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  • lor_26 October 2017
    Being prolific is usually the death of quality for an Adult filmmaker, and after her fabulous circa 2002 series "Naked Hollywood", Toni English/Kelly Holland suffered such a fate. Watching her scores of throwaway Penthouse videos like this one gives evidence of a rapid decline.

    With a bit of voice-over attributed to Emily Evermoor's character and a brief scene of the femme stars agreeing to a contest on which one will bed the most surprising male mate, the five standard Penthouse vignettes are supposedly knitted together into a feature. But they remain just five bits of stand-alone filler.

    For her part, Evermoore does go the extra mile in the finale, having three-way sex on a pool table, two of her partners being Black studs with lengthy sticks. That's ho-hum a decade later when IR content has virtually taken over the porn industry, but notable back when Penthouse porn was in flower.

    Joanna Angel, sporting less tattoos and a normal hairstyle is among the coffee klatch femmes, paired with a young James Deen for anal sex, while biggest star on view has to be Bree Olson (a loan-out from Adam & Eve?), cruising in her limo and picking up skid row bum Voodoo for sex in the back seat. Voodoo also does the interviewing for the DVD's BTS segment, while his better half Nicole Sheridan doesn't show up at all on screen, simply taking still photographs of the cast for box cover and Gallery.