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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wanted to like this show but it does an injustice to the original Henry Danger. I watched the first three episodes that have been aired so far. The poor kids can't act. The set looks bad. I don't really like how they treat the Ray/Captain Man character. He is portrayed more like a joke. He was slapped by one of the kids in the last episode. We don't really see Schwoz much. The show is painful to watch. I think unlike the Henry Danger cast, this cast has no chemistry. I like Jace and Cooper and wish them the best but this show is a bad idea and does more harm than good to the Henry Danger legacy. Nick should cancel it or rework it to tie it to the original show better. It needs better writing better plot and sadly better acting.
  • rsvp32130 March 2020
    Most of the dialogue is inaudible because of the extremely loud laugh track, what you can hear is nonsense, no one has acting talent.

    Even the youngest demographic would find it annoying!

    How does something so bad get funding?!
  • Henry Danger didn't need a spin-off and was on longer than it should have been. They shoved these four new kids in the final four episodes of Henry Danger and decided they give them a spin-off show. The characters are just discount versions of the kids from Henry Danger. Bose = Henry, Mika = Charlotte, Miles = Jasper, Chapa = Piper. Cooper Barnes has no chemistry with these kids and seems like he can't stand them. I was finally glad Nickelodeon was free of Dan Schneidr sitcoms which overstayed their welcome on the network, but nooooo here comes this forced and uneeded spin-off. This show is boring, it's not funny, lame characters, stupid plots. This show sucks!
  • kayrcolgan29 March 2020
    Ray Winchester (Cooper Barnes) keeps on lying to the new kids. I feel like this show is going to teach kids on how to lie and keep from their parents, friends, and teachers.
  • More than ever Nickelodeon misses the creative Genius of Dan Schneider. His "shticks" of shrimp, sushi, pear phones, the 90s, Star Trek, Breakfast Clubs, and of host of other gags sort of made the Schneider world fun. From Drake and Josh to Kid Danger, his shows just had class, were funnier, well produced and had the right combination of actors to make the whole thing work. On the other hand this DANGER FORCE is an absolute joke. It's horrible. Since they have a child as a producer with no wordly experience, they are missing some of the basics of story telling. In each of the other Schneider productions the story centered on one or two people fascinating people--Drake and Josh, Victoria Vega, Henry Hart, Babe and Kenzie, Carly, Zoey, when the focus is one one character we can see and trust the world around that character. Once Schneider was forced to leave Henry Danger, the proven format of the show lost itself. Henry was no longer the center, no girl friends, no trouble with school, it all became an ensemble show. It seemed that the new producer liked to have everyone talking at one time, which was just silly. Captain Mann who was cleverly eccentric before became a downright fool. Who wants a "super hero" who is a complete and total idiot.

    Well. this new show called Danger Force, takes up with that poor story telling and production. With the exception of Haven Flores, everyone else is a C+ actor, or maybe they're just given D- scripting. Flores has talent, it's obvious, but it's totally wasted on this show.

    I watched 2 1/2 episodes of this disaster and just couldn't take it any longer.

    It's pure junk.

    Nickelodeon needs to find a new Dan Schneider, or go on your knees and get the other one back.

    But making shows like this for kids--forget it.

    For now, I'll enjoy reruns of Victorious (they should have made many more episodes of this one) and Game Shakers (WHY was this good show cancelled?)
  • carlos-852823 July 2022
    Love it
    I know people prefer henry danger, but I prefer this new cast. The kids are younger & have a nice acting energy on screen. It's my secret guilty pleasure show and honestly one of the best children shows of 2022-considering all the others have gone downhill. It's nice to have a show that still feels like childhood.
  • tytebben6 August 2021
    Not as good as Henry danger but schoze and ray make the show amazing.
  • Ok, so I watch this show with my family and us adults love it too. It has the promise to be just as good as Henry Danger was. I hope Jace and the others do cameos as well in the future.
  • I Find this Spin-off very entertaining. Although it might not be the same as Henry Danger, you furious idiots need to stop being stuck in the past and appreciate what we have in now. When Henry Danger started, Jace Norman was only 13 and not many people like the show. But as it started progressing (Specials Episodes, Reveald Secrets, References from other Shows), The Show grew a larger fan base & the Actors started to Grow & Mature with made it more entertaining.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm reading alot of these reviews and I notice alot of them are shouting rage. So I decided to write a more clear review.

