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  • Another year, another aam admi focused movie (in 2013 it was Singh Saab). It is difficult to talk about a Salman movie because lately he has been pretty much formulaic. All his movies are essentially Salaman playing himself along with improbable action, and stupid comedy- the audience though has been lapping it up, prompting a whole generation of solid actors go the Sallu way.

    Salman plays Jai, essentially a do go-oder, a mathematical genius who can multiply up-to 3*3*3*3, (after that he needs help), an ex army-man with a heart of gold who likes to give bad guys an earful before ending their thankless existence. In today's times, think Somnath Bharti on steroids. Like a good old cowboy he strides around dishing punishments, cracking skulls, breaking bones and occasionally killing anyone who does not adhere to his definition of good, but reserves exceptional ferocity to goons who lays eyes on his family. Jai's eureka is to start a people's movement based on the concept of paying it forward when you do a good deed. But then Salman Khan is anything but aam, and there is very little of a people's movement in Jai Ho. It is a one man mission after all.

    Jai Ho.

    Jai takes quite a lot of damage it seems- stabbed, shot, bloodied, beaten black and blue, but then in a matter of seconds he proves that he is Salman Khan after all, when he tears off his shirt, and along with it disappears a knife that was apparently plunged deep in his back. The ludicrity reaches a whole new level when Sunil Shetty rolls in on a tank as Salman's wingman. Towards the end, all that Salman doesn't do is to don the chief minister's cap on his head. But that right belongs to another aam aadmi leader, right?

    The dialogs are straight off a b grade TV serial, and the music jarring. Tabu and Danny lend a touch of class to an otherwise special appearance filled proceedings. Either the khans were flush with funds, or appearing in a Sallu movie is a major draw- anyone and everyone of Bollywood, including out of work actors such as Aditya Pancholi, Mohnish Bahl, Nauheed Cyrusi, Vatsal Seth, Ashmit Patel, Varun Badola, Yash Tonk appear in bit roles. Daisy Shah may be a Rani Mukherjee look alike but is the inconsequential sallu heroine. Even though she is in the pink of health (pun intended), and puts and dances as well as any, with zero screen presence, and screechy acting skills, we may have seen the last of her. Nukkad's Khopdi features here too, probably playing Khopdi- the drunk. Talk about stereotypes .

    Can one person make a difference? The original plot is based on Mimi Ledger's excellent 2000 flick, Pay it Forward. Released on the eve of Republic Day, Jai Ho had the potential to be inspiring, pity though in the hands of a myopic director, it descends into a standard mas-ala movie with song, dance, cheap comedy and action.
  • Just happened to watch 'Jai Ho' out of boredom, and also to check out the hype around Salman Khan!

    The plot is a re-run of multitude of Bollywood movies. Don't these Bollywood guys watch any Hollywood movies, (some of which have quite original themes, storyline and plots)!? Even if the subject is old, the Hollywood treatment is at least better than our Bolly friends. The direction is hopeless, so is the editing. The movie makers have just focused on Salman, and forgotten the rest of the movie altogether, including the editing,the screenplay, the story.....

    The action in the movie was predictable, Superman Batman Spiderman (strike that) Hulk.... all combined into Salman Khan. Somewhere during the movie Salman is shot and stabbed, and later he had to be taken to the hospital. I don't understand how is that possible!? Never seen Hulk or Superman bothered with such human physical responses.

    Yup, thats right, Salman punches the bonnet (hood) of a car, and the dickey (boot) of the car opens up. And the cast of the movie is a medley of all flop/out-of-job sidekicks of bollywood, who were perhaps jobless and were looking to make ends meet, and were ready to work for a free lunch (except Danny, I really respect that guy.) Somehow I feel the vamp lady was prettier and a better actor than the heroine (female lead).

    Salman has two side-kicks in this movie. My wife says he should instead have kept Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan, his brothers, in the movie so some money could be saved. Besides, it wouldn't have made any difference to the movie or the plot anyway.

