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  • owlfan188 October 2014
    Being a fan of Matsuri Hino's manga of vampire knight, I knew I had to check this anime out. even though the story was changed a lot, I still enjoyed the series, I loved the characters especially Zero, and the art and animation was amazing, it gave out that Gothic sort of feeling. there were times when I laughed and times when I was on the edge of my seat an I especially loved how the chibi was added to this as well and the romance in the anime was not bad either.

    Don't listen to people who say it's like the anime version of Twilight because it's nowhere near as bad as that. this anime has more action in it than Twilight and all the characters have emotion unlike Kristin Stewart.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I sat through this drech for 2 days on Netflix, and found it to be a waste of time, as the story seemed to be stitched together in some points and the love plot ended in such a terrible, and disappointing manner that I got physically angry. I am still irritable about it and the Female leads choices and follow through. VERY Disappointed, as with many ANIME the story starts strong, keeps you interested and then just LETS YOU DOWN I do not recommend this ANIME.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Note that this is a review of the anime, not the Manga(I've given up reading it).

    Nothing really special and stands out in this anime but if you want some romance anime series to keep you up for just a couple of hours, this one you'll enjoy. I like this one but I don't think it's one of those anime's that will be remembered for long. The one thing that really stood out as far as I'm concerned is the opening song for its first season(Vampire Knight),Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi by On/Off.

    Twilight, anyone? Yes, a lot of people has compared this with twilight. And if you liked Twilight, then there's a 99% probability that you'll like Vampire Knight too. Our Bella is Yuuki Cross, a "day class" student at Cross Academy. Instead of a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, we have a Team Kaname vs. Team Zero. But I have to admit that Vampire Knight is not your typical romance anime. This is one strength of this series. Or should we attribute it to the vagueness of dialogues that one cannot fully decipher the meaning behind the stares, the meaning behind some Shakespearean lines that can be interpreted in different ways? You see, to be honest, even if having finished watching Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty(composed of 13 episodes each; around 25 minutes per episode), I can say I still haven't had enough understanding and dissecting it. I wanted to search more, create some more theories..and yes, what I'm actually saying is that I wished everything was clear. Yes, answers were given but should we confine ourselves to what has been provided? The answers were even vague if you ask me . I still can't figure Yuuki's feelings in the end. And I still don't know if Kaname was really the person he revealed he was. I'm not satisfied with how it ended.

    Another strength of the series is the characters. And sadly, the lead girl ain't one of them. I'll tell you why later. But anyway, I'm referring to all other characters. Who really stood out are the two main guys: Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu. Not only were they well-drawn so that fangirls would swoon but they were so crafted in a way that the depth of their personalities would exude. Most especially the character of Kaname. He is my favourite character in the series, not only because he looks hot(lol) but what really stood out is the mystery that lies behind his character. He is unreadable, he says one thing but his eyes don't speak. You can't read him. There's so much more than what he shows, or, says. Add that to the deep/lifeless voice of the dubber which leads the viewers to interpret his words or acts in different ways. You'll think he's a good guy, you'll also think he's up to something. You'll think he loves Yuuki, you'll also think he only sees her as a sister. You'll think he uses people around him, you'll also think he has a deeper plan. Who exactly is he? And what does he have to do with Yuuki's life? This is where the unpredictability of the story comes in . And yes, this series is not predictable. Could get bland and dragging, you could say that, but unpredictable. You'll find yourself getting surprised at some plot twists. I won't get into details but some of these interesting twists are Zero's life having some major "changes", some revelation about Yuuki's identity, and the return of a pureblood who's set to change their lives.

    Yuuki has feelings for the mysterious pureblood Kaname after having saved her from another vampire when she was a kid. Our second guy(Kiryu/Zero), happens to be a nemesis of Kaname,not because he's a wolf, but because his parents got killed by vampires. Sounds typical right? It is, but still, its watchable(especially given that it's not that long). Although this is really a romance story, the irony is that there isn't really much of sweet scenes to speak of. There's not much knight-in-shining-armor moments, but then it could still work positively. It leaves the viewers with some sense of reflection as to why they say such things, act like that. Our imaginative self starts to work. Not much action with our love triangle, not too adversarial between the two guys(or am I asking too much) but I guess the flaw is with the lead girl. She's a weak character IMHO. You can't empathize with her, instead, you'll get annoyed. Add to that her monologues and self-debates that could just get my eyes rolling. She's your typical Cinderella: selfless, loving, etc. She is an uninteresting character.

