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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Short-tempered Mick (superbly played with explosive intensity by Josh Kelling) and his more laid-back buddy Danny (a nicely subdued performance by Brian Thomas Evans, who also wrote the sharp and biting script) are a couple of weary hit men who get together at a local seedy bar on the 10th anniversary of their partnership. Complications ensue when Danny tells Mick he wishes to quit the business and refuses to do one last job with his friend. Director Vincent Grashaw expertly crafts an utterly gripping and edgy little ripper which benefits tremendously from the natural and convincing acting by the first-rate leads. The utterly believable chemistry between Kelling and Evans really keeps the picture humming throughout. The often profane dialogue crackles with a certain raw and wickedly funny politically incorrect wit (Mick's incredibly vulgar, racist and sexist comments in particular are hilariously nasty). The startling grim conclusion is a genuine shocker. Kudos are also in order for the vividly rendered trashy tavern setting and Yasu Tanida's polished cinematography which makes inspired use of stark and shadowy lighting. Well worth seeing.