Dana DeArmond was originally cast as the auditioning actress and she suggested a male lead. Director Julie Simone wanted the male character to be a "lifestyle dom," one whose interest in bondage, fetish and sadomasochism was not confined to the screen. Simone chose Master Liam and recast Gia Paloma as the actress.

The original script for Audition (2007) (V) included a scene with Julie Simone and Master Liam after they had finished abusing Lystra and Krissy, and just prior to the flogging of Gia Paloma. This scene wasn't shot due to time constraints. In the missing scene Julie questioned Liam's manhood; inciting him to the higher level of violence he had when dealing with Gia.

A special 15-minute cut of "Audition", emphasizing the surreal themes, was shown at the Erotica L.A. 2007 Film Festival.