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  • It's hard for me to review this film, as I have not seen a huge number of Indian films--probably no more than a couple dozen. Most of the ones I've seen were wonderfully entertaining but I am far from an expert on Bollywood. Because of this, I have a hard time knowing how good this film is relative to other films from this country. So, consider this when you read this review. This may be among the very best India has to offer or it just seems that way to me.

    Like so many Indian films, this is a very, very long film--with a run-time of almost three hours. When a movie is bad or just okay, this can seem like forever, but since "3 Idiots" is a very, very good film I loved its length. And, like most films of the genre, it has its share of the usual singing and dancing so foreign to films from other countries. One thing you should know, however, is that defining the type of film it is isn't really easy. Much of it is a comedy, but it also has many poignant moments (keep the Kleenex nearby), some existential moments where they explore the meaning of life and work and it's also a tender film about friendship. And, as my daughter pointed out when she saw the film, she loved that the men in the movie are not afraid to cry--something you rarely see in western films.

    As for the plot, it's very long and involved and I could recount what occurs. But I don't want to spoil a single wonderful moment, so my advice is just sit back and watch--and if you give it a chance, I can almost guarantee you'll have a great time with this poignant and funny film. Wonderful and well worth your time--with a delightful script, wonderful characters and lots of moments that made me smile...and a few that brought me to tears. See this film.
  • I asked my co-workers to recommend a Bollywood movie. I expected "Dumb and Dumber" by the title. It wasn't that at all. It is more of an inspirational comedy with some serious but good messages. A more accurate title would have been "The Legend of Rancho".

    Odd to me is that they speak in part English, part Hindi through the movie, kinda like some speak "Spanglish" here I suppose. I know none of the actors but the acting was good, and there was plenty of humor. The characters were believable. Most movie dancing I find a little silly but I even liked the dancing routines in the bathroom.

    I will be asking my co-workers for more recommendations after this one!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As many ordinary Chinese high school students,who have to study fourteen(14) hours every day for the college entrance examination in the final year,I was entirely shaken and moved by "3 idiots",sharing the same feeling with all the students from high schools and universities in China(or Asia). O(∩_∩)O Compared with mainland China,India is lucky,having less corruption in education system.

    This film is incredible inspiring,especially for those who are struggling or "survived" in high schools and colleges.

    I read some reviewer,some doubt whether suicide in the film is logical,which is really DISAPPOINTING! (—__—!)

    If you experience the life in poverty areas in Asia,you will understand what a significant role the higher educations play in their lives. Burdening great pressure from family and society,they attach great expectation and significance to the enrollment of colleges,and they intend to abandon poverty by getting higher education.Diploma means everything for them. Thus,the plot where the man committed suicide after lost the chance to graduate is reasonable.
  • This is the very first time i write a review, mostly because I'm very lazy.

    However I just watched this film and i gotta admit it...

    I loved it!!!!

    At first i was like well "lets see what this movie has to offer"

    (btw its also the first Indian movie I've ever seen) and I was like okay

    its funny and then... like wow so thoughtful and reflexive! It really

    made me meditate about my career and my real dreams! Its a very good

    movie! I'll recommend it to all my friends!

    You must watch it!

    All is Well!
  • Awesome film man. Saw this with my family in a theatre. Worth every penny n worth every minute. Never seen such an amazing film. Its about the pursuit of happiness. What is so great about the movie is that it moves you, it gives you hope. It is a simple film, yet it has an everlasting message. The last 30 mins were beautifully shot. Very good direction by Hirani. The star cast is good n Aamir khan steals the show. This guy is the best thing to happen to Bollywood. The editing is top notch. U don't feel bore for even a sec. Awesome screenplay. It's hands down the best film in the history of Bollywood.
  • "Whatever the problem in life is... just say to yourself 'Aal Izz Well'.. This wont solve your problems but it will give the courage to face it.." "Chase Excellence and success will follow".. " Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams".. These are the golden rules which 3 IDIOTS teaches you in a very light and entertaining way.. The movie makes you laugh and in the process you learn many golden rules which can alter your life in a big manner...

