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  • Jonathan Morgan pulls out the stops for slapstick comedy in this Wicked release, and contract star Carmen Hart is not only a good sport but exhibits talent in an unexpected Lucille Ball/Carol Burnett vein.

    Simple format has her losing her job after oversleeping, in bad with fey but studly pick-up TJ Cummings. Her roommates Katie Morgan and Nikki Rhodes brainstorm with her on a replacement line of work, and we see Carmen's fantasies of how each profession would work out for her.

    This provides comedy scenes of extreme slapstick: Hart fighting with a defective copy machine in an office; suffering bad makeup effects as a result of being a test subject for an aphrodisiac spray; or suffering as a nurse in a scene reminiscent of Terry Jones' classic vomiting in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life".

    Prominent in most skits is Kyle Stone playing a variety of comical characters. Morgan's mission is to balance his fondness for humor with the necessity of including XXX scenes featuring Hart and her femme supporting cast. Clearly this project emphasizes the comedy element, including a nice little turn of Katie Morgan replicating Marilyn Monoe in her upskirt scene from "Seven Year Itch" with Stone as JFK the birthday boy integrated into the staging.