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  • If these guys could get financing for this, then there is hope for us all. The IMB website ask me does this contain spoilers, well yes it does. Don't waste your time. That the best spoiler I can think off.
  • When you see the company credits - Production Co: The Asylum - it should automatically trigger an instinctive warning that the film is going to be absolute crap. This film is no exception. Bad acting, incoherent story, terrible "special" effects and all the other things that make The Asylum films "soooooo" forgettable (possibly an evolutionary protective mechanism by which the brain protects itself from permanent damage). I could go on how bad this film was but I think you get the point. Avoid at all costs (unless you suffer from insomnia).
  • greenlarry31 March 2020
    Well that's an hour and half of my life I won't get back. Eric Roberts must have had bills to pay... 2/10, and that's because I'm in a good mood
  • We may be facing the "Plan 9 from outer space" of this era...
  • iogaen29 April 2020
    Bad filming, bad editing, bad acting, bad story, bad sfx, bad plot, bad "scientific" facts, bad everything. I'v seen movies with 2 actors more engaging than this. Who sponsored this ? Who would invest in this ?! Sorry people, but you should pass over it, don't waste your time and brain with this.
  • If like me you read the reviews and think "It can't be that bad, it's got Eric Roberts in it", well believe the reviews and don't waste your time. And in all seriousness someone give Eric a better story than this,,,
  • I did not think it was possible to make a Film this bad, I was wrong.
  • cloggy1200329 April 2020
    Very bad acting, even from an icon like Eric Roberts, incredibly inaccurate scientific facts, implausible outcome, generally not worth watching
  • I'm gonna make it short and sweet. Do NOT watch this movie. Unless you really really want to know how bad a movie can be. Terrible acting. Beyond stupid story-line. Possibly worst CGI than movies from 50's. I know some people, including myself, do enjoy movies with this kind of ideas. And are willing to overlook some bad acting and/or incoherent storytelling and not so great special effects. But I'm telling you, this one is so bad that I believe the director should never be allowed near even a toilet-paper commercial set! Do NOT waste your time on this.
  • BORING is being nice - save yourself time and go walking . Every detail - acting, voices, effects , make up, music could be improved
  • If you are a fan of bad movies made for TV, this will do you fine. Personally I found it a struggle to stay to the end. The 1 dimensional characters, bad script and seriously cheap CGI make this movie a turkey for sure.

    I give this effort 1/10.
  • adever-110094 May 2020
    Absolutely garbage ! Can't believe this attempt at making a movie....
  • Thats what you get when you let a comedian write a screenplay and a lampoperator do the directing.
  • djak-4304929 April 2020
    Please, for the sake of your children, your sanity, run, run as fast as you can from this film.

    Continuity was shot and killed before the titles had finished running. The plot murdered the effects and the actors died from a complete and utter lack of any conviction or talent.

    Save yourself the pain and avoid this at all costs.
  • Thought it would of been ok since Eric Roberts was in it. Special effects were bad, too many goofs to mention, like they kept referring to an F35 aircraft, but it was actually an F18. Meteors hitting the ground and the actors all shaking & falling over, but people in the background walking down the street nice & casual, they probably didn't even know there was filming going on. One of the worst scifi movies I have watched all year.
  • At first i thought it is a good movie .. but after i saw it , i changed my mind . It is the worst movie i have ever seen .. Don't bother to see it
  • In parts I laughed, especially at the editing errors that included repetition and an amusing stand up and then stand up again!

    Also funny were the shouted warnings just before meteors hit - some amazing ability to predict the unpredictable!

    The effects are mostly awful and there is some pretty bad acting, the real rotten tomato going to John Morrisey as General Ambrose. The former film editor should quickly return to behind the camera as his performance could at best be described as wooden.

    Several of those on screen try hard but this remake of the also awful 2011 version should never had made it to the screen. Even in lockdown for the coronavirus crisis, I could only sit through this whilst responding to my emails.

    Only watch for a laugh!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Contains spoilers. To save you the pain of watching the moving.

    I would give 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' at least a '2' or a '3'. I can't give this more than a '1', I wish there was a '0'. And I will tell you I am/was Eric Roberts fan. His acting in this movie has to be worse than his first high school play.

    I saw at least one good review here, but I promise you any review on here above a '2' is clearly a friend of the production crew. They are giving sympathy points, and those should be automatically discounted.

    The story is very poorly thought out and is significantly less realistic than 'Armageddon'. (Yes, I do realize that NASA shows Armageddon as a spoof movie to new recruits to point out scientific impossibilities). NASA won't be taking this one though, because new recruits would file OSHA violations on NASA for making them sit through this as a condition of employment. On top of a very poor story, they took gender flipping and made it comically stupid.

    The meteor shower hitting earth is so dense, that meteors are striking all over the world, simultaneously, no more than a few yards apart. (Yea, I can't wrap my head around the physics there).

    The main character 'Gwen' is a planetary geologist, who just happens to carry a handy dandy battery powered laser diamond bit drill everywhere she goes. This cuts through everything from asteroids to steel reinforced blast walls. Even quickly makes perfect 2' diameter holes upon request! Wow!

    The plot device to save the day though, is that they decide to take all of the electricity from all of the power plants, and pump it all into one plant. They will blow up this one plant and zap the asteroid. Just so happens Gwen's husband, a Corporal at the base, has both legal authority and knowledge to do that (he points this out).