    3 actors from the path-breaking blockbuster RANG DE BASANTI( Aamir, Sharman, Madhvan) team up together with Rajkumar Hirani.. It couldn't get bigger! Loosely based on blockbuster novel ' Five Point Someone ' by Chetan Bhagat the movie deals with the present education system in India that whether getting more marks and better grades is better than gaining knowledge and is mugging up everything more useful than understanding it..

    The movie has many hilarious scenes and everyone in the film form Aamir to Boman Irani to Omi Vaidya were superb in their roles.. Aamir has outdone himself.. Never in the film he has looked 44 year old... Film's music sounds mediocre but when viewed on the screen then the music sounds perfect.. Cinematography is awesome and so is the direction.. Raju Hirani's screenplay(you can easily ignore a few loose points) is a masterpiece and the film will achieve cult status for engineering students in a short period of time.. It has the soul which Five Point Someone had.. It is easily Aamir Khan's finest film to date.. The film's climax is fantabulous and is a shocker.. It takes everyone by surprise...

    To conclude 3 IDIOTS has the potential to break all records and sweep all awards.. Watch it... You will Love it...

    My Rating: 9/10

    Thanks and Regards
  • I'm an IITian myself and hence, needless to say, was looking forward to this movie as it is based on the life in IITs. I went with my family and watched the first-day-first-show and was I pleased ? In one sentence - The best Bollywood movie ever ! If you are into movies, then this one is not to be missed unless you are the 4th idiot. I cried, I laughed and I enjoyed every moment of the 3 hours that I spent watching this gem. The songs that seemed mediocre before watching the movie, feel like perfect for the movie. They are so ideal for the situations that I just loved them.

    As you can understand, they could not bring the name of any IIT into the movie to avoid disputes. But trust me, whatever they have shown about the life in IITs, it's all true. Right from suicides, cold-hearted Professors to lack of encouragement and support for talents who can really bring serious change in this world. The movie successfully depicts how once inside, your life is only about meaningless grades, go get into the race before it's too late.

    Take my free advice and avoid any reviews or words from people who have already seen the movie. Don't let anyone spoil any scene from the movie. Rush to the nearest theater and experience the phenomenon for yourself. You'll bless me for this advice !
  • "All is well," the three "idiot" heroes of 3 Idiots recite when they become frazzled or nervous, while frantically tapping their hearts. They know that reciting the oversimplifying phrase will not provide their problems with a solution, or even a catalyst, but it gives them the onset courage they desperately need at a time of uncertainty and despair. One character even tries to use the line after an amateurishly-given birth may have gone terribly wrong. It's times like that when the saying may not be so effective, even if its goal is not to provide certain relief.

    But all is well, as they so often say. Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots, my introduction to the world of Bollywood cinema, is a comedy-drama unlike any one I've ever seen, long, but never drawn out, frantic, but never desperate, and emotional, but never manipulating. It provides us with three of the most likable characters of the last decade, and with insight to the culture of Indians and their parents. Rarely has a comedy had this big of a brain in its head and a canvas of opportunities in mind, while possessing a title not even fit for a farce.

    Our title characters are ambitious but stunted Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), jittery, fearful Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), and borderline prodigy Ranchhoddas "Rancho" Shamaldas Chhanchad (Aamir Khan), three close friends who attend the Imperial College of Engineering (ICE), one of India's most prestigious colleges where only the best are accepted. The young boys already are facing some of life's greatest challenges, all of them pursuing the field of engineering when the only one who seems to have a passion for the material is Rancho. Farhan was forced to become skilled in the field because of his strict father, and Raju is pursuing the field with the goal of getting his family out of poverty, with his father's expensive health bills, his mother's fragile core, and his sister's inability to marry all on the table. Rancho is studying because he feels that one should pursue passion and make a career out of it, so it doesn't feel like work. If you're passionate and devoted to your work, success will find you - yet this is only one of the countless morals and insights 3 Idiots provide its viewer with.

    The film chronicles their issues in college in flashback, with instances in the presence popping up to show Farhan and Raju searching for their pal Rancho, who has disappeared and avoided contact for several years now. This is not your typical flashback film, however. It uses this method much to its advantage, and doesn't feel like a narrative within a narrative. It seals both stories nicely, but it takes the viewer on a roller-coaster ride of emotions through carefully constructed events before it even arrives at those endings.

