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  • lor_21 March 2021
    First half of this edition is a delightful throwback to my favorite Girlfriends Films series, "Pin Up Girls", with a quartet of beauties trying on vintage lingerie and even shooting cheesecake footage of each other with an 8mm camera. Holy nostalgia Batman!

    It's all a scheme by Scarlet Red to get her friend Vanessa Veracruz to come out of the closet by fixing her up with classmate Penny Pax. Scarlet recruits another pal Star Nine to pretend to be her sister Jenna, and then stages a kissing game for the lingerie-clad quartet, getting sensual with fake "sis", leading to VV & Penny imitating them and ultimately going XXX together. Afterward Star and Scarlet get it on.

    Second half of the show is a sexual initiation plot, which was followed up by a lengthy verbal recap by Sabrina Deep in the release "Women Seeking Women 130", followed in that show by Sabrina arousing Aryana Augustine with her story, and getting AA to make love to her.

    In this version mom Jodi West has a talking to with her kid Mia Gold, after finding strap-on dildos, a vibrator and GIrlfriends porn DVD in Mia's bag. She decides to move her latently lesbian daughter into full-bore Sapphic sex, first by staging a 4-woman meeting with Sabrina Deep and a lady whose cheating on her hubby with a woman from Church caused a scandal.

    Result is Jodi hooking up with Kendra for solid MILF on MILF action, and then Mia humping Sabrina after Kendra influences her in the girl/girl direction off-screen.