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title cards: There are more than 2 million people in American prisons today. This film is dedicated to the thousands of them who are actually innocent.

Narrator: [narration] The images of your life, picture them, on your refrigerator, in albums, frames. They capture every stage, change, celebration. Without them, how much do you remember? How much do you rely on these photos to remind you of the journey you've taken in life. Now imagine them gone. This is the first photo John Stoll has of is life. The rest were either confiscated by police, destroyed after the death of his mother, or lost to the passing of time. This grainy black-and-white photo was taken when he was 41 years old, the day he was convicted of 17 counts of child molestation in Bakersfield California.

Carla Modahl - Daughter of Jeffrey Modahl: Despise is a big word. It's a hard word. I think despise is... a much harsher word than hate, and that's the way I feel about authority figures in Bakersfield.

Narrator: John and Jeff are back together now, as free men. They say the bond they share is truly that of brothers.