    Actually, this series is slow-paced. This could be squeezed into 10 episodes only, if we're really being technical about it. So in a nutshell, here's what I have to say: this anime series will be loved by the young and the young at heart. Storyline is so-so (I say so-so because despite the fact that it could get boring and cheesy, the twists and cliff hangers will also hold your attention). The characters are all well-crafted except the lead girl. Soundtrack is awesome.
  • ArtemisAngelx26 February 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    I find this anime excellent, though opinions may differ. Matsuri Hino's characters truly enhance this story and make it beautiful. "For one to succeed in writing, an author must love all his characters." Hino gives enough of her attention to every character, preparing tactful subplots so that behind every action lies a sophisticated meaning. She thus creates a sui generis individual out of all of them successfully that they take permanent residence in your hearts. The story has a Gothic base of vampires, allowing a large canvas Hino richly colours with imagination. It's a highly addictive plot line overflowing with bittersweet moments that make you faintly smile as you wage war against your tears.
  • I've been binging anime shows for weeks now and every now and then they have characters that triggers me, annoying characters... but this is the first time the main character is so annoying I can't get myself to watch the whole thing. Yuki is just too much... I keep dozing off fantasizing of ways they could kill her off the show. If Yuki wasn't in this show, I'd probably enjoy it.
  • The main character, Yuki, makes this show difficult to watch. She comes off as naive and clingy. Her interactions with the other characters will make you cringe.
  • dadsbabygirl-2532018 August 2018
    In love
    I started watching Vampire Knight at a young age around 8, and ever since then I've been awaiting season 3. Now much older I am still impatiently awaiting for the arival of season 3. This is honestly the only anime that i enjoy watching. I love the action and the romance in this anime. I enjoyed finding more out about each character. The ending of season 2 was simply amazing. I adore this anime, and I hope for more very soon.
  • Eh, this show started out okay I guess. Kind of lost me pretty quick though. It isn't completely terrible. It has things to appreciate, but not enough to really keep watching it. The biggest issues are the characters and the plot lines. The main character, Yuki, is a bland, boring, and extremely uninteresting character. Her character mainly consists of being attacked and being useless. As you can imagine, watching her gets quite tedious very fast. The guy she has a crush on, Kanamae, is an asshole. He seems to enjoy being a dick for no real reason. He really bothered me the entire time. The only character that was alright was Zero. He wasn't a dick (without reason anyway) and I felt bad for him when all sorts of awful things happened to him. Unfortunately, one character can't carry this whole show. The plot lines, while maybe not bad ideas, were executed poorly. None of them felt like they had any real weight to them, as the characters never really treat any situation very seriously. When the characters don't care, then I don't care. Like I said, there is good here though. The animation is pretty good and nice to look at, and the music does set a nice tone. That's about it though. Those two good things aren't worth sitting through this entire show. I don't hate it, but I certainly don't like it at all.
  • Vampire Knight is an anime that's absolutely perfect for those who like fantasy romance packed with emotions. Characters are all very well developed, the protagonist, Yuki often takes matters int her own hands (she isn't idle as some reveiwers claim) and both Zero and Kaname are absolutely amazing (altho you'll need to watch at least a few episodes before getting to know the later, and like him). I recomeend watching. I only whish there would be more seasons.
  • zelca-1597617 October 2020
    I don't care what people say about this show. I actually like it. It's first anime I have ever watched and I got obsessed with it. I wish there would be more seasons. This even made me want to read Manga and find out what happens with Zero and everyone else next. I'll admin that Yuki could be annoying at times, but it is not that bad.
  • This is a very odd and interesting show that could've been much better. Every other scene is a load of pure nonsensical pretentious bs, but the rest of it is beyond competent. Watching this show is a very frustrating experience because while trying to enjoy the interesting bits it keeps being interrupted by boring repetitive trash. I would recommend this for anime and fantasy fans, but be warned that you'll have to put up with a lot of terrible subplots.
