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  • Austin Weynand6 November 2016
    Visually impressive, but utterly uninspired. Could have been great
    Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing this movie, and then seeing the other reviews for it online, I felt the need to write my opinion in order to share why some did not like it and why I feel it could have been far better under different direction.

    First of all, I generally like Marvel's films. They manage to put out new stories virtually every year and incorporate new characters into their ensemble. They've also mastered the art of masking each film as original and fresh, and for the most part it's just a fun time at the cinema. But the problem is that eventually, while you will always be able to pick new heroes from the massive wealth Marvel has created through comics, the formula, the acting, the uninspired scripts and classic gimmicks will become stagnant and even begin to bore the audience.

    I wanted to like Doctor Strange, and I, too, was convinced by the trailers that it would be captivating and interesting and thought- provoking. But twenty minutes into the movie and I could already tell how this was probably going to go.

    The acting was to be expected given the cast they chose, but nothing stood out. Benedict Cumberbatch played a convincing Doctor Strange, but his character was completely static - I felt no indication that he had changed in the slightest by the end of the film (which is what the filmmakers were lazily trying to portray), and I couldn't even figure out why he suddenly wanted to fight the enemy in the first place. The rest of the characters were poorly fleshed out, and I found myself caring little for any of them, a phenomenon that did not occur when I watched "Iron Man" or "Guardians of the Galaxy". The jokes and wise-cracks felt especially childish this time around, and even out of place in the face of sincerely substantial ideas such as alternate dimensions and the fabric of time and space. Additionally, the pace simply felt rushed and awkward, and like I said before, I just couldn't find myself caring for any of the one- dimensional, superficial characters.

    The plot was formulaic, which is typical and expected of Marvel; hero suddenly has powers, hero is confronted by conflict larger than himself, hero acts selflessly to save the day and the girl, hero returns and the film ends with some good old fashioned comic relief (Wang laughing, in this case). Normally I could enjoy this, but combined with the tepid acting, shallow characters and strange pacing, the whole plot and film just felt... tired. Even with the great visuals (which were truly impressive and to the benefit of the movie), I simply didn't enjoy it. I wanted more, a more interesting script that had at least a couple memorable or provocative lines rather than none, a stronger character arc, a better and more menacing villain (spoilers aside, the final confrontation was COMPLETELY underwhelming and mildly ridiculous), and, all-in-all, a more enticing movie.

    I really think "Doctor Strange" could have been a lot better of a film, but I feel like the filmmakers were just flat-out lazy this time around. While I do recognize the cash-cow that is Marvel, I just hope this isn't the beginning of the end for their good movies, movies with at least a little bit of substance. They still plan to cram over a dozen heroes into Infinity War, and if as little heart and care is put into it as was put into this one, it could be a very bad, shallow, exhausted film.

    3.5/10 for great visuals and a relatively coherent plot.
  • paulofigueiredo25801 November 2016
    Strange movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had fun seeing this movie. It's an overall good popcorn flick. But if you are, as i'am, a little demanding about movies, you'll feel in the end that they gave a great amount of attention to the digital/special effects aspect of the movie and very little to the screenplay. In the end, if you're one of those weirdos who stay and watch the credits out of respect for the crew who made the movie possible, you'll notice that digital, cgi and special effects have huge teams of dozens of computer geeks who master an art that fills 90% of today's action movies. That's saying a whole lot of the movies industry these days.

    The movie has a relaxed tone to it, almost like Green Lantern. The protagonist is egocentric and stubborn. His confidence is often mistaken for arrogance. The jokes are of bad taste. The dialogues are light and deprived of any seriousness. Even in the event of an eminent apocalypse, Dr. Strange manages to throw his puns and bad jokes. The multiverse of presented almost as a gratuitous event, a mundane truth accessible to anyone of travels to Kathmandu. There's no secret, no effort to achieve it. You only need to knock at their door, and the Ancient One will teach you right away the secrets of the astral plane. There's no sense of urgency, like for instance the urgency that drives Neo to find the truth about the Matrix and his decision to swallow the red pill.

    This plot is old and recycled. It takes the Hero's Journey myth and put it to practice. And we've seen it a thousand before: Talented yet self centered person is set to trial and loses his talent/strength. Seeking redemption, finds a tutor. The tutor teaches humility and new found power. An enemy emerges. Tutor dies in fight. Apprentice seeks revenge, wins battle, takes the tutor's position. More or less, this formula is old and we all know it.This movie is academic in this sense. But it somehow works. It's light mood dialogues and absence of seriousness makes it digestible.

