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  • It is important to remember It is important to remember that this is a fan movie. For someone like me it was great fun to be reunited with characters one played in the games. Much to it's defense this production stayed more true to the atmosphere in the games that recent flicks, something every Resident Evil fan will recognize. As for those of you not familiar with the games I won't vouch for the movie, but you may have a enjoyable time watching it anyway.

    For the tec stuff. Graphics are all there although some of the animation could have been done better. This is not Pixar quality people say, but do have in mind the type of budget Pixar and the like have to work with.

    All around a decent go at bringing a game legend to the animated screen.
  • Alright, THIS IS NOT A FAN REVIEW (for the people complaining that the score is caused by fan reviews) saw the movie and i have to say, i agree with the fan guys, its really good. Keeps you glued to the screen from start to finish with is action sequences and calm moments alike. The plot is beautifully twisted and the CG is top-notch (although the walking animation is a bit awkward at places). You'll see some old friends and some new faces as well (Angela looks marvelous in the SRT outfit :P). Compared to the films with Mila Jovovich i'd say this (though shorter) is definitely better - a bigger punch in a smaller package.

    see this one if you already haven't, its definitely worth it. ill be buying this when its out on DVD for sure.
  • It is my opinion that this movie is quite excellent for what it is...and it is a "survival horror film" - and, at that, it is inspired with by a lot of information in the RE games.

    From the standpoint of a Resident evil fan, I was so incredibly frustrated with the Paul Anderson films. I mean, it's like the dude never even heard of Resident Evil. Somehow, though, he's made three films about it. He doesn't follow the storyline of the games. I really wish that they would pull the plug on "Anderson" and make another animated film. It would be especially cool if they based the next animated film on events involving background (or continuation of) the upcoming game RE5. The games Resident Evil 1-4 + Code:Veronica - all of them had interesting story lines. The books written by SD Perry had interesting story lines and were well written. Anderson is not a good movie maker.

    But I digress...

    From the standpoint of an avid film watcher...the animation was excellent, the storyline was interesting, and the voice acting was good. I can see how this movie might seem a little campy or bland if you don't like survival horror movies or concepts, but I liked it...a lot.

    If they had added an hour to this film and filled that hour with "flashback sequences" or something similar that explained more about the background of the story I think it would have been a superb, top notch survival horror film. I really hope they make another...

    -neo P.S. Nice job Shotaro Suga!
  • Or perhaps you could say, bridging the gap between the video-games and the film adaptations with this spin-off CG motion picture. DEGENERATION tells a new story that happened about seven years after the first incident in Racoon City. It has some references to the game story lines (aswell as some returning characters), but in all honesty, this new script isn't really offering much new angles or anything. It's a little thin and not all that engaging.

    It's okay as a stand-alone (animated) feature, meaning: I was happy to see it not tie in with the Milla Jovovich films (mainly because I liked the latest, post-apocalyptic EXTINCTION so much). The only two highlights of DEGENERATION (that brings in RE4's game character Leon S. Kennedy again, as the main hero) are the first act at the airport (which has a fabulous game-feel to it) and the main mutant monster (consider this a Bigg Boss Fight) at the facility later on. The other aspects in the film don't really matter much.

    The CG animation looks slick enough, the camera angles are nicely directed, but the action (and especially the movements and facial features of the characters) comes across as fairly wooden and far from realistic. I remember being more impressed with the first FINAL FANTASY (THE SPIRITS WITHIN) film when it came out. In the end, DEGENERATION is a fun addition to the franchise, but nothing more.
  • I just got back from the West Coast premiere of RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION. Overall it was fun but I'm a big fan of the RESIDENT EVIL video games. If you loves zombies or the games, it's a must. Otherwise, you may want to skip it.

    It sort of reminded me of one long cut-scene from the games but I like the RE cut-scenes, so that's a good thing. It also has a genuine Japanese RE feel to it unlike those disappointing live-action movies.