    One of their problems in college is the professor/dean of the campus, Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani), who the three derogatorily call "Virus" when his back is turned. Virus is strict and often largely unsympathetic to the problems of his students, which allows the film to explore a dark topic one assumes a comedy wouldn't dare cross paths with and that is the issue of Indian teen suicide. One kid had his father have a stroke, rendering him unable to focus on academics for months, falling gravely behind. Virus is grossly unsympathetic to his case, denying him an extension on a project he's work so unrealistically hard on but can not perfect.

    If anything, we can say 3 Idiots is a message to the parents of the Indian youth and that is to stop applying pressure to an already stressed out demographic. I've read several articles articulating the point that Indian teenagers are among one of the highest in suicide rates, and that many parents put an unrealistic amount of pressure, duty, and responsibility on the child to the point of a physical and mental collapse. You're given the unalienable freedom to raise your kids with the method you choose, but not every method is perfect, and when your method is one of the ones that leads to suicide, mental health problems, and perpetuates fear and anxiety in the minds of teenagers, then you may want to reevaluate your methods.

    3 Idiots also provides us with the idea that many Indian children are told what to become in life early and are discouraged from exploration or even personal ambition. This I can't believe. What an unhappy, uninspiring, completely wasted life to slog through everyday doing something you loathe all because it was the lucky career choice of your parents. Yet I'm sure millions have been lead through this same life. It's the worst way of "living through a person" that I can imagine.

    The film runs ten minutes shy of three hours, which for few viewers may seem too long and uncomfortable. I was skeptical myself walking in rather blind. Almost every Bollywood film I've conducted research on seems to run an upwards of three hours, some extending and testing the waters to roughly five hours. If other Bollywood works have characters drawn along the same lines of being relatable, human, and easily accessible and not biased towards race or social class, I can't see it being a struggle to get through any of the industry's films.

    Through every quick-witted song and dance number, through every comedic scene, through every instance of dramatic despair, emotionally alive moment, solemnly poignant sequence, suspenseful setup, to a lovely, heartfelt conclusion, 3 Idiots is a wonderful, invaluable endeavor in the world of film. Its actors are beautifully fitting for their roles, assisted by a script so human and true to life that it is honestly hard to believe, and captured through beautifully alive cinematography to collectively give us a beautiful package not just in the figurative sense. This is arguably one of the best comedies I've ever seen.
  • I was lucky to see the first day show of 3 idiots on Thursday in Dubai. Well the title of this post says it all. The movie is an example of classic film making. brilliant and highly entertaining.

    Watch 3 idiots for a) amir khan's incredible acting b) intelligent and highly energatic screenplay & direction (Rajkumar Hirani has done it yet again!) c) amazing chemistry among actors, d) some of the best comedy scenes coming from Indian cinema in a long time and e) a heart warming story which keeps you spell binded right till the end.

    I would rate it as among the best from amir khan (which obviously means among the very best from bollywood. I would also give a lot of credit to the director rajkumar hirani, who after this movie (and his previous munna bhai series) should rank as among the top in bollywood too. 9/10.
  • Plot Two idiots Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman) sets outs on a journey to find their lost friend and the 3rd idiot Rancho (Aamir).. As the journey starts off, their college life and old memories of their friendship, with a unique free-thinker Rancho who inspired them and changed their lives, are unfolded through flashbacks and followed with some twists and turns...

    My Views 3 Idiots looks at our educational system which pressurizes the students and does not allow to chose his destination by his own wish, in a satirical way and brings out some of the flaws in it... On parallel there is a love angle between Rancho and Pia (Kareena)... Many of the situations/characters have resemblance or inspiration to "Five Point Someone", blockbuster novel penned by Chetan Bhagat...

    Both humour and emotional quotients are amalgamated in the right proportion, full credits to Raju for that... Film offers lots of quality rib-tickling moments throughout.. The intermission point offers a twist that is totally out of the blue and keeps you hooked to the movie ! Just when you think this feel-good comic caper is leading to its culmination, there is another surprising element at the climax which is brilliantly weaved out by Hirani...

