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24 August 2019 | lor_
Nicole shows how it should be done
I was surprised to see this Penthouse Video as the only feature directed by actress Nicole Sheridan, per IMDb's listing for her. It's a stylish and imaginative departure from the norm (assembly-line) by Penthouse, and should have earned here more assignments, 'tis a pity.

The vignettes are unusual and kinky, with an added bonus of revealing how all that fake porn Squirting is accomplished. Nicole features a regular squrting scene, with Lexi Love doing the honors, but before that there is a strange segment starring Roxy DeVille as a modern artist.

Roxy carefully uses a turkey baster that she fills with pastel paint and inserts it into her pussy. Using this procedure several times, she squirts onto a canvas lying on the floor, creating abstract patterns. In the process, we see how porno squirting, not evident in real-life situations, is done.

Perhaps Nicole was black-balled from further directing gigs by the industry, afraid that such a revelation of how fake their content is could threaten the cottage industry that has developed over the past two decades regarding Squirting videos. Who knows?

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