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  • I don't know why so many have been so hard on this series. Obviously there are similarities between many other shows, so what? I thought the cast were talented and refreshing.

    If you listened to just the album, it contained some brilliantly written and recorded material. In fact some of the songs if not all, are quite memorable and infectious, and I found myself humming the tunes quite often.

    So full credit to the writers of the music to the series. They've done a most remarkable job. The variable selection of cast were good at what they did, and the songs sung and danced well.

    Through a half decent stereo, the Soundtrack CD sounds pretty damn good too, I think.

    I saw the first episode about a year ago, one Saturday morning here, and I was quite surprised. (Forgive me if my thoughts are a bit late in coming...) It's a nice clean show without the usual over aggression and conflicts and attitudes that most other shows of this type seem to emphasise, or glorify, I think might be a better word.

    Anyway, with soooo many people NOT liking this series, there had to be someone who liked it, and that'll be me I guess. (believe me when I say, I'm surprised too!) OK, so I'm not from the UK, (I'm in Oz), but that doesn't necessarily mean we see things upside down.

    BTW, I'm a retired global sound engineer with a lot of hard rock bands under my belt, so even the most savage beast can be tamed, and the music from this series seems to have that capacity. (just thought I'd mention it.) ;-)

    Cheers to all of you, whether you love it OR hate it.....
  • pinky119117 October 2008
    Now, TBH i was slightly dubious about this 2 start with. I mean i hate HSM and was thinking OMG take off of it. But i looked into it a bit more and found out that it's the love child of Arlene Philips and Gary Barlow has done the music. Now if thats not a line up i dunno what is LOL. Then 2 top it off Mitch Hewer, Maxxie from skins, is in it and i love both skins and him, and now I've just watched a bit of the first episode which is piloting on the ITV website before it comes out on TV and it luks....

    AMAZING u cant seem to watch it without seeing someone absolutely gorgeous, its funny, dramatic, seems like there's gonna be some love in it all combined with music and dance. Perfect.

    But best of all it doesn't seem 2 be anything like HSM cos its so not all Americanised and crappy, much more like FAME.

    And then as if it couldn't get any better it has Adam Garcia in it as the dance teacher and he hardly ever wears anything but a training vest.

    Gonna be the teen drama of the year!
  • I'm in Australia and I saw the first episode when Channel 7 aired it. I enjoyed it, even if it was a little cheesy. I liked the songs and the acting was pretty good. I was disappointed that CH7 took it of air. It may be a TV show version of "FAME", (my mum said something like that) but it's enjoyable and light-hearted. And it's back on! Its CH7 on a Sunday at about 12 or 1 o'clock. Now I have something to watch! I'm voting 8/10. It's a fun, family show and gives a bit of entertainment to a boring Sunday. I've only seen three episodes (ep. 1, 3 & 4) but I have enjoyed it a lot. The dancing is awesome. I definitely want the soundtrack now.
  • I wish people would look at the alternative, especially for a Sunday.

    BH is lively, bouncy and entertaining unless you're a "Song of Praise" Follower. (but then I suppose you would be either dead or very close to it LOL)

    The acting can be classed as cheesy but think of "X Factor The Auditions" i.e. lots of crap enlightened by some small miracles. But most of all what we are all watching "is a British production." So can we appreciate some home grown attempts rather than the American crap that which often abuses all of our screens.

    It's only too easy to slate a program in the beginning, but how many programs in the past first impressions have looked poor at the beginning the turned out to be a great success, just takes time for the actors to develop the characters and enforce the scenario.

  • studioAT14 December 2020
    ITV's attempt at recreating/cashing in on the 'High School Musical'/'Glee' craze, and coming up short.
  • Let me just say, unlike most people, I wanted to like Britannia High, I really did. But after watching the first episode let me just say that if you tune into this, be prepared for a cheesy clichéd sub-par version of Fame. It was just terrible. The characters:

    There is a bitchy mean girl, a shy, talented girl and a cute, caring talented guy. Hmmm...where have we seen THAT before? The sets are OK but the acting? Meh.

    On the whole Britannia High is a very bad show and I would be happy if it got cancelled tomorrow, as there are so many quality shows that could be on at this time, yet people have to watch this. It has been done to death and I rate it 2 out of 10.
  • mariondowning20 February 2009
    Terrible, terrible, terrible, cheesy music videos thrown in to random scenes. Like the "sad" black and white filmed farewell at an airport (with the girl and her teacher who she slept with) where everyone in the background stands around watching while these two lovers sing a song and dance. The characters in this show all seem self absorbed (Oh, their teenagers, so that part is the only realistic part about this and even that sucked) all talking over each other and overacting. The only thing I enjoyed was watching those two teenagers drink out of a cup made by their landlady that was made with clay from the backyard that had possible been sh*t in by cats. What a mega waste of airtime.
  • applepiee8927 October 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a dancer i am actually quite insulted by Britannia High. The main character in the first episode, Lauren, can't sing, can't dance, and is still considered to have "megastar potential". Ridiculously, Mitch Hewer's character Danny falls for her in seconds. It is cheesy, predictable, and disappointing.

    I am a fan of both Fame and HSM (cheesy and childish as it is, its still enjoyable.) But Britannia High is a massive shame. The idea, if executed correctly, could have been great, bringing more attention to dancing and performing colleges and what goes on there. But Arlene Phillips (who is a joke in my opinion. truly awful woman. but i wont get started on that) has massacred the idea of this fictional stage school in London with bad casting, terrible choreography, extremely scripted dialogue that no one could make realistic - take Mitch Hewer's comment to Lauren - "i fancy you well bad" or words to that effect - that really truly ruin the concept.

    If i had been in charge, this could have been brilliant (haha). But a real dance stage school is nothing like Britannia High (really). They are places where audition processes are tough, the applicants extremely talented, the shows take months to prepare for. Lauren is not even close to this... is it just me, or was not only her voice, but also her face, extremely annoying? Not to mention her inability to perform the simplest of dance moves with someone exceedingly hot such as Mitch Hewer? (who needs to bleach his hair and straighten it again, i think, as the brown curls he is sporting now don't really suit him.) The other characters are just as dull and lifeless. The mean queen of the episode never really comes up with anything too insulting except the odd "you suck" or whatever, which is pathetic, lets face it. The supporting characters equally can't dance particularly well, or sing. The group routines are messy and the dancers are out of time. And i HATE Adam Garcia as a dance instructor - probably only hired because he is considered good looking, when really he has no idea how to dance at ALL (anyone see him in Wicked: The Musical? laughable.) Maybe thats just me being a picky dancer type. But really, i think the majority of the public would dislike this shambling mess of a programme. Hopefully no one will believe thats what dance schools are really like - it gives them a bad name! However, I may personally take a risk and watch the next one... it was so awful i kind of want to see if it gets worse.
  • What is this supposed to be then? An English version of High School Musical? An English version of Center Stage? They have certainly taken the tag line from it...

    I shall reserve judgement till I see it , but its bound to just go the way of Rock Rivals and be utter rubbish surely?

    They have cast one of the Skins actors as well I believe, there's a picture of him with a dreadful perm on Digital Spy

    And whats with the name? Britannia High... its just AWFUL. Sounds like the Brits School - which quite frankly was OVER mentioned at the Brits this year...