    Please do not thank me for this review, instead pass it on to three people, and ask them to pass it on three more people each........ this way you will create a chain of community service, and save countless productive hours of the nation.

    Jai Ho ! (oh sorry, Jai Hind!)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    One small Message--Don't say THANK U...Help 3 people and tell them to Help 3 people...BUT WHY does Sohail Khan Has to waste 3 hours of mine to tell this dialogue 30 times and mention the word "JAI" over 100 times for full 3 HOURS !! Sohail is almost as worse than Rohit Shetty, in the "Out of the whole UNIVERSE" kind of stunts with cars..bricks..iron pillars..Humans..almost everything being thrown.. left right and center with just a punch from the Master of the Universe...Mr. SALMAN KHAN..Jai HO !! Humans trying to take Panga with SAL-MAN (aka SUPER-MAN)..don't ever forget HE is not from this planet. Well thats the story in short or the complete story either way !!. But the Icing are the Casts of the Film...its like all B-grade actors you could ever think of in bollywood..all coming together to stand behind the Master of the Universe..SALL-MAN and chanting...JAI HO (Besides laughing, singing gujrati, dancing and even crying the moment the Master does the same) !! and lastly Daisy Shah..who is just a poor copy of Rani Mukherjee..WHO ?WHY ? WHAT? A must watch for all those in COMA or suffering from various neurological..psychological conditions..This movie might just CURE your condition...JAI HOoo !!
  • Well I myself admire Salman for his charisma, action, personality, humility..... etc..etc..etc.. But is it wrong to expect a little sense out of a movie? The only thing i found admirable was using the principle of network marketing (heard about AMWAY or eBIZ ?) as a public help network, which too was never practically shown as activism, but rather being spread as word of mouth. But anyway, the saying is right, SALMAN MOVIES ARE A NO BRAINER. (and don't take it offensively). You might love it if your life is overstressed, totally depleted of any form of motivation, and you haven't had any action or adventure since the past year. If you satisfy any two of these conditions, YES, THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU! :)

    If you are a fan of over the top ACTION, spiceless MASALA, superficial ROMANCE, and unoriginal, tasteless MUSIC, this is your pick. Sadly this review wont be accessible/effective to most of the people who would just go to the theatres to watch salman. BUT, if you are expecting SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING DIFFERENT, SOMETHING MOVING (except for Salman's victims), BEWARE!!! This is the same old candy in a new wrapper and nothing else. Cheers!
  • 2010 marked the turning point for Salman's career, when his film Dabangg arrived. It created a nationwide sensation. First for his different character and second for Munni Badnaam. Since then, he has created a huge fan-base and each time his film becomes a Blockbuster, in spite being a dud(say Bodygaurd and Ready).

    Well, after 13 months, his new film 'Jai Ho!' has hit the screens and I would like to say that it is his best film till date. I have very less expectations from his movies as his films don't have a proper story line. But 'Jai Ho!' excels. It has a great plot with a well-intentioned message.

    Coming to the plot, Jai Agnihotri (Salman) is a decorated ex-army officer who gets suspended for disobeying his senior's orders during a counter strike. Since then, he has become People's Man. His idea is to help 3 people and tell them to help 3 more, and so on creating a chain. The basic plot is brought from telugu movie Stalin, which is itself a remake of Hollywood film Pay It Forward.

    The performances from the lead is from Great to average. Salman roars in 'Jai Ho!' He will make you whistle. The Police station fight sequence, his at minister's office act and the climax will bring you goosebumps for sure. He has proved himself that he can deal a serious role really well. Tabu, as Jai's sister is good. Her encounter with Danny is noteworthy. Daisy Shah doesn't get much scope but is a great dancer. Danny, the corrupt minister is efficient. A special mention to Naman Jain, as Jai's nephew, will make you laugh every time he is on screen. Genelia is good in a brief role.