    I was hoping the story would have more relevance to the events of the games. Despite having Claire and Leon and a lot of other key elements, this seemed like a standalone adventure. (But we'll have to wait for RE 5 to see for sure.) If anything, it's a bit like an RE2 sequel but I would have preferred more appearance by the classic T-virus zombies.

    The computer animation and motion capture mix sometimes makes the characters look like creepy mannequins. And the cheesy over dramatic dialog coming of their plastic faces causes a lot of unintentional laughs. When Leon Kennedy stands still, he looks like a photo printed on a piece of cardboard. And his personality is equally cardboard. But the RE games were never known for their acting. The 7 stars I'm giving this is for fans only. If you are not into the games, it may seem like a 2 to you.

    (On DVD and Blu-Ray December 30, 2008)
  • while i was slightly disappointed (as others were, i see), that the movie didn't relate to the games as directly as one would have hoped, i was surprised (pleasantly) as to how much it did. when compared to the live action movies, this film is hands down the best RE movie out there. now, i have been a life-long fan of the game series and always thought, hoped, and wished that they would make a movie based on the game. and now the finally have. it's definitely a must see for anyone who liked the game in the least bit.

    and now, the bad parts. while very few, the game did have some disappointing flaws. only bringing back two of the game series main characters for the story was sort of a bad idea. i mean, i realize that they didn't want to over clutter the film with small bit parts, but the could have at least involved other main characters with cameos or something. also, where is wesker? wesker's been the bad guy since the get-go and he is always behind it in one way or another, yet, he is completely devoid from this film. overall, the only bad things in this movie are the ways that a fan of the games might think it would (or should) hook up into the overall arcing storyline, but it doesn't. it almost seems like this is just another day in the life of our main characters (albeit, with zombies).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is amazing to see how biased are most of the comments of this movie. It looks like to make a good movie you need to use similar graphic cut-scenes than of the games, ad-up a few zombies, and of course bring back Leon and Clair. That should't be enough even for the biggest fan of the game! I am a big fan and having playing all the game what are they all about? Fear! There is a reason why it is called a survival horror... Fear is taking you up because of the dark, oppressive, claustrophobic atmosphere. Arround you chaos, empty rooms, and limited light. In the background silence, except once in a while a few moans. To defend yourself only a small guns filled only with two last ammo... When do we get close to that feeling in this movie? Never, apart from a 2 minutes scene at the airport, which will not even be that oppressive because you'd spend your time wondering why on earth the characters are that stupid (two minutes earlier they ve been drilled to shoot on sight and in the head, and even though they are well trained SWATs, they run up to try to help the zombie guy... And later shoot everywhere apart from the head! Unbelievable... So no this movie is bad, and contrary to popular belief even worse than the movies from Anderson. Actually his movies wasn't that bad, the first one was quite descent (at least you feel slightly oppressed watching it), and the third one even though it stretched a lot the franchise was a good action movie. The second was terrible. Ruining the scariest villain of the series is unforgivable.
  • Sausage_Demon23 January 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well...Managed to see RE:D today, and by God what a mess.

    The live action series, while dissatisfying, looks like Schindler's List compared with this turkey.

    Visually, it was OK, but nothing better than a CG cut scene from a game, the animations were stiff and awkward though. But nothing that can't be looked over.

    Design was mediocre, The shining star was the Wilpharm facility, which looked lovely but the rest was very run of the mill. The G-Virus creature was crap, it looked very cartoon like.

    Story was pretty much not present, at times they hint at plots, which if they decided to go deep and make a story out of it, sounded interesting, but all these ideas get is a brief mention then more mindless action set pieces roll in.

    The characters were bland, more so than in the live action films. I swear they modeled Leon's personality after Keanu Reeves' acting, more wooden than a tree stump. Here is a fun drinking game, get your friends over and watch the film, take a shot every time you see Leon just standing there super stiff like he has a pole up his exit shaft. Aside from being bland the characters are also quite stupid, to the point where it is no longer believable, they are worse than walking clichés.