    Technically, it rocks with astounding and visually arresting cinematography, the aerial shots of Shimla and Ladakh are a pleasant treat for our eyes... Editing was good... Song visualizations were cool... Music was good and well placed with the flow of the narration...

    Coming to performances, all of them comes out with convincing portrayals, but it is Aamir Khan, the real showman of Bollywood, steals the shows with yet another stellar portrayal and will go down as one of his best performances. His looks and mannerisms as a college student was genuine and consummate.. Madhavan and Sharman adds up with commendable performances... Kareena does her part well... Among the supporting, Boman Irani as the eccentric head of the institution was too good...

    On the downside, there are some unbelievable filmy situations which can be excused as writer's liberty and the episode of Mona's delivery was a bit far stretched.. Still these minor negatives does not affect this wholesome entertainer ! In short the basic theme of the movie is that "chase excellence and success will follow".. Just like that Aamir and Raju has chased excellence and success is following them...

    So to sum up, Aamir and Hirani has delivered the best movie of 2009... Do yourself a favour by seeing this highly emotional and feel good comic entertainer...

    Verdict : THE BEST of 2009 ! Rating : 9/10

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  • To be brief, THIS IS THE BEST Indian MOVIE EVER CREATED..... I know it is old but I just heard about it recently so I watched it yesterday. I think this movie should be one of the best 250 films in history on IMDb rating. I rated it 10/10 and believe me it worth more than this. I don't want to make spoilers in my review so that you will enjoy every minute of the movie. This movie is 2:44 hours length full of laughter, joy, tears, drama and passion. And of course, the most interesting part of the movie is GENIALITY. I loved every moment of this movie. and I hope to watch a lot of future Indian movies like this. I'm also waiting for Ferrari Ki sawari movie to watch. It is starred by one of the 3 idiots.

    Thank you India for giving us this brilliant movie.
  • I'm from the Philippines. For years, I have always been curious about Indian cinema. I've seen clips of Indian films on cable TV and to be honest...I just don't get it. I don't get all the silly dancing and singing in almost all movies. I find it so corny and irrelevant to the story. But don't get me wrong, Philippine movies back in the 80's were also filled with corny singing and dancing. But we have gone past those and transitioned into movie-making based on good scripts...rather than cheesy story lines.

    When a friend of mine recommended this movie, I haven't really heard of it. I thought it was a Hollywood release but it wasn't. It was a Bollywood movie. He said it was really funny, so out of curiosity, I got hold of a copy.

    My first thought was that it was nothing but a silly story of 3 guys doing slapstick comedy that I have all seen before. When they started singing "All iz well.." I told myself... I knew it! Just what I thought.

    But as the movie progressed...I was amazed at the intelligence embedded in this movie. I was so impressed with the smart dialogues delivered by Amir Khan. It was so mature and thought-provoking. The life crisis all of them were in... the pressures at school..the pressures from society and the pressures from family as well... they rang so true. I was even at one time crying my heart out. I can't believe it! All the preconceived notions about a Bollywood movie were obliterated. I was so moved by this picture and I have no regrets seeing it.
  • I saw the paid premiere of 3 idiots today.On the whole, 3 idiots is a winner all the way everythingwise.3 idiots suits the term 'landmark cinema' and has all it takes to help Bollywood take a giant step into world cinema with pride.3 idiots is a sparkling example of qualitative cinema.3 idiots not only entertains, it also enlightens.3 idiots is forward-thinking, but also makes you recall your roots. It promises lots of laughs and also a heartwarming message.There are movies aplenty, but very few remain etched in your memory and possess recall value. 3 idiots is one of those films. Indisputably and undeniably, this Aamir-Madhavan-Sharman outing is worth the price of the ticket and more.The film will set new records and has the merits to emerge one of the biggest hits of all times. The weekend business should be historic, the Week 1 business should be unparalleled, the lifetime gross should be amongst the biggest of all times. In short, 3 idiots has 'Blockbuster' written all over it.The story of 3 idiots has been told differently and most importantly, the story offers so many twists-n-turns that you just can't guess what would unfold next.There's so much happening in every scene and the screenplay is so gripping that you don't feel the need to look at the auditorium ceiling or at your watch at brief intervals. You aren't restless. 3 idiots demonstrates how strong film-making can enhance and elevate an already solid concept.An Aamir Khan film is nothing short of an event. The supremely talented actor acts in one film a year and no two films are ever identical in terms of plot line.To sum up, 3 idiots is commercial Hindi cinema at its best. The film has 'Hit' written all over it. Let me put it this way: Cancel whatever you're doing today and go watch 3 idiots instead.Director Rajkumar Hirani strikes a fine balance between humor and emotions. The comic portions are executed with panache, the drama is attention-grabbing and the emotional quotient is strong enough to turn you moist-eyed. The marriage of humor and emotions as also technique and content is what drives 3 idiots to the winning post.
  • We saw a sneak preview of 3 Idiots last night at Globus Cinema in Bandra, Mumbai.

