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  • Probably the work of B. Skow, given the similarity to the previous (#14) release in this revamped series that he directed, we have corny playlets based on sexually corrupt lawyers -minus the soap opera dramatics that originally motivated this show back when India Summer and Avy Scott starred a decade earlier.

    Divided into two halves, the first part features youngsters Chloe Foster, Dolly Leigh and Breanna Sparks as wayward teens who steal panties from stores. They're in big trouble now that they've moved on from water pistols to wielding a real gun in their latest theft.

    Lawyer Laly (the French actress-director bringing a touch of class to her role) extorts sex from busty Breanna in exchange for getting her charges dismissed, while partners in crime Chloe and Dolly hump each other and plot against Sparks to blame everything on her.

    Second half has young Lilly Ford and redhead Sabina Rouge on the hook for selling overpriced printer toner for a crooked employer who's flown the coop, leaving them to take the rap.

    Lawyer Serene Siren and her assistant Britney Amber deduce that the charges won't stick, but pretend they have hard work to do on the girls' case, with sex demanded in return.

    This quid pro quo and mean-spirited bamboozling of young innocent girls is a stupid (and distasteful) gimmick, spoiling the otherwise sex scenes.