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  • Vanessa Blue is an impressive big-bust star, whose work as filmmaker is dwarfed by her huge boobs. This movie she made for Adam & Eve is quite off-beat, and stylish in its integrating of IR sex scenes into a story feature format.

    Alana Evans and Alexis Silver play a lesbian odd couple: Alana is a cop and Alexis is a larger-than-life sex bomb also attractive to the male of the species. It's one of the British actess Alexis' better roles in an otherwise heavy on the gonzo career.

    Simple story concerns Alana on the trail of a mysterious art thief, who steals million dollar paintings but crudely cuts them out of their frames, thus greatly ruining their value. The thief also lives tiny figurines behind as clues, toying with the police.

    I was greatly surprised by director Blue's many stylish elements, including some innovative editing techiques, a softcore flashback sex scene of Alana and Euro porn actor Claudio Meloni, and the emphasis on big tits throughout. The culprit's identity is very easy to guess, but the sexual content is consistently invigorating.