    I'm someone who watched Henry Danger since its 2nd season, while I was in 7th grade. The show was a big part of my life and certainly one of the funniest I've seen in years. However, as the show got longer, the kids got older, and while it didn't affect the show for me TOO MUCH, one thing me and my friends agreed: they were getting too old for these roles. The Adventures of Kid Danger seemed to be a solution to that, but if anyone else here has seen that, they know Nickelodeon didn't see that opportunity when they made it.

    Naturally, when Danger Force was announced, I had my curiosity piqued. Up till that point I thought they were going to use someone like Piper to continue the show, but using an X-Men esque synopsis really did get me excited. Using a younger cast was also a bonus to me, seeing that they we were going to grow up with another cast as we grew to love the old one. Many more opportunities and adventures I thought could come from this, and the return of Barnes and Cohen made it look more promising. After seeing what was an okay chemistry with the main characters in the final episodes, I turned on my TV, microwaved some popcorn and sat ready to be thrown back into the world of Captain Man and the weird city of Swellview.

    I was very disappointed.

    People say these kids are bad actors but I honestly don't mind the performance of Dana Health or Havan Flores. The former is a very different character from Henry Hart, and although she has similar qualities to Charlotte, having someone like her as a main focus and possibly team leader really does make me interested. Flores in the role of Chapa does seem to tone down the yelling compared to early Piper, and it seems alot better in timing honestly, so there's an improvement. In terms of Terrence Gardenhigh and Luca Luhan, I am pained by their performances. The character of Miles, I don't to have much to talk about and that's what bothers me. He seems to be a character that at the moment, just exists. There's not much to say that would separate him from the other cast members. Good that he doesn't parallel the others much, but at the same time, he could use alot more personality than he has now. Hopefully through the season he can have a good slot in here. Luca Luhan in the role of Bose may be the worst performance I have yet to see. Nick has had a history of having at least 1 dumb character in their shows, Billy, Jasper, Hudson, etc. All of them have worked pretty well and I'm sure one person reading this at least likes one of these characters. However, as good as these are, I'm sure not one of them would ever be heard uttering the line "I'm a kid lost in the grocery store! Are you my mommy???" But that's one direct quote from Bose in this series. and was a recurring joke in the first episode. I seriously hope that either Luhan is able to improve his performance as the show progresses because he is painful to watch. His acting in the last Henry Danger episodes was good, but here it was a big step down.

    At the end of the first episode, my dislike for this show was solidified by all the criminals being released. You have a show presented with all sorts of opportunities and storylines, but the first thing you do is recreate the exact same show as before? With 4 caricatures of the old cast? Definitely a terrible first introduction to the Danger Force.

