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  • d-lewis4766 October 2009
    You know....friends and family of the production team do a movie no favours by unrealistically raising expectations about it in reviews and suchlike. Far better give an honest statement of its strengths and weaknesses. I mean this movie was an OK effort...but then I am very tolerant of formulaic and unimaginative horror movies. Too much time on my hands. But reading the comments so far, I was naive enough to expect something special....which this movie, sadly, wasn't. Still thanks for entertaining me for an hour or so. Kinda. Now to fill up the required ten lines for an IMDb review. To discuss the plot maybe. Pointless really. Nothing too special there. Still. Bourgouis dentist falls prey to unrealistic psychotic woman. She pulls out some teeth. Not very exciting from thereon.
  • As a fan of horror and B movies, I wasn't expecting much. That being said, this movie is not that bad. The acting is decent (not over the top) The story has a realistic feel to it because it involves "stalking and obsessive behavior". Stuff like this really happens which in my opinion is a lot more disturbing than a "slasher/monster movie". It has that "B" look and feel to it, but it gets the job done. The lead actress plays a great psycho and her self-mutilation techniques were disturbing. I hate to typecast, but I can see more parts like this for her in the future. Yes, there are parts that will make you roll your eyes, but because they deal with a realistic type of issue I found it entertaining. If you're a fan of low budget B's, its worth a rental.
  • First, a note of caution: there's a very early, unfinished rough cut of the film circulating on the internet, released by someone who has since been dealt with legally and otherwise. Sadly, the rough cut has been downloaded and reviewed a handful of times, and the reviews are justifiably poor, considering what the downloaders were presented with. Such is life in the age of the internet.

    As for the final version of ORAL FIXATION, it's a dark, almost fantastical tale which was inspired by a true story that took place on Long Island, NY, in the 1980s. The real story centered on a dentist who felt compelled to uproot, pull his child from school, move towns and switch his home telephone number because a female patient of his had become obsessed with him for reasons I will not reveal here.

    What you will see in this film, although bizarre, is not that far from the truth. And in light of recent cases of obsession, such as that of the female astronaut who drove 900 miles non-stop wearing an adult diaper to allegedly murder a romantic rival, the events portrayed in ORAL FIXATION my seem even less out-of-the-ordinary.

    Budget constraints limited our ability to fully explore the scope of the story, but what we were able to deliver is, in our opinion, a fast-moving, engaging genre pic that sheds light on a particularly dark side of human nature.
  • kpip7 October 2009
    After hearing about the handful of awards Oral Fixation won at the Long Island International Film Expo I figured I would check this one out. I was pleasantly surprised...well, maybe not pleasantly. To be honest, I was creeped out by it. Emily Parker's character had me uneasy throughout the film. She reminded me that there really are crazy people in the world. Her Best Actress award was well earned. Parker may steal the show, but the plot kept me guessing until the very end.

    Additionally, this is no third rate film. The production is very well done and clearly well directed (Cashill won Best Director). It's hard to believe this was done independently and not by a major production company. Oral Fixation is definitely worth a watch, but beware you might be freaked out for a few days.
  • I agree that it must be the filmmakers family and friends leaving the positive comments. The story line and acting are both abhorrent, and it has a string of poor choices, inconsistencies and wooden moments.

    It starts out seeming as if it may be promising but then the story line just gets worse and the believability evaporates.

    i would have enjoyed this film if they hadn't been so sloppy on the story, wooden on the dialogue, predictable in the soundtrack....

    OK, I would have enjoyed it better if it had been a better movie.

    Don't waste your time.