  • It's not a good show to be honest, I'm surprised so many people enjoy it, I guess they can't tell a good and a bad show apart. Regardless, Yuki was a very, VERY irritating character, Kaname is a creep (he gives me pedo vibes) and Zero is supposed to be protecting Yuki when all he's actually doing is taking advantage of her in a borderline sexual way. I just simply can't get over the fact of how irritating most characters are, and the voice acting makes them even worse character in my opinion. The voice acting is stale and has no dimension. I did watch the whole anime though I wouldn't recommend this to my friends.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This came out during this same time as the twilight saga movies were released and back when I first watched this it seemed awesome but just like twilight now that I look back I realize just how ridiculous it is. Its not as bad because its of its animation so it doesn't look fake. The main character is just as plain and boring and will eventually be caught up in love triangle.
  • petragreen5 October 2017
    Season one is OK not great just OK. I like the Gothic tone for this show which is visually interesting to watch but my problem with it is the story is too slow pace, The vampires and love triangle plot is like watching twilight if it got made into an anime. I recommend watching this if you like vampire romance or twilight.
  • I hope to complete this wonderful work in all respects, music, characters, and the sad, mysterious story more than wonderful
  • alaskaforbes22 April 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show does not deserve above 5 stars. At the start it didn't seem so bad so I watched it in my spare time. The first few episodes are pretty good but then Zero becomes a vampire and then the plot and the plot progression just became worse have I said how annoying Yuki becomes. The second season is worse turns about Yuki is a vampire and her Vampire crush I related to her, will this stop her from perusing him and start dating Zero, no! Why would it, if anything it makes her like him more. I gave this show 2 stars for one reason and that is two of the supporting vampire characters aren't that bad, those characters being Aido and the other being Ruka.
  • The last few episodes really did not make a lot of sense. They added to worst way to end it.
  • I will admit to being a reader of the manga who drifted because of the terrible writing. I decided to watch the series in the hopes that the anime might cure the ills of the manga. Sadly, Vampire Knight remains a waste of potential: a terrific concept showcased by great art and voice acting, but let down by truly bizarre plot choices and flimsy characters and next to no character development.
  • In elementary school i had the graphic novels and i really liked them, i dont think ive ever really seen the series before until now , but ive almost finished both volumes in 2 days, worth it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's like a cool set of vampires and humans and hunters. You love Yuki, a strong girl trying to put past weakness aside for protecting her guy and as in Dracula the movie we see her have feelings for the pure blood vampire. They could have made the hunter's revolver gun cooler like Alucard's in Hellsing OVA. The chilling eerie music is a haunt you want to drown in. The hero hunter is also fighting himself- a feeling for his pas t life. Like he is a vessel for vampire killing. His love for Yuki-will he love her or his blood lust kill her. His love for his brother and mentor. His relation with the pure blood vampire.A compelling tale of souls in inner siege.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I gave this ago since I like vampire things myself and haven't seen a vampire anime series before. I really fell in love with the character Yuki like she's a pretty strong character for a prefact school girl. I even like her look, she really is so cute! I felt sorry for her that she's always wanting to help Zero overcome himself with his vampire tendencies but he just doesn't want to open up and kinda pushes her away. I definitely wouldn't call that a Edward Cullen and Bella Swan story lol! Heck he's like Han Solo with his bad ass vampire gun and Yuki as Leia for her charm!

    Seriously I'd never ever compare Vampire Knights with Twlight, both really are different thankfully. Twlight was horrible but Vampire Knights kinda did it right (season 2 is better though) .

    This anime was quite good but it's just I would've rathered if it was a lot more scarier and wilder. Like the vampires in this weren't that scary in my opinon, it's like its been used many times and you've seen it all before! Anyways it's good enough if you want an introduction on the Vampire Knights series!