    Brilliant. Simply, brilliant.

    Simple but articulate story telling laced with lots of humour and lessons from life. A wonderful experience to watch as every single actor from Sharman, Madhavan, Boman, Kareena & Aamir deliver probably the best performance in a movie this year.

    Sharman & Madhavan start off on a journey to seek out their friend Rancho. Together they were the 3 Idiots in college. And they take us the viewers with them on this beautiful journey with such warmth, panache, humour and love, that we don't want the journey to end.

    Sharman really shows why he's one actor to watch out for. His acting genes come through in every single scene. He's perfect in his role. Sharman, you rock!

    Madhavan as the guy who's chasing his father's dreams rather than his own is wonderful. The character who learns to laugh at life and it's ironies thanks to his friend Rancho. Madhavan shows his humorous side brilliantly savoring every scene and making it a pleasure to watch. His narration of the movie is very good.

    Boman Irani is probably the one actor we take most for granted just because he's so brilliant! His characterization of the control-crazy, hyper-active, hyper-competitive, almost dictator-ish, college principal, is beyond words. He plays it so so well, that you love to hate him. He's that Good.

    Kareena comes through in this movie as one of the finest actresses we have. No one else could have played her part and also looked so beautiful at the same time.

    And now take it from a hard core Amitabh Bachchan fan, Aamir Khan is the best actor in town today after AB. Period.

    His range is phenomenal and his characterization of 'Rancho' in this movie is positively brilliant. The small mannerisms, the walk, the smile, the attitude, the brilliance of a young person who's not restricted by the educational system, his positive attitude towards every thing in life, it's Rancho you are looking at. Not Aamir.

    Aamir's ability to transform himself convincingly from the super-huge well-built temporary amnesia patient on a revenge spree in Ghajini to this whacked out college student, which is half the age he played in last movie shows his prowess as a master actor to transcend age barriers to play almost every role in the book.

    This is THE best movie of 2009. Aamir again reigns supreme. Thank you Raju Hirani & Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

    Cliché word, but I have to use it - FANTASTIC !! 10/10

    P.S. Don't forget to say 'Aal Izz Well'
  • Aamir does it again. what a movie .from start to the end, hilarious moments.screenplay is fantastic. full on comedy and yet it never looses its heart. Aamir pulls off a 22 year old character with brilliance. never for once you feel you are watching aamir .It was rancho on screen. sharman n madhavan - i bow down to them. music looks OK on cd but during movie it worked as a plus point. situational tracks works in the favour of film. runtime may sound a bit too much but believe me, you wont know when the first half is over. second half may seem a bit too hilarious but apart from that its a masterpiece. gr8 aamir ,another brilliant movie.10/10
  • Yesterday i watched 3 I.D.I.O.TS(I Do it On My terms)the most entertaining and simply the best movie of this decade after RDB. a movie with a message(chase excellence success will follow)without loosing its sense of humor,a movie about friendship and love,a movie about flawed education system, a movie about unhealthy competition.

    this movie is team work ,every one does its part very well. Aamir (what a actor he is!!!)is excellent as Rancho ,Madhavan and Sharman are perfectly in sync(watch both of them in drunk scene), Kareena is OK,Boman played director's character as good as it was possible,Omi was top notch (watch Chamatkar \Balatkar scene),

    But whenever the team wins credit goes to captain,and here the captain is Rajkumar hirani.He gave 'Jaadu Ki Jhappi 'in MB,'Gandhigiri' in LRMB and now he says 'ALL IZZ WELL' and believe me he is 100% right.

