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  • Riding School is as good as any entry into Gazzman's jail-bait world of the Young Harlots, a decade-old series that sets the standard for this popular sub-genre. Beauties of various shapes and sizes (and nationalities), leaning toward Eastern Europe origin) have sex with the school staff and each other while wearing the trademark schoolgirl outfits replete with distinctive neckties.

    The six segments offer enough variety to keep one happy, as Angelika Black demonstrates deep throat skill, Deniska is a blonde girl who also narrates, and Claudia Rossi (the one authentic star in the bunch) shows the greatest sexual prowess. Male talent is more familiar, with veterans to be (with thousands of credits by now) Danny Mountain, Keiran Lee, Clarke Kent and George Uhl getting down to business.

    The locations and exteriors add some atmosphere, but this is not about the horses. Rather the femme talent's exuberance and skill at servicing the boys is consistently impressive and far better than usual porn. I don't know Gazzman's secret, but he certainly got everyone's juices flowing for this edition.