    Now, here is the big thing, this feels nothing like Resident Evil, yet all I hear from blind fans is that this film is the best RE film ever made....with this in mind I had a look at the complaints they made about the live action films and compared them to what this film delivers:

    Not enough monsters was a big one from the live action films. But Degeneration only has Zombies and the G-Monster....the live action films at their lowest monster count had more (Zombies, Dogs, Licker, Licker v2.0)

    No original characters from the games was another complaint, yet the only one who does anything in the film is Leon, Claire takes a back seat to, you guessed it, a female lead not from the games....

    Alice having super powers, is one of the few points I agree with, and thankfully none of the characters have super powers in this film, however some of the stuff Leon does is too much to believe ,and he doesn't have the Virus melding with his body as an excuse.

    Atmosphere was one of the biggest complaints, they whined about the live action films not having the same horror and atmosphere of the games and that they were all about action. Yet Degeneration has none of the atmosphere either, it is all action, no horror so why aren't these adamant fans complaining about that?

    I am a huge RE fan, have been for over 10 years, and I can say, this film fails on more levels than the live action ones do, in fact it doesn't even do right what the live actions ones did. It also fails as a film, with a loose plot at best, being overshadowed at all times by action sequences that make no sense and have been put in there just to be there, and they aren't even well done.

    The people giving this movie 10/10 and praising it as the RE messiah will recant this down the track and start slamming it as being nothing more than an insult to moviegoers and a betrayal to RE fans.

    Avoid this "film" there is nothing redeeming about it, in fact, this is what an Uwe Boll RE film would be like.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, i won't complain about the Computer Graphics used to make the movie. Whilst it's not even close to Pixar standards, i should imagine that they wouldn't have had a Pixar sized budget and the animation and detail is perfectly adequate for 2008, if a little stiff. The look is not the problem. It's everything else. From the toy-time storyline to the ludicrous dialogue and Scooby Doo styled conclusions, it grates on you from beginning to end. EVERY cliché' is thrown in, and i mean clichés that were old hat by the end of the 80s. Every now and then the characters have to stop the progression of the story to recap on things gone by, spoon feeding the viewer with bits and pieces of back story because the writers are just too lazy to make the premise eloquent enough. Some may say " Hey it's RESIDENT EVIL! It's SUPPOSED to be cheesy! ". That is no excuse for being as poor as it is. Or do the writers really know their target audience too well? There is so much in here to make RE Fanboys punch the air in collective orgasm toward the end with ending after ending without any let up it seems. Just as one ridiculous near death set piece is avoided, another one is piled on top once they have caught their breath. It's action for action's sake and it's so damn tired and unoriginal. You see 'jump-moments' coming a mile off, not because they're badly staged but because you can predict it before the prior scene has ended. Again, people will tell me that it's based on a computer game story, but it doesn't mean that it can be forgiven if it isn't done well. The premise is irrelevant and any fantasy element is perfectly acceptable to me as long as it's done well. This just isn't. It's soo bad. The terrible voice acting on the English language voice dub really doesn't help matters either and it may not seem so silly in it's original Japanese soundtrack, with subtitles. But it still won't have escaped that irritating Japanese tradition of having to explain EVERYthing that is/has and will happen with long tiresome bouts of dialogue that just make everything said feel stilted and awkward. If you're still reading you may tell that i didn't enjoy this too much. There was nothing in it for me that stood out, so that i could say that it at least has it's moments because it doesn't. You can quite easily sit through it because if you're a fan of the games this is a curious piece that has grabbed your attention, but it's ultimately not worth any of the effort you put into watching it :) Unless you're a blinkered fanboy of course....blinkered? Wait a minute that's what defines them isn't it !? This is just bad. Don't avoid, as it may raise the odd chuckle or too at it's expense but don't expect anything better than the story lines, voice acting and over the top situations of the computer games :)
  • Upon watching this film, I really did not know what to expect. My anticipations were more than met, and the storyline much farther exceeded my expectations.