    Just poor.
  • brian-tipton6 October 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    As an independent film, it's not bad. As a film in general, it's pretty un-watchable. The script isn't so bad, but the actors' delivery of it is awful. It's your basic psycho girl going ga-ga for a guy scenario, and waaayy down that list as well. No atmosphere, and each of the characters take turns being the dumbest person on screen. They make choices that none of us in our right mind would ever make. In the modern cinematic world, having to say "Don't Go In There!" or trying to understand why a man in love with his wife (who is already supremely jealous and suspicious) would blatantly say he can't have lunch with her and then let his wife hear the psycho on his end of the phone saying "Fuck me again Paul" even though he hates this woman and wants her out of his office and would never have sex with her. Another thing, for him being so faithful and wanting this crazy woman out of his office, he sure lets her hang around an incredibly long time. Just dumb storytelling.
  • What I like about this film is for once, someone took the time to make a unique finally do something different for once. This isn't your typical slasher snuff film you see today but a neat little thriller.

    A touch of blood is seen but you aren't gagging. It's more of the feel of dread and eeriness that keeps you waiting for more. It also has a bit of the b-movie feeling that gave a couple giggles.

    A great effort for a little independent thriller with some good potential. Definitely something to see with a few friends and a bowl of popcorn.
  • I'm getting more and more convinced most of the comments to this movie that are on here are actually written by people affiliated with the making of it. Nobody in their right mind could give this 10/10, not even 5. The idea isn't new, the actors, especially Kerry Aissa, deliver the generic, painfully predictable story boringly and just plain bad. While some of the self mutilation may cause you to cringe, it can not remotely make up for the rest of this terrible movie. The camera work is static and can not add any suspense to the overused cliché situations that have been done countless times before.

  • Oral Fixation is a flick about a woman who derives pleasure from pain. Well-written, paced and directed, the story fits nicely into its genre, but falls short because Parker, although a fine actress, appears miscast and Aissa wooden. Despite those slight flaws, Rachel Marks's tale is a step above your girlfriend not popping a Midol on her first day of seeing red, and a step below the slasher crap many of you have wasted your money on. See OF for what it is - a toothache gone terribly wrong. Buy the DVD, make a bag of popcorn, turn the lights down low, and learn your lesson: stop picking up eager beavers at the local gym. Chances are good your beaver shares the same psycho chick DNA as Ms Marks.
  • ElNino7112 October 2009
    I'm amazed about the amount of negative comments regarding this movie. If I had to guess, I would say this film was made for about $100k. To me, an aspiring independent screenwriter and director, I think the end product was actually quite good. While the story may not be everyone's cup of tea (nor is it mine), the film production is very solid. And there were more than a few scenes that had me squirming in my seat. When I think about the big budget, major studio films that I've seen over the recent years that are a complete waste of viewers' time and studios' money, it makes me appreciate Oral Fixation even more. Is it going to win an Oscar? No, of course not. But, as a high quality low budget thriller, I have a lot more respect for Cashill and his crew than some of the big shots in Hollywood. I would definitely call Oral Fixation, a 'high value' production, that will keep you entertained throughout.
  • Well would you look at that. An original horror movie that pushes the envelope, but it isn't a gore-sploitation movie like Saw or Hostel. Color me impressed.

    The story revolves a woman who becomes obsessed with her dentist and will do anything to have him for herself. I'm not going to give much else away, but let's just say stuff gets nuts. And if you're a horror movie buff like me, you're gonna enjoy watching it.

    There were actual moments while I was watching where I went "Oh, what?!" As in I was actually being shocked by what was on screen. Kudos to the filmmakers, because I've seen a lot of gross horror that's not gotten a peep out of me. The great thing about this movie, is that, though it makes you squirm, it never makes you want to puke. Remember that? When horror movies didn't have to go overboard on the blood, guts and "I'm-gonna-be-sick" factor? Yeah.

    The 4 main actors in this film are all fantastic. Each of their characters have depth and very specific motivations. Back-story's definitely play into this film, without having to use cliché flashbacks or boring paragraphs of exposition.

    The camera-work is simple and allows the story to nicely unveil, no Blair Witch stuff thank goodness. So yeah, go see this movie when it comes out. OK? OK?!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow... talk about a bad movie - this film has No redeeming features other than the fact that I found Dr Paul strangely attractive.

    The acting (ESPECIALLY from the lead actress) is so wooden and scripted it's like watching an advert for toilet roll. The idea of some mad woman smashing her teeth apart to be seen by the dentist she loves seemed to be a frightful idea but the add-on and main storyline, including the switched pain / pleasure receptors was just laughable.

