Kyle Broflovski: You know, I learned something today.


Kyle Broflovski: We thought we could make money on the Internet. But while the Internet is new and exciting for creative people, it hasn't matured as a distribution mechanism to the extent that one should trade real and immediate opportunities for income for the promise of future online revenue. It will be a few years before digital distribution of media on the Internet can be monetized to an extent that necessitates content producers to forgo their fair value in more traditional media.

Stan Marsh: [pause] Yeah.

[Terrance and Phillip want to go home from the protesting]

Stephen Abootman: Look, guy. We have to stay strong. If you don't stand with your fellow Canadians, then you are a rat!

Terrance: Don't call me a rat, buddy.

Stephen Abootman: I'm not your buddy, friend.

Phillip: He's not your friend, guy.

Stephen Abootman: I'm not your guy, buddy.

Terrance: He's not your buddy, friend.

Stephen Abootman: I'm not your friend, guy.

[pulling a gun on Chris Crocker]

Tay Zonday: Prepare for some Chocolate Pain, bitch.

Tay Zonday: Shut your fucking mouth, laughing baby!

Ghyslain Raza: Who crowned you the top internet star?

Tay Zonday: I did - when I became bigger than all you bitches.

Chris Crocker: Leave TRON guy alone! Leave him alone!

Stephen Abootman: [on the video] When you think of Canada, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Eric Cartman: Gayness!

[every student in the bleachers laughs]

Stephen Abootman: [on the video] That's right - spirit. What is it that makes Canada so important?

Clyde: Nothing!

[everyone laughs]

Tay Zonday: [when Butters sits down next to him] Chocolate Rain.

Tay Zonday: [loading a gun] Y'all wanna motherfuckin' die?

Swiss Delegate: Ahhh, ven you say "Canada is on strike," what exactly do you mean?

Stephen Abootman: What do you think it means?

[pounds the table]

Stephen Abootman: We're striking, buddy! No more! That's it! Until we get what we want.

French Delegate: Who are you exactly to authorize this strike?

Stephen Abootman: I'm Stephen Abootman! Leader of the WGA!

French Delegate: The WGA?

Stephen Abootman: [crosses his arms] Yes! The World Canadian Bureau!

[the other delegates don't react]

French Delegate: What exactly does Canada want?

Stephen Abootman: We want: more... money!

Aide 1: [with mustache] Yeah! More money!

Japanese Delegate: More money from where?

Stephen Abootman: Just more money! You know! Canada doesn't get enough money! Other countries have lots of money; we want, we want some of that money! Hu- how about- the Internet? The Internet makes lots of money! So give us some of that money!

Aide 1: Yeah! Give us Internet money!

British Delegate: A Mister A- Abootman, you seem to- not understand how... global economics works. I think that...

Stephen Abootman: Don't give me that fat-cat fancy lip-wiggling! Are you gonna give Canada more money or what?

[pounds his fist on the table a few times]

British Delegate: I'm afraid we can't.

Stephen Abootman: Then you leave Canada no choice.

[heads for the doors. His aides open them and he heads out]

Stephen Abootman: This strike shall continue!

[the aides head out, closing the doors behind them]

Tay Zonday: [putting a gun to Chris Crocker's head] Get ready for some chocolate pain, bitch!

Chris Crocker: Leave the panda alone! Leave her alone, I'm serious!

Tay Zonday: Eurghh... my brains!