    Sohail Khan has done his job well but it could have been better. A little more care on the execution would have been perfect. Screenplay is tight. Action sequences are great and will bring whistles. The only letdown has been the Music.

    On the whole, 'Jai Ho!' rises above expectations and is a great entertainer. It is a must watch, even if you aren't a Salman fan, go as an Indian. You'll love it. It has a message. And yes it is true that One Man can make a difference. JAI HO! Rocks!
  • Jai Ho movie is a must watch because This is a mass film which deal with Socail Issues. Making these type of films will make the social awareness to reach maximum people. I remember once Salman Khan told that he acted in a movie Phir Milenge that no one watched because it was treated as an art movie.. So he decided to make movies with messages & social elements through Mass appeal. This will make u reach out maximum number of people. Jai Ho is one of that kind of movie. It has all Salman Khan elements + very very amazing scenes that will make u cry. After watching this movie u will feel that we should do something for the society. There are a lot of emotional elements in the film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Jai Ho" is a Remake of Telugu Film STALIN .. Before this Salman has done successful Remakes as Wanted, Ready And Bodyguard which were exceptional Blockbusters in Bollywood.. Jai Ho is a complete Bonus Bonanza for Salman Fans because till now only the Fans witnessed a Heroic and "A Larger than Life" Image of their superstar but "Jai HO" is an amalgamation of a great Story with - Drama, Comedy , Action and moreover, A Noble Message, "If you'd like to Thank someone don't just say thanks, instead Help 3 People and ask those 3 people to Help more 3 People... Genuinely when u'll come out of Theatres after Watching this Movie this message would have been created an Impact in your Minds.. Not only Salman is seen as a Action Hero but also as a Sensible Person who Helps People suffering in Pain.. Sometimes he'll make you Emotional through his touching performance .. The Story revolves around Jai (Salman)an ex Army officer who believes in honest living and not giving in to injustice. Helping those in trouble eventually lands Jai and his family in trouble when he takes on the might of a powerful Minister (Danny Denzongpa). While on one hand, Jai is engrossed in fighting the evil force, on the other, he conceives a novel idea that could have the potential to stir a revolution – help three people and ask them to help three people in return.How that simple idea changes everything for Jai is what the rest of the film is about. The film is a family entertainer which gives us hope for a better future. For those who have a lot of love for Bollywood and cinema in their bosom, should not miss out on this one. The film opens and closes with a moral – "Thank you mat kahiye instead teen logo ki madad ki jiye aap". Let's hope this film initiates a "Thank You Chain" and creates a history!
  • Jai ho previously titles Mental is well yet another Salman movie, if you have any hope that this may be something different,then its not.

    will it be the liked by Salman's fan,sure why not(it has mandatory shirtless Salman scene in the end,mindless action scenes and what not). but as a cinema its a sure crap..

    i am not able to give away anything from the movie as it has no story,no plot,or anything. this movie makes a social issue look like a messed up joke. i am no critic but can say this is a terrible movie in every department. so take my word spare yourself from this utter crap. my rating is of course 1 star as it is enough for this thing.
  • Jai Ho directed by not so talented Sohail Khan is a story of an ex-army officer who fight with every social evil alone.Even with thousand of people.. Jai Ho is a remake of Tollywood film Stalin which itself was a remake of Pay It Forward.. The thinking and the concept is good but the premise of the film and the execution is just terrible.. Potential of a good movie is made a trash. Story credits are given to A.R. Murugadoss and there is no story but only action and action and action... Screenplay by Dilip Shukla is very bad . He seriously needs some lessons. Dialogues are okay and the action is good but overall it is pathetic.. In the last scene Suniel Shetty takes a tank and droves it in the city. How can it be possible.No logic at all..

    Acting: Salman Khan doesn't know how to act and we all know that, but in this film he is okay. Tabu is just okay, Daisy Shah has nothing to do she is average, Pulkit is good, Sana Khan is a crap, Mohnish Belh is good. But the child Naman Jain as Kabir is flawless, he is really good.. Rest of the cast is terrible

    Direction : We know Sohail Khan has precisely no talent at all. But he has directed Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya which was good and that made me watch the film but this is not direction although Action scenes are good but the credits for that should go the Action Director.. Sohail Khan is just Hopeless ..