    I do NOT recommend this at all, it's just a cheap thriller movie with 1 scene where she chews on a chisel (that must be all the ORAL part of the movie) and nothing else gory at all it does not make you squirm as mentioned in previous post unless you include squirming out of your seat to spend the reaminder of the movie sat outside on the cold floor, which i would much have preffered to have done!
  • jaymax668 October 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Unbelievable. One of the worst films I've seen for a long time. Don't know what some of the other reviewers were watching to give it such high marks. Trust me, forget them. Like another reviewer said, I think it must have been the film crew's family. Either that or they're somehow financially attached. I've just watched a film with terrible acting, screenplay and the storyline? (I'd say watch for the spoiler next but I'm doing you a favour) A crazy woman has been part of her fathers psychological tests which switches pleasure / pain. She then starts stalking anyone that looks like her dad and tries to get it on with them. Not kidding. Can't imagine why anyone thought this would be a good idea. Don't waste your time.
  • A friend hooked me up with tickets to an early screening of Oral Fixation in NYC last weekend, and I feel like I lucked out. It literally had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The main actress, Emily Parker, freaked the hell out of me -- it was fascinating to watch how easily a seriously disturbed person (who looks pretty and normal on the surface) can disrupt the lives of everyone around her.

    To me, this kind of thriller is far more frightening than a horror movie, because it feels so much more realistic.

    When Oral Fixation gets a theatrical release, I'm going to tell everyone I know to go see it, except maybe my dentist. (After this movie, he'd probably never want to treat a patient again.)
  • I first heard about Oral Fixation by some friends at work and that made me and my boyfriend see the movie. We both enjoyed it a lot. I felt the story was good and had some unexpected twists that kept me interested. I'm not usually a fan of horror movies, (I don't like excessive blood and guts) but this film had more psychological horror with some creepy gory parts. The main actress playing the part of Rachel Marks was very convincing as the crazy masochistic stalker. It was a good reversal to have the patient be the villain instead of the dentist since everyone hates the dentist. This dentist is trying hard to be the nice guy but keeps making wrong choices. Oral Fixation is a good small independent movie thriller, well directed and written by Jake Cashill. It was suspenseful and entertaining and I would encourage others to go and see it.
  • I wish the cast and crew of Oral Fixation well, but not the film that they created. It's a bargain-basement psycho-horror flick, that I should have known going in and did to an extent. But I also had some hope that it being an independent movie that it might try a little harder under the radar, and having won a few awards at minor festivals. It's not even so much a horror movie, if one may get that impression from the cover (my first thought was 'ah, The Dentist with a girl, I like that concept).

    It's mostly just a stale retread of psycho-stalker flicks like Fatal Attraction, all the way down to a similar abduction of a little kid with a very nasty side-effect. Some of the actors do their best with it, but it's not much to work with to start and so it's mostly one-note; Emily Parker, who may keep some men glued due to some large natural breasts (sorry, I don't mean to sound like a pig, but they stick out in a story that give her nothing to work with an actual actor), is also one-note as a killer. At least she gets some chance to go over the top with bug- eyes and a big goofy psycho-smile. Other actors like Kerry Aissa and Aidan Sullivan eventually turn up with the same exasperated expressions on their faces, scene to scene.

    And the plot isn't much of a help, going through a few hackneyed twists surrounding the 'did he or didn't he' form of betrayal between the dentist, his wife and the crazy girl who loves to get her teeth cleaned without anesthesia. Even the one aspect, her loony pain-in-pleasure fetish-motif drilled in by a-hole father, doesn't give Oral Fixation or the character of Rachel Marks any added interest. And even the other aspect of the horror element I had hoped for in a cringe-worthy manner- of the very creepy approach to shoot torture via teeth drilling and knocking out ala The Dentist and The Dentist 2- is lacking. And that final scene of the movie, along with other scenes, had me howling laughing.

