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  • It was an OK movie to watch and it could have been a good movie if it didn't have that many weird flaws. The animation itself was great, no minus on that one, the music was also nice. The scenario was original, it is set about 100 years ago in an alternative past where magic exists and also magic related crime and demons and stuff like that. This story follows some crime fighters and a vigilante. So one thing that spoiled this movie for me was the fact that all this magic related stuff was a bit misused, to make this more into an action movie instead of a crime drama which would have suited this scenario more. Another big minus is on the part of the dialogs. The way they talk to each other is so unrealistically melodramatic on the one side an on the other side it's so stupid it reminded me of some American 80's action B-Movies. Also some characters tend to weird monologues that simply made me angry. Character development itself is poor. Storyline itself is inconsistent and does not really follow a constant plot, it's even seriously hard to tell in one sentence what happened in this movie. I guess anime fans will like this, and non anime fans won't. I'm sorry for this well done animation being wasted by such a low competence of writing a good screenplay.
  • One of the better anime movies I've seen in a long time. Leot Steinberg is voiced by Coyboy Bebop's Spike so I hope that caught your attention. Aside from that, was done well to mix action, drama, and catchy phrases that will get you yelling EXIST!!! during the movie. Imaginative demons, fresh take on terrorism, and new look at walking the fine line between being human and monster. Some funny parts (oh look a flower) and some sad parts. Forget the world you live in, because this universe immerses you within it. Only flaws I can see is the usual stereotypical Japanese *le gasp* moments that annoy me a lot, and the idea that deploying regular cops to fight these indestructible demons MAKES ZERO SENSE!!!! But the thing is, this anime will make you forget logic for a bit, and suck you into the story and action very well. It's like Star Wars, you watch it 10000x and you'll see the flaws, but the first 5x you see it, you won't be bothered, you'll just love it!