    Dialogues: Witty with humor and to the point, Chamatkar \Balatkar scene is one of the best comic scenes .

    Music: Shantanu Moitra's music also have a role in the movie,all the songs come alive on the screen,(watch Zoobie-Doobie and Aal Izz Well)

    FINAL WORDS: its like a marriage between RDB and Lage Raho Munnabhai. no doubt there is some MASALA but we indians like it . Rating: FIVE POINT SOMETHING OUT OF FIVE.

    Don't BE A STUPID BE AN I.D.I.O.T. ! must watch.
  • This is the first Bollywood movie I have seen. (I don't know if "Slum dog millionaire" is also an Indian movie or not.) I have learned from my parents long ago that Indian movies are excellent and full of dance scenes. They watched quite a few Indian movies when they were youngsters.

    Then I had my first experience of watching a Bollywood movie quiet by accident. It was during the sports meet held by the school in which I teach English. I was appointed to do some work using the computer, which we would run some movies when we were free. And the first movie was "3 Idiots." I don't know who picked the movie. To be honest, I never would have picked this one myself because of its stupid Chinese title, which, translated back into English, is "3 idiots who make scenes in Bollywood".

    I expected to see a movie that was funny from beginning to end and that could be enjoyed without your brain working too hard. It turned out to be way more than that. It's a movie that made me laugh uncontrollably at some points, shed tears at other points and think all the time.

    It's about friendship, dream, love and college education. I think the best part is about college education. The situation depicted in the film is almost the same as in China. As a teacher in a high school in China, I know exactly what problems we have in education. What shows in the movie is exactly what happens in China right now. We attach so much importance to grades that teachers and parents will do anything to improve their study, which causes a lot of students' losing interest in study. I recommend all Chinese educators see this movie. I myself have watched it for at least 6 times, including those times I watched it in my class with my students.

    I give it a ten.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I missed it during the 2010 Hong Kong International Film Festival and am really glad it is released publicly.

    Haven't seen such a feel good movie for a long time. Excellent and inspiring plot with very positive messages and many hilarious scenes.

    Inspiring messages and witty lines are dotted throughout the movie, intertwined with some teary scenes: all is well if you follow your passion; chase excellence and success will follow; be brave and follow your dream; think outside the box and be flexible.

    It challenges our current values on education and success – that we should learn for the sake of learning but not for grades or what others want us to do. What's the point if you memorize everything but do not understand what it means and do not know how to put what you have learned into application? What an inspiring movie. It challenges your comfort thinking mode and urge you to be yourself and chase your dream/passion.

    Excellent acting, colorful and typical Bollywood musical scenes with uplifting songs and dance moves, not to mention the soothing natural scenery interspersed in the moving episodes of friendship, love, family and playful/stressful campus life.

    Every student, teacher, and parent or anyone who cares about our future should see it. What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of person do we want our next generation to be? What kind of lives do we want to lead? This movie makes us ponder on these.

    Somehow the movie echoed Steve Job's quotes : "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people's thinking." "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." Both Steve and the Rancho character (Aamir Khan) are smart and creative, nice and helpful to friends and people who are willing to learn. They are true to their feelings. They dare to challenge authority and encourages others to do the same. We need more people like these in this world.

