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  • Lisa Lipps is the reason to watch MOMMY SCREWS, a poorly made porn video spotlighting the dubious appeal of Summer Sinn, a member of the off-the-charts fake breast size club monopolized by the Score Group.

    I bought this one to watch due to the usual sin of false advertising: Annie Body (whom I dig) is listed in false credits on the DVD box cover and even in IMDb (which I am correcting).

    Major segment stars Cheyenne Hunter as a mean-spirited woman berating her man, and then humping him. Sinn does her big-bust sex thing and there is lots of other filler. But the vignette spotlighting Lisa Lipps almost saved the day.

    She is interviewed at length about her career and life, and I enjoyed her candid comments. I have been a fan of hers since the early 1990s, and she even explains how and why she opted for those huge implants circa 1991, an interesting inside story. Of course, her sex scene is what counts, and she provides an arousing one opposite the top-notch Ben English (uncredited as are all male talent here).

    While MOMMY SCREWS is worth skipping, I also bought a companion video (not listed in IMDb) titled MOMMY & GIRLFRIENDS which turned out to be a must- see. It also features Summer Sinn, but the supporting cast is impressive and easily overshadows her. One pair of models perform two lengthy vignettes of fisting (and self-fisting) which is not only eye-popping but singlehandedly (pun intended) brings back the banned practice into video prominence and is highly recommended to anyone interested in more esoteric sexual content.