Goku: You look strong! This should be a good fight!

Goku: So, lets see how strong you are!

Small Goku: All right! I'm gonna win for sure!

Small Goku: All right! Let's do it!

Small Goku: I'm not gonna go easy on you just because you're Pan!

Small Goku: Be ready! I'm not gonna hold back!

Small Goku: With you, I can give it all I got!

Small Goku: What a weirdo! Oh well.

Trunks: This is gonna be a problem.

Trunks: I have to gather my strength here.

Trunks: I wanted to see how strong you were, Pan.

Trunks: You're amazing when you don't hold back, Goku.

Trunks: I don't have time to waste here.

Trunks: Pan, What are you doing here?

Trunks: I... didn't think I would battle you, Goku.

Vegeta: I won't let you interfere.

Vegeta: I will now end this.

Vegeta: Even if there is no hope, why don't you worry about yourself?

Vegeta: You jerk! You surpassed me! Hahaha!

Vegeta: All right! I'm gonna destroy you Kakarot.

Gohan: You should know more then anyone else that you can't defeat me!

Gohan: So, show me what has changed.

Gohan: I understand father.

Gohan: Here I come, Piccolo!

Gohan: Wh-What are you?

Gohan: I don't understand why there is another me, But it seems I can't avoid fighting.

Gohan: You brought the most in my hidden abilities. Now I wonder how your techniques will work on me.

Gohan: That's your limitation. Because you think you've reached your maximum ability.

Cell: Now let me show you the force of my true power!

Cell: You're going to give me some pleasure, right?

Cell: You're words are that of a brave man, Trunks.

Cell: You're first? I wanted to keep the best for last.

Cell: Huh. Playtime is over, I will send you to Heaven immediately.

Cell: Are you going to help me get warmed up?

Frieza: You are the first to show me this much.

Frieza: Let me show you the terror of my power. Which is the ultimate in the universe.

Frieza: How trivial.

Frieza: Hahaha! It seems you didn't know I have the greatest power in the universe.

Frieza: To show you a terror beyond Hell, that was out agreement wasn't it?

Frieza: Was there still a living Namekian?

Piccolo: Now, should I clean the trash of the universe?

Piccolo: You! Hurry and attack me!

Piccolo: Now I'm going to get serious!

Piccolo: Huh? Is that Gohan?

Piccolo: All right! That's also what I wanted!

Piccolo: So you're Frieza? You're a real freak!

Piccolo: I... is that Gohan? His Ki is different then before. And He's not so unskilled.

Piccolo: You're the one who will disappear from this world!

Goku: You're not as strong as you said!

Goku: So, just as I thought, You're great!

Goku: Phew! That was a bit too close!

Small Goku: Ha! You're no match.

Small Goku: Haha! I won!

Small Goku: I'm gonna starve to death.