Ken Kirzinger is the only actor in this movie who had previously portrayed as a horror movie character in the past. He played Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason (2003), while in this movie he plays Mason who is a spoof of Jason.

Kenan Thompson wears a Superman spoof costume in the movie. He had previously done so while playing Superdude on All That (1994).

The director of the film also plays the gay porn director for Cornhole Pictures in the movie.

Stan is wearing a "Bruce Campbell '08" shirt during the scene explaining why Nadine and Stan broke up.

From thumb to pinkie finger, Fweddy's glove contains: toothbrush, lipstick, nail clippers, bottle opener, corkscrew.

In China, the film was marketed as the fifth Scary Movie due to the similarity with the franchise.

A man in Ohio actually felt physically ill from this movie.

Schlockbuster is a parody of Blockbuster.

When Stan and the Husband of the Hippy meet they go back and forth with his name calling him "Van". Which was his characters name on Reba.