Shashilal Nair his first. film. as director, he was the assistant of director.K.Vishwanath, who made films like Sargam, Kaam Chor, Jag Utah Insaan, Sanjog etc.

K Shaashi Lal Nair approached Naseeruddin Shah for the film, but Naseeruddin was not interested in a female oriented movie. Plus it was a family drama and he hated doing those.It was due to his personal friendship with Shashi Lal Nair that he accepted the film.

Farooq Sheikh was angry at Shashi Lal Nair for signing Naseeruddin Shah. He wanted to do the role. Shashi Lal Nair advised Farooq it was negative role and it would not suit his image. Farooq then reminded Shashi the did a negative role in Katha .

Rakesh Roshan stated that Shashi Nair requested that Roshan do the film so he (Shashi) could have moral support on the sets. It was Shashi's first movie as a director so he was nervous and needed go have a friend around.

The film was originally titled Bahu Mange Insaaf.