    Just go see it. You won't regret it.
  • When I was looking through IMDb's Top 250 movie list and saw a movie called "3 Idiots", I was surprised. Why would a movie with such a bad title be voted so highly? I went in thinking this would be India's version of Animal House or American Pie. But after watching the film, I was in love! It is so much more than the usual college story of young guys getting drunk, flunking classes, and getting back at their superiors. It is an extremely well-made film about doing what you love and facing your fears. The acting is incredible by the ensemble cast. The script is funny and poignant at the same time. Even the scenery is breathtaking. Although the length of the film is pretty long and has some quirky musical numbers, 3 Idiots is a delight. It is worth the watch!
  • As you can see, I'm a huge movie buff. However, my scope is strictly limited to English-speaking movies. In other words, I have scruples watching foreign movies in subtitles. Nevertheless, I'm completely in the state of idleness for the whole summer. What's even worse, I've run out of American movies to watch since I've basically watched every movie that suits my palate. A friend of mine hugely recommended this Indian movie for me to watch. I was completely reluctant in the beginning to say the least. The title sounds like a Jim-Carrey-parody-like comedy which nothing in it can be literally taken serious. On account of my preference for serious movies, I tend to ignore those "silly" comedies. However, my friend's non-stop imploring drove me nuts. To humor him, I decided to give the movie a try.

    The beginning was kinda within my expectation. Two goofy "idiots" started to turn the world around them upside down by extremely over-the- top actions(stopping a flight, hitchhiking a limousine), they reached an observatory of The Imperial College of Engineering, aka ICE, their alma mater, to meet a friend they've lost contact for six years. Only to find another classmate, Chatur, who started to boast himself for his success over some guy named Rancho. Until then, I was feeling this movie was no different than any other comedies. However, the following sequences kicked in and I was completely blown away. It all started with a magnificent melody that unveiled the main storyline.

    The main character, Rancho, was a guy who was enrolled in ICE. However, he was totally different than any other students. Instead of studying by rote like any other students, he focused more on the practical aspect of the knowledge. As a result, he was able to shock a bully in the groin with electricity. There was another student like him, who was working on his own helicopter project. However, their director, Virus(a nickname of course) wouldn't allow him to graduate. The heartbreaking rejection ultimately led to the student's suicide. Rancho realized the education system in India was extremely flawed. It suppressed the personalities of all the students, focusing on nothing but the grades. Rancho decided to step up against it. He kept challenging his teachers and even the director. He made 2 good friends, Farhan and Raju(the two goofy idiots in the beginning) and really inspired them. Later, he met a girl named Pia, who turned out to be the director's daughter. A lot of clashes occurred in Rancho's intent to change the education system and even his friendship was put to test. The ending of the movie was so touching that anybody would shed tears from their eyes, with a small twist that would made everything pleasant once again.

    Overall, it's really a sweet movie. It can be a comedy at times, with a lot of over-the-top action from Rancho and his friends. However, it's a lot more than that. It's more of an insight into the education system of India, which is similar to those in the likes of other Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea. It can at times be so heart- warming that your tears can't help but surge out like waterfalls. It can be a musical too, with a lot of exotic dances and songs which are common among Indian movies. Great film. Totally change my impression for Indian movies. Easily 10/10.
  • namashi_125 December 2009
    Rajkumar Hirani... the name is enough to create an excitement in any cinema-fan alive. Munnabhai series have been awesome films, and his latest offering '3 Idiots' is another Masterstroke from this genius.

    I have no idea how 5-point-someone is, all I know is that '3 Idiots' is an amazing/awesome/inspiring film. A treat of a film! A film that is rich in emotions, A Film that leaves behind a great moral. The Youth are sure to worship this Film, and that will make this film a blockbuster. Cancel anything you're planning to do till the 31st, watch '3 Idiots', it's worth your time and money. Hirani and Joshi's script is simply superb. Through Humor how many rights and wrongs are said. I really loved the way Hirani showed us Sharman's family. A typical 1950's family, it's hilarious as well as genius.

    The film has Superb Performances: Aamir is fantastic as Funsok Wang Do. He's a delight every time he appears on screen and delivers his careers finest work. Maddy excels, he's astounding in the sequence when he shares his heart with his father. Sharman Joshi is good, yet again. Omi is a Masterstroke. A surprise packet, his speech sequence is sure to be remembered forever! Kareena is weak. Boman Irani is mind-blowing as the vicious head. He leaves you speechless in the scene when he awards Aamir The Pen. Mona is average.