    Not many of the decisions or things characters do make much sense, the film opens with little good context for us, and the fight scenes are given the kind of touch that would make film school teachers' heads spin ala The Exorcist (seriously, saying EACH LINE as you HIT your TARGET with a CLUB is so TIRED). Oh, and as another Minor pet peeve, useless color tinting in the early scenes of the movie for almost no reason except to establish the POV from Rachel Marks... which is DROPPED after this anyway. Pretty sad.
  • 2pac-1330 September 2010
    Watched this with my Boy Kyle at work. Was up Killa?! Anyway, this turned out to be really good. You have to get past the low budget kinda filmed presumably in video..not film look, then you can enjoy. It's shot well, acted as good as i would expect. The plot isn't to bad. A bit far-fetched,'s great. It's a fun movie about a crazy lady with an obsession ( not all that oral though ) with men she can't have. Death, murder and teeth pulling ensue. You will notice a bit of the stepfather in there too. Nothing like he's going to save the day...aww he's dead. Ending a bit weird, but worth the viewing for sure.

  • misterlei16 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hmmm. This was entertaining, but not a movie i would write home about. The soundtrack was awful, like something from a film noir, and didn't enhance (or even compliment) the action. Emily Parker as the protagonist did an OK job, but neither she nor her character didn't sit comfortably with the movie. Aidan Sullivan as Paul's wife gives by far the best performance. So mad psychotic bunny boiler was damaged in a mysterious experiment by her crazy psychiatrist father. This movie has a kind of basic underlying understanding of psychopathology, but just ends up being ridiculous and like a thousand other bunny-boiler thrillers that have been made. The movie was well-produced, but the acting a little wooden and self-conscious at times. Perhaps a more glamorous studio might have done something better with this movie - but not even it could escape from the formulaic thriller format. The fight scene at the end, while i'm sure intended to be reminiscent of 'Fatal Attraction', was just silly. I'm sure i have come across the plot before, or at least it feels like i have. This movie felt like it was done by actors who needed the work. Unconvincing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You know how there are some movies that are just so awful that you just can't stop watching them? - Sadly, this ain't one of them. It's just plain dull. All you're in for is a boring hour and a half of a less than mediocre movie. There are many scenes that are contrived. but they aren't laughably, over the top, contrived (which would have redeemed the movie somewhat). eg. the prison escape scene - I'm pretty sure there's more to escaping prison than just knocking out the guard... Aren't there like layers of doors you have to get buzzed through? - and how about the chick fight scene - Despite having her head repeatedly pummeled with a golf club, each chick in turn, fully recuperates in mere seconds to 100% fighting strength and counter attacks the other. - I think this goes on for 3 iterations.

    To sum up... If you're hoping for a train wreck of a movie - Don't bother. In fact, the only reason I could see someone enjoying the movie is if he/she had friends involved with it.

    ... speaking of which ....

    I did some spot checking on the review history of anyone giving this movie a positive rating... I couldn't find a single positive reviewer who had reviewed any other movie - just this one.

    So either:

    A. They honestly thought this was so fantastic a movie as to warrant their registering onto IMDb and submitting their first ever review.


    B. They are shills who are hyping up a movie that they or their mom/son/partner/etc. worked on.
  • Through a friend, I got the chance to catch an early screening of Oral. I really didn't know much about it, but, hey, free movie and all, so why not check it out?

    It scared the crap out of me.

    The movie was great for a lot of reasons, but what I appreciated most about the film was the carefully orchestrated sense of dread that permeated the entire film. Most often these days, when a director wants to terrify you, he has some fast cuts to blood and gore, plus a couple screams tossed in for good measure. Oral is all about the psychological and the director and cast clearly understand that the best way to terrify someone isn't through more and more gore, but through the subtle twist of character and plot.
  • gilbertoespinojr5 January 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Where to begin. I have never written a review on this website or any other for that matter. I'm always watching B rated movies just to see if i can find 1 that is good and worth the time to watch. This isn't one of those movies. I thought it started off promising, but when the actors (if thats what you want to call them) opened their mouths i was turned off. I am easily creeped out by stalker flicks with minimal gore! I liked the idea and if anyone else would have made this movie i would probably give it a solid 6 low 7. Don't waste your time. Acting sucks, scene transitions sucked, fighting scene sucked, everything about this movie was horrible.
  • Rachel (Emily Parker) has an unhealthy fixation with Paul, her dentist, when she's not sneaking in his house to spy on him, she's mutilating her mouth in order to see him and deviously planning to make the happily married dentist her own. Turns out that her father experimented on her messing up her brain real bad or some such nonsense.