    There is almost nothing about this that makes me want to keep watching. However, I give it a 5/10 because of all the potential I mentioned it having. And as of this review, only 4 episodes are out and I've seen only the pilot. So I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt and pray that it could be worked out. After all, The Office and Parks and Recreation were considered one of the worst shows in their first seasons, yet both worked out their troubles in the 2nd season and beyond. My advice to Nickelodeon: please try and move in another direction that allows the characters to depart from the familiarity of the old show, and try to build the roles so that these characters can grow and expand in different directions that aren't in parallel to the old cast at all. I give this show 2 seasons tops before it goes down. But if this review ever finds its way up there, then hopefully the show can work out more. But it's not likely. At this rate, the show might be another casualty next to other Nick spin-offs of popular shows that ended fast.
  • leomaxsivo6 April 2020
    I liked Henry danger, but this is horrible. I agree with another review, the kids are really bad actors and it should be cancelled.
  • This show deserves every bit of hate it gets. These are horrible actors. Their parents need to tell them. I will end by saying I hate this and it is sickening.
  • I like this show alot it is really fantastic and it is hilarious and this is definitely one of the best shows on Nickelodeon at the monment. Show is a great spinoff of henry danger which features new characters and with some old ones great show.
  • Willie-125 December 2020
    The worst spin-off I have ever seen. The acting is a steaming pile of garbage. The show, Kid Danger, was good. This wanna-be is not. There are some very good child actors in Hollywood. Unfortunately, none of them are in Danger Force. Who knows, maybe when their older they'll be better. If they don't get better, then they can forget about a lifetime acting career.
  • insanesquirrels10 July 2021
    Dont listen to all the negative reviews. Just a bunch of transphobes because the show acknowledged their existence. Me and my kid love the show. Very funny for kids and adults.
  • Worst Show I've ever seen. Don't ever watch this!!
  • It's a really great show I don't thing it deserves to be hated and I hope it lasts as long as henry danger did.
  • While my actual rating is more of an 8/10 or a 9/10, I'm gonna give it a higher rating here because it certainly doesn't deserve the hate it is getting. This show is pretty great, taking elements from its predecessor Henry Danger but adding in new things to create a really refreshing show. I'm more excited about this show right now than I've been about a kids show in years. While not it's the same as Henry Danger, that only adds to its unique charm. The people that are hating on this show are only doing so because they are upset that it is not the same show they used to watch.
  • panteraownss12 April 2020
    I think this show is great even without Henry but he is missed
  • It is not hated .Its junk!..... Say what you can about Dan Schneider, but this is total garbage show. Why in the hell cast the kids? Are they friend or family of the new writers of directors? REALLY PEOPLE ITS TERRIBLE ACTORS THEY NOT ACTORS AT ALL! looks like they tried to do racial equity? But what worse is they did not work as a group at all! They TERRIBLE! Some cant act, others are just reading off scripted q-cards! If you going to put on crap like this at least try to bring some of Dan Schneider IQ on how these shows are great! Without Dan Schneider this is a waste of time. TAKE THIS GARAGE OUT AND STAY! Dan S. the reason why henry Danger was so good. Too bad Nick doesnt ACKNOWLEDGE his writer and direction achievements HD in its list of what he work and built. Nick lost its way, this show is so bad its makes people ill! Sad when shows like this could have been good, but they only made it bad.
  • It is the only reason I turn on to the Nickelodeon channel, besides watching Spongebob. I honestly recommend it to anyone who watched Henry Danger or just wants to watch these new and returning characters make hilarious and amazing episodes. Hope there's going to be more seasons after this!
  • russellmnr26 April 2020
    Chapa's annoying and is obviously only in there because they want a strong female character. As a woman, I hate characters like this. Stop pandering.
  • Even though Jace Norman is not in the series, he is involved in the project as a Producer while this series is a way for them to be able to expand the danger-verse in a whole different perspective. Why 10 stars? Because of the diversity and representation such as having a gender fluid character and two black characters which make the show so diverse like how Henry Danger was. The writers are definitely on top of things in terms of getting a good storyline and being able to find similar ideas that makes Danger Force the same as Henry Danger but different. We also have easter eggs like when they briefly mentioned The Thundermans on an episode.
  • There is no giant departure from the humor style of this show versus every other DanWarp series dating back to iCarly. There has yet to be a spin off that isn't regarded as a failure by a large percentage of the existing fans. While it took me a while to appreciate this show, it contains segments that maintain the original comic style of the DanWarp productions, but to a lesser extent.
  • pwparker-9571720 September 2020
    Danger Force is the best and prefect show absolutely the cast is amazing and wonderful
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