    And the dialogue used in the movie" Thanks mat bolo instead 3 logo ki help karo" is used about 20 times which is utterly annoying .. Please guyzz have some logic .. IMDb should see how can this film be rated nearly 7 its not even near 4.. Watch it at your own risk and money....
  • On the whole, a noble, well-intentioned message narrated in an entertaining format in a Salman Khan movie, who, as we all know by now, is the much endeared hero of the masses, makes JAI HO a sure-shot winner. In fact, it won't be wrong to state that JAI HO easily ranks amongst Salman's better films. This one has the potential to emerge a Blockbuster at the box-office. Unlike Salman's previous films, 'Jai Ho' isn't a typical masala movie. The dialogues are simple and connect well with the audiences. The action sequences have been shot well and the cinematography is clean and impressive. Kudos to the Khan brothers for pulling off a film like 'Jai Ho'.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well well well another Sallu bhai flick. The major points for a Sallu blockbuster: 1) An actress who is the age of Sallu's daughter... Check

    2) Billions of supporting characters who have no use... Check

    3) Illogical songs by Sajid-Wajid... Check

    4) Action+Family Drama+Unnecessary romance... Check

    5) Villains... Check

    6) Good fight sequences... Check

    7) Duration not more than 140 minutes... Check

    8) Promotion in every possible manner... Check

    9) Some Salman Khan followers in the cast... Check

    10) An overall disappointment... Double Check

    I don't recommend this film at all. Only DIE HARD Sallu fans may find it interestin
  • Well to begin with its a remake of the south Indian movie Stalin... Its much better remake. It has lots of action...lots mean a lot...the regular salman stuff packaged with more energy. Comedy is also quite good specially the little kid's comedy is pretty cute one. At starting I thought it will be same Salman stuffs like dabang,bodyguard etc...but after 20 minutes its getting interesting...The comedy scenes were pictured perfectly...At least you can laugh loud...The dialogues were good,energetic and AAM AADMI DIALOGUE worked like a magical spell which we had seen in some Harry potter movies...Songs are okay not much but OK. Story is also good. Overall a good package this weekend... Definitely a better movie from Salman than its previous one's. Also this movie will inspire you if want to be inspired... If you are a Salman fan please donot thing for a second just go for it and if you are not then also go for it as it is really a good movie. At least give it a one watch...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well! from a Salman khan movie,one can't except much because all of his movies result into another bollywood crap and in comparison of his movies one is more awful and pathetic from the other.But surprisingly this time he comes with a massage. Though this movie contains also the usual bollywood idiocies but the reason I'm rating it so high is it's massage:help someone and when he or she will thank you,instead of accepting his or her thanks ask him or her to help another 3 persons. This will result into a chain and massage will prevail,hence truth,virtue and goodness will spread with multiple effect.

    As always Salman Khan's acting is awful.But somehow he is charismatic and has huge fan following.That's why his movies work.

    Watch it only for the massage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1st half of the movie is like a bunch of TV adds with social messages, which tries to motivate us but fails miserably.... In the 2nd half it's more of an masala movie but neither anything new nor entertaining.... The movie is actually a total mess trying to adopt both social message theme & masala genre. There are few comic scenes, in fact a single comic scene which tries to make us laugh through out the movie, is good at first but becomes repetitive... There is no connection between the social theme and action scenes shown in the movie... some action sequences are good where as some are pathetic..

    In terms of acting, there are a lot of actors but none of them actually leaves a mark.. The child artist( son of Tabu) is the only one to leave his mark...It's like The movie is crowded with actors but all you can hear is only noise..

    Direction of the movie is pathetic and Sohail Khan should retire from direction...It could have been a good movie but Sohail ruined it completely....!!

