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  • Writer-director David Stanley explains his approach in the BTS for this Wicked Pictures release, noting how he wanted to give a character study of the protagonist, who doesn't speak. Brad Armstrong got the plum role and runs with it.

    He's a still photographer of erotic/cheesecake magazine shots, with sleazy comic-relief character Barrett Blade hounding him and also procuring models for him, which Brad automatically sleeps with. One girl, well-played by Nikki Kane, services Blade in order to get the modelling gig but then rejects Brad's similar sexual harassment after she poses for him.

    Central issue has Brad carrying a torch for beautiful Kaylani Lei, who teases him from afar, posing come-hither on a neighboring rooftop. Stanley frames them together on the roof in shots showing the still camera lens encasing them, in very stylish representation of his central themes.

    It's one of Stanley's semi-cryptic intellectual exercises, but with enough eroticism to keep the viewer involved. Unlike most of his earlier, somewhat slapdash movies for Vivid Video, this is a polished effort worthy (like his most famous masterpiece "The Last Rose") of serious consideration.