) on which she must press 1 four times to call outside Australia without breaking the bank. And during this period we learn about long distance relationship with few funny moments and the same old Bollywood ending.

    In conclusion I would like to say it has good performance by the cast, but big let down by the story. Compare to "Wanted" where you could chop off first half of the movie without any damage to the story or plot line but you are rewarded in second half, with this one the plot line just fails to peek up or commends any attention from the audience, it was like the cast were held at gunpoint to do this movie. But this is defiantly better than "God Tussi Great Ho" or "Yuvvraaj" but is it worth watching it in cinema? definitely not you are better off buying a cheap second hand copy for maybe £2-£3 max pounds.
  • Dialogue by Salman Khan - "Are you irritable - You are not related to Gandhi or Buddha"

    Sohail Khan & the entire Khans should make a public apology to Hindus for using these dialogues - its acts like these through which the entire Islam community is disgraced by a few traitor so called "Indian Muslims" - careful they will not call themselves "Bharati Muslims"
  • Slow film. I couldn't bear more than 50 percent.It is also not as comedy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    what a waste This movie is totally crap No Story,No Direction,No Acting. I was so amazed and shocked to see A LIST Actors in such a garbage movie. The movie story is so weak and ordinary.Script is also horrible.There is no climax. The direction is 3rd class.You don't feel that it is properly directed. The Screenplay is also too bad.There is hardly anything good in this movie.Only one song and that's all. Salman Khan is horrible,he should learn lesson and should be choosy while selecting a script and Kareena Kapoor too. What is Salman khan doing in this movie ? He hardly have any role. Sohail Khan is extremely bad actor,i never like him,He didn't know how to give expressions. Kareena Kapoor is totally wasted in this movie.She should not do this movie at all. Overall a very bad and boring movie. If you want to waste 2 hours of your time then you go and watch it. Otherwise not recommended for anyone

    My rating is 1/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You cant even rate this movie - it has no story line , no script,loose direction and top of it no clarity whether they wanted to make a comedy or a serious film on breaking relationships. I guess Sohail and Roni Screwala just woke up and decided to make a film without any ideas. As far the cast is concerned Salman looks very old and stale with poor dialogue delivery and Kareena's days are shortlived if she'll keep doing such nonsensical roles. The script is so loose that suddenly it'll take you(Half-heartedly) to Salman proposing kareena and next in Melbounre (where Salman has lost his career) to Singapore where he is suddenly successful and returns to Melbourne to get Kareena. Its a torture to stand this film and imagine sitting in a theatre for 2:30hrs watching nonsesnical screenplays.
  • This is not a film I can recommend. For the record, I fled during the interval. Ever since his first notable appearance in Maine Pyaar Kiya (his debut, if I recall correctly, was in another film), Salman Khan has always been a Star, inspiring millions of fans- of both sexes- to dizzying heights of frenzy. Yet- and this is a fact even his fans, should they decide to look at things objectively, would find difficult to deny- he doesn't have the faintest clue about acting.

    His directors- Sooraj Badjatya and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, to name two- have always known this: in two of his biggest best films (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam etc.) all his characters are required to do is to look dashing, smile and make at least one big selfless sacrifice; they are, however, rarely expected to act.

    In Wanted: Dead or Alive (playing in theaters now), Mr Khan does an Arnold, not an Aamir (a la Ghazni): actions speak louder than words. Not only does he not have many dialogues to deliver but his role doesn't even require him to appear romantic (the wooing, in this case, is also left to the girl so that he can get on with the more important business of disposing the villains in highly imaginative and bloody ways). Likewise in his comedy films, in which he is part of a larger ensemble, loud slapstick (scatological jokes and farts not excluded) compensates for the lack of acting.

    Having said that, all of these films have worked- marvelously so- not despite but precisely because of this: people don't go to a Salman Khan film to see acting; they go to worship their Star. And that- more than anything else- is the reason for Mr Khan's iconic success. It's a pity then that his own brother, Sohail Khan, who acts and directs this film, doesn't seem to realize this. By putting the burden of acting on the Star, he has ended up making a very bad film, which rather than celebrating his brother's stardom only ends up bringing out his deficiencies as an actor. Even Ms Kapoor seems to realize this: she is quite the misfit in this company of complete non-actors, and I couldn't help feeling that the only reason she did this role was as a personal favor to the Khan fraternity.

    Even Mr Khan's die-hard fans might be slightly disappointed: his efforts at acting make him look tired and it is all to clear that India's Star has, like the rest of us, grown old. Worse, attempts to disguise this fact with a hair-transplant and bigger biceps only tend to make him look hopelessly desperate.

    Perhaps Main Aurr Mrs Khanna will make him realize the virtues of aging gracefully à la Amitabh Bachchan & c- and much more importantly, help him come to terms with the fact that it's too late for him to be taking up acting. Mr Khan would do well to remember that once a Star, always a Star- and if he does try to act, then all that film might hope to get is One Star (on a 5-star rating scale)!
  • luckylaraib16 October 2009
    agree with the comment .. loved that movie salman act superb...10/10 kareena was awesome9/10 sohail was awesome 9/10 other act 8/10

    movie was simply awesome..

    The story revolves around salman khan (Samir Khanna) and kareena kapoor (Raina Khanna)a happy married couple salman khan want his dream job and he got it.. but the story starts when they both breakup because of some misunderstanding they take a wrong decision and which break their relation up.. now raina khanna which is kareena kapoor fall in love with someone else sohail khan.