    Cinematography is good and camera work is good too and does it's best work promote as much brand as possible...!!

    Songs are kind of OK, but the placements of the songs are horrible and actually it bores u more than it entertains...

    On the whole it's one of the worst movies i have ever seen and in the promise of delivering a social message it's a sore bore....!!

    1/10 for me...........

    P.S- Don't waste your money & time watching this movie.. Neither you will be entertained nor will receive any message...!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here it come "Jai ho" A another mind blasting movie by Salman khan. Don't know about the critics, As they rate it 4-5 star.. quite shocking huh... Nevertheless plot of the film,there is nothing special to talk about.... as usual its "Masala film" full of stupidity and non-sense.

    Salman Khan plays, a patriotic but misunderstood army officer 'Jai' who is kicked out of the army as he doesn't follow his senior's orders.Then He chooses to become a mechanic but it won't work. Daisy shah plays his love interest. Spoiling this happy world is the villain Danny Denzongpa, a mean politician who kills his opposition and has the local police on his payroll.

    Will he able to bring Danny and the other bad boys down? Will his shirt- ripping scene in the climax top the shirt rip in Dabangg? Can he and his lady love live happily ever after? This is the boring climax usually seen in most of the Commercial films.

    If you liked Salman previous hits like Bodygaurd ETT, Dabang. Surly you'll not regret watching this otherwise its waste of money and time.
  • Salman Khan has totally lost it. I feel these people (Salman's Family) just want to make quick movies to earn easy bucks. No thought given while making the movie. Salman's character was same as in other recent movies like Dabangg 1&2, Ready, Bodyguard, and wanted where he acts like a super human. Even 1 Star out of 10 is more, its a truly awful movie. My assumption of how the movie production started is like this: One day Salman, Sohail were sitting and talking to each other. Sohail: Brother, i haven't made a movie with you after Hello Brother and I'm in desperate need of cash to pay my bills. Salman: I am free lets make a movie. Sohail: but I don't have any script in mind. Salman: Don't worry we'll come up with something (stupid!). One day Salman texted Sohail that he's got it (idea). Sohail: Great bro, tell me what it is? Salman: If I help somebody and instead of taking anything in return ask them to help 3 other people this help chain will grow and everyone will be helped. Sohail: Great bro... that's a brilliant idea. Movie will be a hit. But...we don't have a script. Salman: Let's take it from our old movies. Sohail: Which one? Salman: All the recent ones....

    That's how the movie was made just around one idea (The one who is helped in turn help 3 other people). This is the idea they keep talking about in the movie again again as if common people so dumb to understand it.
  • Most of Salman Khan's films have been thorough entertainers. His previous films - 'Wanted', 'Dabangg', 'Bodyguard', 'Ek Tha Tiger' and 'Dabangg 2'- did great business at the Box Office and 'Jai Ho' may prove to be even better.

    Directed by Sohail Khan, 'Jai Ho' is an absolute entertainer with a thought provoking message.

    The title of the film is apt. The central character 'Jai' played by Salman Khan is a suspended army officer, who dares to fight against the unjust and the powerful. He believes in extending a helping hand to those in need and dreams of a prosperous nation where everyone steps forward to help each other.

    His sister Geeta (played by Tabu) knows his strengths and takes pride in having a sibling like him. His thick friends (played by Yash Tonk and Ashmit Patel) follow in his footsteps and are ever ready to assist him or anyone in times of need.

    The whole film revolves around the idea of extending a helping hand to those in need and asking them to return favours by helping three other people and taking the chain forward.

    With 'Jai Ho', Salman Khan has been able to deliver one of the best performances of his career and convey a very simple yet a strong message through this highly entertaining movie.

    The film endorses the belief that even one man can make a difference if he determines to do so. It is all about the power of the common man aka the aam aadmi.

    Debutant Daisy Shah, as expected, had very little to contribute to the film but the newbie does have a strong screen presence. She may need meaty roles in future to prove her acting credentials but looked quite good in the film.