    I've seen many 'newcomer' opinions being thrown out there, so allow me to reply with my own. The movie was not redone to suit the English language, therefore the motions were not in sync. To anyone who judges that harshly on an animated film. I'd say take your criticism to something a little more worthwhile, as this was already a known fact, before the movies release.

    **Moving on, if you have NOT played the video games, I would suggest leaving your opinions at the door, before viewing. Or do yourself a favour, find a compatible console, and play some R.E.2. It will definitely help to clarify a few things for you**

    Clearly those who haven't yet broken into the v.g. scene, will not know how to take this film. Also, for those that have, don't expect ...well anything, as far as the storyline goes. Need to keep an open mind for this one.

    Too many people are anticipating the past to repeat itself. This is a completely new story, irrelevant to past story lines, other than the theme and its returning characters. There are quite a few references however, but this is by no means a continuation. As Code Veronica was to R.E.2, for example.

    It was a well conducted piece of work. Nothing at all far-fetched for the video game world. Entertaining from beginning to end. The lead characters portraying themselves, in typical R.E. fashion. This time around giving you a bit more of a feel for who they are, that the games may not allow. You get all the blood & zombies you would in your games, and the ever loved cut-scenes of the v.g. franchise.

    I don't know that there is any relation to the upcoming R.E.5. However, I do believe that many gamers will find much speculation and possibility of continuation, upon release of the latest chapter of the saga. Having seen the trailer for the new game, and without giving anything away, I believe there very well might be. The DVD does come with a preview of the new game, which should help provide some insight on this matter. (That in itself may be a hint)

    All in all, a good film. It held my attention every step of the way. Now, if they could just get the motion pictures right, we might have something a little more entertaining to watch while waiting for new games to be released.

    9/10 Coming from a fan of the games. If I weren't a fan, I would want to be after this viewing. Can't wait for another.
  • For an all CG, sorta on the fence of the uncanny valley movie, its way way better than the last 2 resident evil movies that came out here in the states. CG wise it's no Final Fantasy or Pixar film, but honestly, story wise and even the acting in the voice overs come off as more natural than the last 2 movies in the American Franchise. Its a shame. Capcom should have done the movies themselves to begin with instead of giving it to Anderson. Just to repeat myself...the voice acting on this movie is really surprisingly well acted. And there are really some gruesome and scary parts in it. I'm no fan boy, far from it, but future animation film producers need to take note on how seriously these filmmakers took the "acting" on this movie.
  • olaszt-110 December 2008
    This comment is not meant to be offensive for anyone, so I apologize in advance if it does.

    I could not watch the whole movie, stopped halfway through. The CG itself wouldn't have been a problem, but the characters were. The characters had no facial expression at all, and were very stiff. The voice actors' performance matched with the looks and motions of the characters: empty, stiff and impassionate, it was like they were just reading a script aloud. Sound effects were poor too in my opinion. Now for the story: the 41-45 minutes I watched was boring, illogical and(for me) frustrating.

    So, to summarize: awful character CG, awful voice acting, okay general CG, poor sound effects, poor story.

    It may be more enjoyable for those who like know the Resident Evil games/story.
  • I hate fanboys who feel that they can't call a turd a turd if it belongs to one of their favorite franchises. I bet most of the people giving this crapfest glowing reviews will later recant and rip on it as well. They'd disavow their reviews here if they weren't saved on the internet for all posterity. I've seen fanboys do it with Romero's Land of the Dead and with Richard Kelly's Southland Tales.

    RE Degeneration has decent computer animation. However, I thought it also had worse animation than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within had... which came out eight years ago! So, when people are saying that they are not quite "Pixar quality"... keep in mind that it's not as good of quality as other computer animated anime from years ago either.

    Sound effects were decently handled. Zombie moans sounded like zombie moans. What else can I say? The music score was okay, basically it just blended into the background. Basically, "eh".