    The story is that what happen next?? watch out for yourself

    their are many answers unsolved if you wanna know watch the movie.. i myself rate the whole movie 9/10

    comedy = 10 acting = 9.5 (for salman khan *5 extra) overall = 9

    must watch....
  • Watching a romantic comedy from Bollywood is a bit like reading a novel written entirely in purple-prose. Whether comical or sentimental, every emotion is ramped up to roof-rattling volume, with the endless song-and-dance sequences serving as parenthetical expressions, and the grating, out-of-control soundtrack adding what is the sonic equivalent of exclamation points along the way.

    "Main Aur Mrs Kanna" - a seriocomic tale of a rocky marriage and a third-party friend who tries moving in on the wife - features all the accoutrements listed above and then some, meaning that if this sort of thing is your cup of tea, you might indeed enjoy the experience. If it isn't, it's probably best to just pass it on by.
  • Oh My God

    The film is promoted as a Salman film

    The promos mostly show songs and dialogues of Sallu but he has a guest role

    The film is done actually to promote Sohail's flagging career as an actor Seems like Sallu just agreed to do the crap film to bring Sohail's career ahead

    The film is a joke otherwise and doesn't make sense

    Direction by Prem Soni is bad Music is okay, Don't say alvida stands out

    Amongst actors Salman sleepwalks terribly and talks in a bad sleepy way Kareena is nothing great Sohail is bad as usual Yash Tonk is as usual
  • Well, I've gone through very awful reviews for this film; and it seems obvious people didn't like it going through the low rating it received in IMDb. But the film isn't bad. Surprisingly, the film is different and deals with a couple struggling in Australia, which is pretty a true to life drama in today's context. The drama carries itself very well with very few but realistic characters. The drama seems soft cornered with moments to tickle you. Overall, nowhere the film becomes heavy or bores you. If there is anything I want to write against this film is the slow narrative the film opts for and a very cold performance from Salman Khan. Anyway, just go through this short and a sweet film and enjoy it for its clarity and a small view of life abroad (which the film covers only in a coda amount).

    Rating: 2 stars out of 4
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Main Aur Mrs. Khanna brings together for the first time the awesome star pair Salman and Kareena. (It's a shame they decided to come together for this film instead of Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani.) This film has a different story, which I personally like. It deals with real-life situations that people can relate to in today's times such as unemployment frustration in the Western world due to the recession, separation/divorce, along with the waking up of the submissive Indian housewife. However, direction is extremely poor.

    Sohail Khan is very irritating and can't act for beans in a light-hearted/comic role. Also, I really, honestly think that Salman and Sohail should never play a love triangle because it is simply not convincing when the entire audience knows they are brothers. They have made the same mistake in God Tussi Great Ho. Bappi-da pops up out of nowhere and, as one would expect, adds a bizarre presence in the film. It's great to see Preity after such a long time. Her item number is quite nice, although it is a blatant copy of Kajra Re. Salman gives an honest performance. Kareena is great for the most part (except when she does a terrible job of acting drunk.) The final scene just verifies the poor screenplay of this film.
  • I don't understand why people make such films.If i said waste of money and time is not enough(Though there are more painful films like "Blue" released in the same week). Salman and Karina's "Kyun ki.." Creates some expectation about this film.

    Its a film about love life and complications around it. Mr and Mrs khanna who lived in Melbourne face some financial crisis which creates lot of problem in their life..Mr khanna went to Singapore.. another person enters into Mrs khanna's life(as a friend)..Mr Khanna comes back..Problems...happy ending. In first 15 min u can guess the whole story(if there is any).

    Acting is below average. Music average.. Salman again proves that he is a poor chooser of films.Thumbs down for Mr Prem Soni for making such films.Not recommended..
  • Loving couple Samir (Salman Khan) and Raina (Kareena Kapoor) experiences marital troubles when Samir looses his job. They decide to move from Melbourne to Singapore where Samir hopes to restart his career. Certain things happen, and as a result Raina remains behind in Melbourne, with Samir promising to return for her. She takes a job and makes new friends, one of which, Akash (Sohail Khan) falls in love with her. With the help of his friend Arsh (Yash Tonk), Akash sets about to woo her and discredit Samir.

    This romance has a good, if predictable, plot that nicely combines humor with drama. The songs are good, some especially so. Kapoor is sometimes stiff, but Sohail Khan has good energy and gives a good performance. Salman Khan's role is brief and two-dimensional, and he doesn't give much emotion to it. On the whole, while it's not an exceptional film, it gives good entertainment.

    Special appearances by Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When Samir Khanna (played by Salman Khan) abandons his wife Raina (Played by Kareena Kapoor) at an airport in Sydney, Australia you as an audience member might find it hard to tear yourself away from the screen in your quest to unravel the mystery as to what is happening between the seemingly happily married couple and why.

    But the movie (which started out well enough) as a good adult drama about marriage only goes downhill from there on, with one ridiculous plot twist/unbelievable scenario after the other. Like the whole arranged marriage thing, the job Raina gets, the house she lives in while Samir is in Singapore, I mean I could go on and on. Something was just off with this one. Dino Morea, Nauheed Cyrusi, Sohail Khan and Preity Zinta co-star.