    The acting is sub-par for the most part and the plot-line is a tad too silly to take seriously. I'm glad that I found this on Instant Netflix so it's not like I went out of my way to view it, or wasted my money on it, if I did it's likely that I'd be harder on the film than I am now. It's not all bad, as Miss Parker has fairly nice breasts but maybe I'm just stretching to think of anything that I liked about the film.

    Eye Candy: Emily Parker & Aidan Sullivan both get topless, but Aidan only shows her left breast

    My Grade: D-
  • vpatrone9 November 2008
    I was lucky enough to catch a cast and crew screening of this film over the weekend. Really is a great flick, from production quality to storyline to acting talent. Cashill portrays a clear and concise storyline free of any extraneous explanation or blind logic - the audience isn't undermined and expected to accept unbelievable plot points, but rather treated as a sophisticated third party trying to crack the mystery along with the film's characters.

    A true thriller, Oral Fixation stays away from the jump-out-of-your-seat scare tactics so many horror films use as a crutch and instead opts for sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense. Suspenseful scenes that purposefully last just a bit too long are the hallmark of this film, and they are some of the best in the bunch. The audience squirms as they watch, too anxious and horrified to look on, yet too enthralled to turn away.

    As the main character, Parker expertly delivers an almost too convincing performance of a woman crippled by her own dark obsession. Parker's performance paired with Cashill's raw cinematic vision drags the audience into the sick and frantic world of obsession, and it's not until the movie's climax that they are set free.

    I truly enjoyed this film and can't wait to see it again. Hope you all get a chance to see it. 10 stars!
  • First I have to start out by saying I am in no way a horror flick guru or anything even close to that. I am more of the Romantic Comedy type. The reason for this is because I am the type of person who can be scared by her own shadow. So when a friend asked me to attend the NJ screening of this movie I was a little hesitant, but I went anyway and I am so glad I did. This movie was incredible. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The plot was amazing. It played with your mind. The whole cast was amazing. The stand out for me was Emily Parker who plays Rachel Marks. She played this character so well and she put so much depth into this character. The writer/director Jake Cashill did an amazing job with this film. Good Luck to this movie! It deserves a huge theatrical distribution!!!
  • Satire is so hard to do. If you do it too overtly, people will think it's silly. If you do it too subtly, people won't get the joke. This is one of those satires that was done so subtly that I'm not even sure it was a satire. That's why I'm divided on whether or not I like this movie.

    If you approach it as a straightforward thriller, you'll probably be disappointed. It (deliberately?) resorts to a lot of old thriller clichés, unbelievable plot elements, and a crazy outta-left-field ending that may incite you to hurl your popcorn at the screen. I'm guessing that's why it has a relatively low rating on IMDb. Lotta popcorn hurlers.

    But if you approach it as a satire that doesn't take itself too seriously, I think you'll really enjoy it. The low budget production (by Hollywood standards) will only add to your enjoyment, and the far-fetched plot elements will satisfy your craving for B-movie fodder.

    I'm pretty sure the satire was intentional. I mean, one look at the DVD cover (a cute girl in a dentist's chair smiling with a mouthful of blood) should give you an indication that this movie doesn't take itself seriously. I think...

    To me, that is the charm & originality of this film. The audience is never quite sure what to make of it. Are we watching a thriller, or are we watching a carefully crafted mockery of a thriller? Honestly I'll probably have to watch it again with the director's commentary before I can be sure. One way or another, this movie is very memorable!