    However, at the air force base there are no pilots to fly fighter jets. And then there are no fighter jets with missiles. So how do they blow up the plant?

    Gwen will, again, save the day!

    Gwen jumps in a fighter jet wearing her tennis outfit, and flies up to the stratosphere, and straight back down turning the jet into a supersonic missile.

    Gwen pulls so many G's that the jet is nearly shaking apart creating 'tense drama', but her tennis outfit does protect her from blackout. Whew!

    Finally, Gwen blows up a standard (not nuclear) power plant by running the jet into it, and that fires a bolt of lightning into the air that will vaporize every single asteroid/meteor in earth orbit (you know, the same ones that are hitting every yard or two around the world.)

    Luckily, nothing other than the asteroid is harmed! The other survivors are so close to the power plant, that Gwen's parachute drops her right by them when she ejects, yet, they are not affected by the explosion and crazy asteroid seeking lightning.

    And I almost forgot to mention the stupidity of the whole nuclear attack on the meteor shower! Every country in the world launching nukes simultaneously that somehow all simultaneously hit a meteor shower above Wyoming. More strange astrophysics at work here!

    The story is so preposterous, that it becomes a beer drinking game, to drink a beer every time the characters/story does something stupid.
  • Wow. This got released? Really?

    Acting, editing, production: terrible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I could rate this zero, I would. For a movie this bad to be released in 2020 is amazing. The plot is hideous, the effects are that of a 1970s film and do not deserve the word 'special' in front of it. I cannot fathom how any 'director' can stand back and say 'yep, proud of that'. The production and SFX teams should be ashamed. A meteor apparently dropping pebbles as the mini ground explosions propelling people a few feet away. A woman who can suddenly fly an F22 or whatever....lost interest... and seemingly eject 2 feet from ground impact to gently parachute from 300 or so feet to the ground where her friends were waiting. A war room with 4 people in it. I actually only watched the last 30 mins and that was enough to make me need to review it. Some films are laughably bad, this just filled me with anger as to how someone could ever deem this release-worthy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh, look here is a meteor. Ok, lets talking about us. And so we can easly save the world. In the mean time the meteor fall exactly on the cars , no other damage. Very inteligent meteors...Or Scenarist.
  • A giant asteroid is about to collide with Earth and a group of scientists in Wyoming are the only ones who understand the situation and what to do about it. Luckily one of them is married to the janitor at the air force base so they have access to the entire world's arsenal of nuclear ballistic missiles.

    Dialogue bordering on gibberish, continuity issues and "special" effects are highlights in this... series of scenes. Collision Earth also boasts a mercifully short runtime at 85 minutes.

    Are there any redeeming qualities? For one, even if whoever wrote this story understood absolutely nothing about the science of meteorites or military protocol, they did figure out that boring conversations can be made more exciting by inserting the most shell explosions to appear in a feature length movie since All Quiet On the Western Front. Also, another stellar performance by Eric Roberts who is part of arguably the most baffling and clumsily executed death scene ever filmed.

    While the film hits enough standards in mediocrity to lift it ever so slightly above sewer level, anyone looking for a "so bad it's good" experience will probably be disappointed. Collision Earth does not have that kind of charm.
  • Definitely this is a great movie that could teach makers how not to make a movie. Any aspiring actor watching this movie shall be hopeful 100% of his/her chance of acting! Really thrilled to see such a movie could actually get life to be watched. I think that itself could gain the 1 star I gave.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think I'm still in shock.

    "But it's got Eric Roberts in."

    Let's start with the voices, They're annoying to say the least but nothing..NOTHING can prepare you for Colonel Ambrose.. who sounds like an angry 5 year old reading cue cards whilst trying out for his school play.

    "But yet, it's still got Eric Roberts in, Eric will save us!"

    Meteors, actual meteors hitting the ground, not leaving huge craters, humans diving out of the way or being thrown a few inches due to the impact, cars hit by meteors, thank god they dont burst into flames, somebody could have been hurt!

    "But it's ok,Eric Roberts is in it, he will save the world(and the movie), right ?"


    Gwen. Gwen our wonderful geologist a la Top Gun shall save the day, when she races to a trusty fighter jet, instantly knows how to fly it, and off she pops to fly next to the huge asteroid. The asteroid that is clearly now through Earths atmosphere yet the nukes are still caught in its gravity as it just puddles along. Turning the jet towards the ground she plummets (apparently at the speed of sound -even though I've seen faster moving Robin Reliants) towards the ground and the power plant below, using the jet as a missile.

    But do not fear for Super Gwen shall survive if only she can reach that ejector seat button, that is worryingly just out of reach, but never fear, she will get to it just in the nick of time. Phew.

    This enormous asteroid that is going to kill millions and cause near catastrophic disaster for our planet is destroyed in a puff of smoke that would make Sooty proud!

    Did I forget to mention, Wonder Gwen did all this whilst wearing her shorts and tshirt ? Amazing she is! It makes you wonder why real pilots get overdressed for a little fly around.

    In short, dont nip to the loo at the very beginning so you miss the ASYLUM logo, (like I did), as you will save yourself the trouble of watching this terrible pile of frog vomit.
  • shortmom-439442 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sad they didn't do better. Wish it was to say the least an updated version. Looks like a 1979 B rated. Graphics could be better for 2020 release .
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