    The Music is decent, with 'All Izz Well' being a complete chart-buster. The cinematography is perfect. All other departments are satisfactory.

    Watch this film right now...
  • danigga19 January 2010
    If i could give this movie higher then a 10. I would. I think anyone gives this movie a low marking, should not be allowed to judge movies, maybe even keep them out of the theaters!!! This movie is funny, charming, loving, did i mention funny? Will make u tear from laughing as well as in other moments. One second you'll be laughing, and the next second you'll feel their pains. Lots of ups and downs. awesome movie........must watch for everyone.

    Amir khan has always been great. Old classic movies to all the new ones. He has broadened his horizon. Amazing actor who plays serious parts as well as goofy roles. He kind of reminded me of Johnny Depp. Man is brilliant. The Dean of the school was also hilarious. I know that had to be a hard role to play, but wow did he pull it off.

    Again, must watch for young, old, teens. If you have been through college, it will definitely hit the spot a little more.. Enjoy!
  • Well, at least it is in Asian's Mind. It's SO GODDAMN GOOD for Asians.You don't get the high school thing so you think it's overrated. Well, Dark Knight and The Avengers are overrated for us because we don't get the superheroes thing. But so what? Still, a lot of people love it, so Stop Taking Your Personal feelings as The Lethal Truth.

    To make you understand better. Let me tell you something about the high school thing. If you have studied in Chinese or Indian High school you will understand what's all about the suicide and sad plot. Life was like a pis of sh!t. You have to wake up at 6:30 and go to bed after like 10:30, you can never choose your class, you can never say anything that against the teacher, you can never be in relationship with boys or girls. Right here, NO PARTY, NO PROM, NO NOTHING. All you have to do and all you can do is study and study, and the only way to make your life better is to get good grades. Because of the hard works and lack of fun, you're totally exhausted while the teachers and parents keep complains that you're lazy. And what's even funnier, is that 80% of what you have struggled to learn has nothing to do with your future life. So it simply sucks here.

    That's why we love the film, it showed our mind, it's not a perfect movie. But it make us laugh and cry. This movie is 9.1 in Really Famous Website in China)

    It's 8 out of 10 for us, and even for some of you. For some of you, it's 6 or 7 out of 10. So, it's 8.1 for average. NOTHING IS WRONG.

    So, please, try to understand.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    3 idiots offers a great deal of fun. Indeed, one of the best movies I have ever seen! Its experience is simple, yet it's great in every aspect! I absolutely loved the fact that this film had it all, wonderful atmosphere, brilliant acting, lovely inspiring songs and a surprisingly thrilling story! During the movie, I laughed and cried A LOT!! The combination of the movie aspects was astonishing. I never thought I would enjoy an Indian movie as much as I enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire, but this one simply surpasses every other Indian movie. The story is touching, inspiring and funny.. at the same time!! This movie is plain FUN. It's about family, friendship and a little bit of romance. It had a great deal of great family moments that are still stuck in my mind till now (I saw the movie a week ago!) Plus it deals with friendship and its impacts on a person's life, and what a brilliant friendship story we saw in this movie! One of the greatest friendship stories captured on cinema mixed joyously with top-notch fun. I recommend this movie to anyone who actually wants to enjoy a real movie experience that has it all, in other words.. this movie is recommended for EVERYONE!

    Acting: 10, Direction: 9, Soundtrack: 10, Story: 10, Overall rating: A decent 10!

    Don't just rent it, OWN it and show it to friends who like to enjoy a fun movie!
  • tzimis_black-red8 September 2012
    this movie has a lot of things to tell us shows us the extremely huge power of the mind and when the people are free,use their minds correctly and do what they really love as a job in their lives and not what the other people say to them,only then they success,and most of all they are happy and they can live every time of their lives..

    a movie with so much fun and suspense,with so great direction gives a so inspired result,and everyone will be full of emotions and optimism..

    i really thought that bollywood was some kind of parody,but without so much fun,without good direction and a lot of things like these..i am really sorry for that but i couldn't know..i thought that they were extemporaneous...fortunately,that movie made me showed me that the films from east have so much fantasy and inspiration that i could never imagine..

    you have to see it!!
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