    The plot. Now the fanboys here will be telling you that this movie is for fans of the videogames. Bullcrap. I'm a big fan of the videogames. This movie was an insult to the fanbase. The plot... if you could call it that, is crap. I know of tons of B-Budget zombie flicks with better plots. The live-action RE movie had a far better plot than this. Hell, ALL the live-action RE movies had better plots than this one!!!!!

    The only redeeming feature of this was we got to see some of our beloved RE characters again. However, they feel hollow in this rendition. I really wouldn't have cared if Claire got bitten by the end of the movie.

    All in all... as a zombie-flick fan, I'm disappointed. As a Resident Evil fan, I feel betrayed.
  • First off- I have a lot of respect for the resident evil games,I know they are at least solid enough to warrant several sequel games. I also know there is one or two good guys, a whack of zombies and usually a decked out uber badass boss character. I don't know much more, and for that reason, this movie really didn't do much for me.

    There were too many moments throughout where some random guy/girl would show up, that im sure any resident evil fan would freak out at- but i just had no clue what the significance was. copious references that went over my head that one of the gamers would catch...made me basically feel out of the loop on this one.

    I think I felt like one of my firends I've forced to watch advent children with no knowledge of Final Fantasy 7. there is just too much insider stuff for casual viewers.

    wooden character animation, and above average vg cutscene style- but a very cool fight at the end, some decent gore kept up the pace.

    defiantly recommend you check this out if you've played the games, however I would be very wary if your new to the Resident Evil universe, this is likely not the best place to start.
  • Zombies in an airport! The Resident Evil franchise gets a brand new addition this winter with Resident Evil: Degeneration. It's the first full CGI Resident Evil movie and it picks up seven years after the destruction of Raccoon City by the US government after the first zombie outbreak caused by the Umbrella Corporation. It's set in a US airport where the T-Virus gets released once again and the airport is locked down, giving the counter-zombie fighters four hours to solve the problem before the virus is spread to the whole of the US.

    I am a huge fan of the video game series; I've played & completed almost every Resident Evil game there is. Although not many people didn't like the previous live action Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich but I did. This is the second attempt and is the true Resident Evil film because in a game you have movie clips which are CGI and it's really hard to make a good live action film that is based on games.

    Alyson Court and Paul Mercier reprise their voice-work from the video games as Claire Redfield & Leon S Kennedy and Paul W.S Anderson isn't involved this time although he did a good job with the previous live action Resident Evil films.

    This was the most awaited movie for me of the year since I'm a huge fan and when I heard that it is a CGI movie, it was like a dream come true. I managed to get a chance to see it and the movie is absolutely brilliant, amazing, entertaining and exciting. After I seen it I just couldn't resist myself from watching it again the next day and I seen it with a different experience for the second time. Resident Evil: Degeneration really gave you the true feeling of the game, like they have a limited time to solve their puzzle. You just don't know what's going to happen next and keeps you guessing and I really liked the look of the zombies.

    The CGI is absolutely mind blowing, visually stunning and so life like. The setting in an airport is different which as not has been referenced in another Resident Evil game before so the fans won't get fed up, its usually mansions, laboratories or police stations. Overall for me it's a CGI movie turned classic and a must see especially if you are a fan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unfortunately, this movie actually feels like a video game. The dialog scenes look like the parts of a video game that set up the parts between levels.

    CGI still has not evolved up to the point where they can replace actors. The movements still look kind of fake, and a CGI face can't register emotions the way a human one can. Maybe CGI will replace actors some day, but not today.

    The story structure resembles Japanese anime in many ways, and that isn't a good thing. I'm not sure what the fascination is with Japanese storytelling. Even the Japanese would rather watch our movies.

    Some have commented that this movie is better than the three films with Milla Jovovich. Point taken. Then again, a root canal is better than any movie with Milla Jovovich.
  • a_andyman_a4 December 2008
    I don't care if your a fan of the games or previous movies or not. This movie is just plain bad. Scenery and other parts of the animation look stunning, and a lot of the action sequences are quite well made. This though is the only reason not to give this movie a rating of 1 or 2.