    Tabu as 'Geeta' and veteran theatre personality Nadira Babbar as Jai's mother have been fabulous. They personified strength and support a man seeks from his family. Tabu comes across as a fiery woman who believes in making a noise against the tyrants.

    You will be surprised to see a number of popular and renowned faces essaying character roles in the film. Genelia D'Souza comes across as a handicapped girl and Vikas Bhalla as her brother, Mahesh Manjrekar as an auto rickshaw driver, Mohnish Behl as the Chief Minister, Danny Denzogpa as the Home Minister, Mukul Dev as Denzogpa's son-in-law, Tulip Joshi, Varun Badola, Aditya Pancholi, Pulkit Samrat, comedian Sudesh Lehri and last but not the least, Suniel Shetty as an army officer. super duper hit. although i am not a salman fan and don't liked his previous movies.
  • A man stands up against political grandstanding and corruption after the collateral damages of a maligned system disturbs him to core.

    Made for big theater viewing, out and out entertainment and this one, a better deal, concept of the decade

    India needed to see the corrupt politicians beaten up. And some one had to show the collateral damage of our corrupt system and no one better than the greatest star of Indian film

    The miracle named Salman Prevails! There were some technical glitch, in particular handling a troop of good actors and even managing the peripheral actors, Sohail Khan totally fails as a director.

    A band-wagon of rejected and long lost actors, a never ending list

    And the concept of the decade, a very clean and clear message. Salman Rocks. Full-time entertainment, brilliant action sequences. The Thana Fight was absolute goosebumps.

    Daisy Shah is made for the stage. Promising, but has a long way to go though. Sana Khan was given a deserving vamp's role ;).

    The script was prepared well but managed badly, the director perhaps has no understanding of where to say cut and where to demand a better shot from his actors. Saved by a troop of Stalwarts and the "Ultimate Mega Star"

    3 things which were total let down, the first 15 minutes better than Chennai Express but better director could have done better, the tank to the hospital, the fluctuating emotions

    Salman Rocks! Jai Ho!
  • Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK) Rating: 0.5/5 stars

    "Jai Ho" is one of the scariest horror films I've ever seen. The horror quotient of "Jai Ho" is so stark, that it petrifies you and leaves you completely stricken. The effects and scars of viewing the film haunt you and remain with you long after the film is over. "Jai Ho" is basically a creature horror featuring a monster named Jai Agnihotri (the almighty and indestructible Salman Bhai) who combinedly possesses the vicious bite of the shark from "Jaws" (yeah he actually bites people in this one and bites them pretty severely), the power and stealth of the extra- terrestrial creature from "Predator", and the alarming dread of the unexpected attacks of the underground serpents from "Tremors". "Jai Ho" is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn't be missed by fans of the horror genre under any cost.

    On a more serious note, "Jai Ho" has all the ingredients of the usual kitsch of a Salman Khan starrer and then some more. The inanity, perplexity, and utter disregard for sensibility of his films seem to be sinking to abysmally deeper levels with each passing offering of his. In fact, his choice of directors, co-actors (Why would respectable and reputed performers like Danny and Tabu even agree to be a part of this drivel. Do they so desperately need a hit film?), scripts, and technical departments of his movies seem to made keeping the above parameters in mind. So I'm not even going to try and dissect this mess of a film, because it'd be no different than dissecting all his previous messes in the last 4-5 years (with the sole exception of "Dabangg").

    What I would instead like to do is try and comprehend the sensibilities behind Salman's last 4-5 films including "Jai Ho". It's like he just doesn't seem to care anymore and his decisions seem to be based on his blind belief that his fans would lap up just about anything he offers them. And this time he cunningly tries to sugarcoat all this trite and lack of effort with a few meaningful scenes and a overtly implausible message (Why do his films always have to be so preachy; why can't the message ever be subtle yet resonant?). What's more, the makers of "Jai Ho" appear to be convinced that these few good moments are the only things the audience are going to take away from the otherwise heaping pile of manure that's masquerading in the form of a film. Does this thought process emanate from their over dependability on Salman's star-power, a complete display of arrogance Salman himself feels towards his own star-power, or the amalgamated stupidity of these factors combined?

