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  • Why anyone would give this film a low rating is a mystery to me. Just a sign of how dummied down our American public really has become. Such low brow reviewers are probably the kind of people who run with scissors! I mean, they are some real life window lickers! This film is excellent. It's wholly realistic story telling. It's character driven and the dialogue is well crafted. It's as if you are watching a real person live a real life instead of a movie. It has one of the best performances I've ever seen. Stuart Bennett pulled of the role of a lifetime. The supporting cast is superb, as well.

    What? You don't recognize the names? One must realize that some of the best talent comes from ordinary people without a giant Hollywood resume. Turn your brains on and enjoy this masterpiece.
  • Well, I'm not one for writing reviews but this movie really touched me.

    I really relate to some things the character says about loneliness, depression and suicide.

    It's a low budget movie that effectively tells its story.

    Highly recommended!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The guy is 30-something and "technically" he is a virgin, I mean he gets laid obviously too seldom. He is too shy to hook up with anybody. He doesn't look like an idiot but he works for some redneck cowboy, cleaning up his stables and feeding horses. Of course that kind of job doesn't add to the self-esteem. I wonder if he's been just too lazy or too shy to learn something more decent and better-paid (sorry, all stable cleaners, if you're reading this) And so because of his shyness and poverty he's told by a couple of slutty chicks he might be gay. Hey, Eugene, listen to the woman and do the opposite! But no, he's going to find that out with a male prostitute. Our Agaeus just got fired, so why not... I wonder if people can get gay just because of stupidity, shyness, or laziness...