    -The plot is utterly predictable to put it mildly.

    -Character animation looks very "stiff" and out of place.

    -Dialog is so horribly clichéd, utterly pointless and unnatural it would make a 3year old cringe.

    -And don't get me started on the pacing. "lets stop for 20 seconds while zombies are chasing us and look deeply into each others eyes" and other pointless things of similar nature."

    As a whole though the movie is mildly entertaining.
  • Of course that, like Final Fantasy: Advent Children, RE: Degeneration was also made for the fans and for those ones who are familiar to the stories behind the happenings over the game series.

    RE: Degeneration is an "episode" after the happenings of RE 2 and RE 4, so if you've already played these ones you will notice some familiarities, but if you haven't, what you already know by the crap movie trilogy is kinda useful. Anyway, its a lot enjoyable.

    Even being a CG movie, it has a lot of action and the movie follows the same steps of each game of the series, so it has references of the games all the time like: the different big and rich scenarios that are more than just scenarios but part of the story and also enemies of the characters; the new characters being presented, each one of them having their very own importance in the story; the zombies that pops everywhere and also the final boss, that gets bigger and bigger on each new episode of the game series.

    Of course that, the best thing about this movie is the great come back of some of the most loved characters of the series like the best and smartest special agent Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, a sweet girl that has the strength and courage of a lion. Both Leon and Claire are portrait here exactly like they are in the games.

    The CG movie is also very faithful to the games, I mean... even the CG are similar to the games CG, giving the feeling that at any moment the game will starts or you will have to press a command at any moment, and that's very thrilling for the fans.

    Well, that's it... that's sad for me to say - as a movie lover and also a RE fan that has been playing the series since 1996 - that the best Resident Evil movie is a CG movie, and that is a shame for the movie trilogy and everyone involved in it. The Resident Evil trilogy is a reputation destroyer for the game series and RE: Degeneration finally comes to deliver what the fans were missing: something new but faithful to the games.
  • skiextreme221 February 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Animation is not bad but not like the original characters. The characters that represent the originals don't even acknowledge what the virus is in the beginning of the movie and the DVD case calls it the G-virus. For a video game, where you focus on the action and not the characters details it's OK, but for a movie, they should have done it with people. The CGI quality is not that good to say the least. The lip sync is very bad. I'm glad I got this as a freebie with my monthly subscription at the video store and didn't have to pay to see this. If they do a remake with the original cast (the survivors anyway) this movie might kick butt like the other ones did.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pro's: Well it was either that or Big Brother to watch last night, and even my life is to short to watch that crap!

    Voice acting was at times almost good – although the voices never matched what you would expect the characters to have (Leon with a deep voice for e.g. – when he looks like a West Life reject)

    At least it was not directed by the cinematic criminal Michael 'Pearl Harbour' Bay


    Plot – Waffer thin (to be said in a Monty Python French accent) and very contrived, with no surprises or real suspense

    Used the standard 'Where surrounded by flesh eating Zombies, so need to watch each others backs' suspense tool: "Let's split up!" – yeah, right you would do that in the real world!

    G-Virus – Viruses, even synthetic ones still have to follow Darwinian laws (i.e. survival of the fittest), so for one of the mutation effects to be a 1 meter diameter eye ball where the crown of the shoulder should be, which as part of the movie was shown to be a venerable and weak point. I mean come on a meter wide soft spot – it should have had a big neon sign above it saying 'shoot here please' yet a whole squad of soldiers putting thousands of 5.56mm rounds and 40mm grenades down range managed to completely miss it whilst being giving a kicking. Did they attend The A Team school of rifle marksmanship as they could not hit a barn door from inside of the barn!

    Lip Syncing – What can you say it was like watching a badly dubbed Sonny Chiba Kung Fu movie at times, with lips and mouth movements not being even close to what was being said – welcome back to the 1970's and imported Schlock Suey cinema!