    "Jai Ho" takes the art of filmmaking and completely mutilates it. What's even sadder is the apparent fact that Salman doesn't even seem to pay respect to the sentiments and intellect of his loyal fans anymore.
  • Great Movie+Great Casting+Great Songs = BLOCKBUSTER!!!!

    This movies shows reality. It doesn't have any vulgar scenes totally capable to watch it with your family (these days its hard to watch Hindi movies with your family). I will recommend everyone to watch this movie. It will make your Friday! It has ENTERTAINMENT, LESSON, AND ACTION!

    Tabu came into movies after a long time, it was really good to watch her in the movie. Movie contains a lot of casting. Sohil Khan did a great job directing and producing the film.

    PS: People who have said negative about this movie must like movies with vulgarity!

    "No need to say thank you. Just help three people next time you get an opportunity."
  • Salman was never a good actor, nor a superstar. He is just an over rated actor with almost no acting skills. Talking about jai ho...I got the message form the movie and applying it in real, PLEASE DON'T WATCH JAI HO! In whole movie, this one line "If you think we did a favor, don't thank us...instead help other 3 people." This dialog has been through out this film around 10-12 times. And this became so annoying to all the audiences present at the theater. One after one, the non-sense little stories were playing. The movie's aim was to spread the message among people, so where there is the need of item songs, romance, stupid flat falling comedy? The best thing about the movie is, it ends.
  • oblivionv-905-22264223 January 2014
    This is an absolute nonsense of a movie with no creativity or substance. I couldn't ever bear this flick till the interval. I walked out of the cinema. The lone intention of the producer and the director seems to be money making in the name of Salman Khan. Here is the theme guys, Salman is a one man army against all things bad in the society. As always, he beats up goons and does good to people and all that stuff. B grade cinematography along with low class jokes and poor acting only dents the movie further which already suffers because of a terrible script and the predictable story line. Do not waste your money on this. Watch it at your own peril.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is just another useless characterization where Salman is pretending to be Aam Adami because people love Aam Admi's real life hero Arvind Kejriwal who has risked his own life for our country. This film has NO cinema and is strictly for those who believe there is only one God of all Gods and he is Salman Khan. May it be Arbaaz Khan's production or Sohail Khan's Production, all movie show that there is only one Superman, their brother -Salman Khan. I can't believe how in the world the character played by Salman is believable common man when nothing can stop him and he does many Superhuman things. This is masala film with no meaning where you can expect to see ONLY Salman's face all the time doing non-sense things.
  • preetam210324 January 2014
    Jai ho is a typical Salman movie in which everything happens (a lot). Action/Song/Drama/Thriller/Roars (yes it does), you name it and its there.

    There seems to be too many logical reviewers these days. They seem to understand and criticize every piece of work. They should learn the meaning of mass entertainment. Salman being mass entertainer does what he does best here. He hugs every person he loves and beats the (cant use the word)out of everyone he hates.

    Yes its a no-brainer. So if you want to just chill back and have a good time Jai Ho is your pick. And to all those who consider themselves as Robert Ebert or Nikhat Kazmi plz plz stay out of Jai Ho and a rating of 1 (awful)..
  • Film is releasing on 24th January 2014 & 284 users rated film without watching it...? How...? Come on IMDb maintain your standard... how can rating option opened before films release...?

    Anyway Jai Ho released in Dubai & some critics & audience reviews are out. Their is green signal from all.Everyone saying its all & all entertainer with strong social message on which we have to think. Its remake of Stalin which had superb contents so i am expecting same from Jai Ho & Salman Khan will take care about entertainment...

    So looking forward for tomorrow's show...after watching i will rate the movie..
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