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  • samsapper28 November 2020
    Someone who's willing to dig in and speak the truth. Also very entertaining with high energy.
  • Real news commentary for those who want to hear the truth no matter your personal views. Somewhat 'salty' language but it gets the point across. Part Commentary, Part Comedy = Great POV.
  • fredgarkinian12 December 2020
    Truth seeker and he finds it! Exposes the Darkness so that we may see the light...enjoyably
  • This guy really knows how to put on a show. There's no rainbow confetti being shot out of a cannon to dazzle you, no smoke and mirrors to diddle your mind, just plain raw to the funny bone repartee and ridicule of some of the galaxy brains running this world. This is all done beholden to the Salt Queen (producer of the year) and with the support of the Salty Panther (aka the Salty Floof). Highly entertaining and hilariously insightful by one of the golden "untouchables" of this world.