    The Kid – So annoying I would have gladly thrown her to the Zombies for a bit a piece and quiet, totally superfluous to the plot development of the piece in general.

    Plot Hole – If the previous nuking of Racoon City (from the game) was needed to eradicate the T-Virus, why the hell did they send people into WilPharm when the government knew exactly what they had there? In the words of Ripley from Aliens (1986) "Why don't we just bug out and nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure!"

    Animation – Considering that the movie is less than a year old (late 2008 release – straight to video!) the standard of animation was woeful, it is only on a par with Saturday morning fare such as the new adventures of Captain Scarlet and the very good but short lived Starship Troopers spin off CGI series. If you consider just how almost photo realistic that 2001's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (yet another game franchise movie – with a ridiculous plot) was, with detail even like the movement of hair being almost real, it makes RE:D look a very lazy effort indeed.

    Summary: Whilst this movie is in no way as bad as the live action Resident Evil –Milla Jovovich (Well, hello, pretty lady!!!) money spinners – it does highlight that this type of movie is based on two very tired formats, ZOMBIES and VIDEO GAME tie ins. Whilst some zombie movies were original and seminal for their time, such movies as George A Romero's original zombie trilogy Night of the living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985) or the surprisingly scary 1943 classis "I walked with a Zombie " for examples, this movie just seemed formulaic and bland.

    Sadly this seems to be the norm now with new movies simply being lightly re-hashed versions of things you have already seen a million times (this is especially true with the schock horror flicks like Texas Chainsaw etc). However from time to time the odd gem still turns up to give you faith in the genre. Films such as Return of the Living Dead (1985 - hilarious comedy value), Shaun of the Dead (2004 and again a comedy, which borrows more than a little from Return in it's script) and the James Gunn written 2004 re-make of Dawn of Dead (better for Gunn's sharp and witty scripting – which was further highlighted in his darkly comic and accomplished directorial debut 'Slither' in 2006), prove that the format can still work when done properly. Other Zombie/Virus classics that need a notable mention should include The Crazies (1973 and again a Romero flick), Danny Boyle's classic and innovative (1st film ever done completely on a hand held digi cam) Brit Flick - 28 Days Later (2002, kind of a mixture of classic zombies with a 'Day of the Triffids' twist) and the more recent 2008 films Quanrantine and Doomsday (Mad Max meets the Zombies!).

    Foot note: Video game tie in movies have a history of being truly dreadful. Such movies that have disgraced the silver screen in the past range from Street Fighter (Kylie and Van Damme!), Super Mario Brothers (what was Bob Hoskins on?) and Mortal Kombat for e.g. where the vanguard of an influx of some truly dreadful games based cinema. Blood Rayne (with Kristina 'T3's TX' Loken) and the lamentable Alone in the Dark (Christian Slater paying his mortgage I fear, rather than caring about his craft) highlight that some stories simply do not have the inbuilt narrative to work well as a 1.5hr mainstream movie. Game to movies should be stopped before it get's even more ridiculous and the likes of 'Sensible Soccer: The Movie' are released to scar are brains and retinas with their cinematic filth!

    Conclusion: If you want to watch a game based movie, stick DOOM in the DVD player, admittedly it's not Citizen Kane, but it's the best of a bad bunch.
  • The animations was lousy and stiff, and the models looked like plastic dolls from a third world factory.

    The lip-sync, rubbish, the textures on the models, don't even go there...

    The story and dialogue...maaaaaan. It felt as if the movie was written by a thirteen year old and the outcome was obvious and besides terrible.

    One more thing though, why did they hire an American to talk in a British accent when they easily just could have chosen a British actor and at least got that part of the voice acting right....

    Missed a great football match because of that and wasted 90 min approx of my life.
  • shadowolf2k5 December 2008
    I gave it a 7 because I'm a geek to the games, and this is pretty loyal to the series. In truth, as a critic, I'd say a 6 would be a more accurate portrayal of my review.

    First, it's really awesome to see Claire and Leon together again. There's plenty of action, and the zombies are fun when they pop up (mostly at the airport setting - which is actually not a setting it takes place in for the majority of the movie, just to say).

    It's not a perfect movie though, and I can't help but draw comparisons in ways which "Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children" suffered from (which was a movie I utterly despised). While you don't have to have played the game to understand it (unlike FF7) - yeah, you're definitely gonna have to be a fan of the series to truly appreciate it.

    It looks beautiful, but there's the every-now-&-then when the characters still look and move too CGI-ish. And I can't help but notice how Leon has more Japanese facial features here. The plot works enough for a story to tell, but it seems to force in some cheesy melodrama, and the typical "if you ain't important, you're meat" thing. The way it moves and ends, I wonder if anything here will even be incorporated to the game arc, or if it was really its own story (because it feels like it)... like the games, some things aren't entirely resolved and new questions are made (and with the games going zombie-less, it makes you wonder!).

    Still, if you're a fan, it's definitely worth watching -- you got the pair again (and I'm always pleased with Alyson Court continuing to reprise her role; there's no other Claire!), you got real zombies again, and it's all about kicking back and just watching them kick serious ass!
  • I have never played the RE video games so this review is simply from a perspective of whether or not it is entertaining.

    I have seen the first three Resident Live Action movies and found them to be quite entertaining.

    However, I have to say that the Live Action movies were better than this CGI Film. The CGI characters looked unnatural although some scenes looked better than others. The plot really was not that interesting about the T Virus and the terrorism.

    If you have not played the video game then I would advice you to stay away from this. I did give it 4 stars because I was able to make it through the whole movie but there is really nothing interesting. Also, this is a very weak R Rating. There very little blood and gore in the movie and no sexual situations or nudity. I think it should have been PG-13 personally.

  • If you are a big fan of the Resident Evil video game franchise you'll probably love this. If you are a fan of the live action movies (like me) you'll probably hate it.

    This movie bears no relation at all to the movies. The only thing it has in common are some names. Plenty of reviewers have made much of the fact that this movie has more in common with the games than the live-action films do. Well that's only a plus if you have actually played the games and enjoyed them. Fans of the movies will be at a loss trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

    As far as the animation goes: See the title of this comment. It is indeed nothing more than a very extended video game cut-scene. Granted it looks as good as if that cut-scene was played back on the biggest and fastest game system available but that still puts it on a level below many other 3D animated films. Lip sync is non-existent so it's like watching a foreign movie dubbed into English. Which is exactly what this is. Facial expressions often do not match the emotion of the voice actor's performance. It's quite disconcerting to see a calm face when the voice is full of panic. In short: It's very good from a video game standpoint but sub par from a film standpoint.

    Voice actors: Purely second string talent here. There's probably nobody that you ever heard of before. They aren't bad but they really don't do anything exceptionally well. Say what you want about Milla Jovovitch, but at least she can create a memorable performance.

    Characterizations: Quite sub par. All the cliché characters that are present in most games and films of this genre. There is no character development.

    Music and Sound: Both are at standard video game level and don't add much to a film experience.

    Conclusion: Only for fans of the game and those who just love any kind of zombie flick. If you are an action movie fan: This film fails on several levels. Mostly because an action film needs realistic action. If you are a horror movie fan: Well it's just not scary. If you are an animation fan: You might enjoy it.

    This movie lacks a "Wow factor" that would make it's shortcomings less important.
  • Strictly only for fan-boys who drool watching their favourite characters appearing on screen. For the rest of non-fans, they are only stiff movie characters with bad acting.

    A disappointing movie. A waste for such a great franchise and use of animation. Too much emphasize on the characters. Not enough on the whole t-virus and zombies issues.

    For a movie done using animation, the limit is the imagination. They could have done something of a bigger scale. Something big that nothing life-action can do. But they wasted this in trying to develop some characters. End up giving the feel of watching some in-game movies. Such a shame for this good franchise.
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