    Well... at least until the last battle. Dormammu (one of my favorite marvel villains) is so poorly portrayed. Worst only Galactus in Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer. And the battle, the solution found by Dr.Strange to defeat Dormammu makes absolutely no sense. The Eye of Agamoto controls time in a dimension where time exists, but the the Dark Dimension of Dormammu there's no such thing as Time. So, how could the Eye even work in a dimension where the concept of time does not exist. How did even Dormammu succumbed to a concept to which he was not captive of of? Did the Eye of Agamoto invented time in the Dark Dimension? Of course not. It's just a bad plot decision. It's simply lazy writing.

    The way they confuse so many time the realm of metaphysics with hard science like quantum mechanics, is astonishing. Like they were trying to mask the comic book nature of Dr. Strange (a sorcerer who is able to travel between dimensions with his magical powers) with quantum physics Wikipedia vocabulary. The confusing and unnecessary discussion between Strange and the Ancient One about the nature of the Multiverse, shows an attempt to minimize the "magic" of movie and make it sound more ... "scientific". Dr. Strange, in the book, is a magical entity. His powers are far beyond known science as he can do things modern science finds impossible. So the attempt to rationalize such character is in my opinion a big mistake.

    Overall, is an entertaining movie, with cool special effects, pleasant acting and light atmosphere. Good Saturday evening flick. Don't expect lots of brains in it.
  • Gary Freeman3 November 2016
    More of the Same
    Warning: Spoilers
    Another MCU movie that the bandwagon is giving stellar reviews to even though it sucks.

    The movie follows the same basic formula as all of the other MCU movies. There's quips, there's jokes, there's a McGuffin, there's a 1-dimensional villain.

    Movie's sole purpose is another lead-up to the next Avengers. The mystical artifact Strange uses turns out to be an Infinity Stone. "Shocking". If I had a dollar for every time Marvel did something that took me by surprise, I'd be flat broke, because you can see this stuff coming from a mile away.

    I swear, I almost walked out when I heard the wifi password joke. Not to mention the stupid cape being alive so they have more comedy in the movie. Comedy? My mistake, I meant cringe.

    Marvel Movies have a tendency to love to have the hero getting betrayed by someone they thought an ally. Baron Mordo is a friend of Strange and his group in the movie. He's a villain in the comics. Anyone knows what is coming from a mile away. He doesn't go full bad guy in this one, but expect him to be full on evil in the sequel.

    Another thing nearly every single MCU movie does is the fake-out death. A character will die and then in the next movie or even just in the post-credit scene of the movie they died in they'll pop up alive and well. Seriously, go back and look. Wong dies in this movie and Strange just reverses time and brings him back. The only character I think has stayed dead is Quicksilver. And there were rumors he was going to pop up alive and well somehow in the New Avengers scene at the end of Age of Ultron.

    The warped city stuff isn't as revolutionary is people claim. Considering Inception did it 6 years ago and that horrible Devil May Cry reboot did something similar as well.

    Movie is getting stellar reviews, which doesn't mean much. At this point Marvel Studios could just release a 2 hour movie that is just the main character sipping a glass of tea while sniffing a dog turd and it would still get critical acclaim.

    You know why it's so freaking hard to enjoy Marvel movies these days? When everyone is on the bandwagon and everyone attacks you if you have a different opinion, and when the movies are praised for being "amazing" when in reality they're just actually "just okay" or only "halfway decent", it makes them movies feel worse to me because when they don't live up to what critics and the fanboys say it is.

    Like Civil War this year. Everyone called it a "Masterpiece." Then I saw it and the whole movie only functioned because of the gaping plot holes. But if you point out said plot holes you get vilified.

    I think this movie might be the last MCU movie I bother seeing. They all feel the same, follow the same formula, and the fanboys make going to see them insufferable. Maybe Spider-man: Homecoming could be good, but since they have Vulture, Shocker, and Tinkerer (3 1- dimensional villains) as the villains of the film, it looks like the movie is already setting up to be the same movie with different characters we've seen about 15 times now. Just watch, I bet that the plot ends up being Vulture trying to steal a priceless artifact and Spidey has to keep it from him, and then in the post-credit scene it's revealed to be an Infinity Stone so they can do another "Look, look, shared universe,everything tied together" moment that are tired at this point.

    Why did I give it a 1? I'd have given it a five, but the over-hyped nonsense from critics and the Marvel fanboys just makes these movies feel worse than they actually are to me. A mediocre movie ends up feeling like complete trash when everyone is calling it one of the best movies ever and then you see it and it's just "kind of sort of okay" Especially when the only thing I thought was good in the movie was the special effects. I also enjoyed the special effects in the Transformers series, but as we all know, those movies suck, and no amount of great special effects will save a crap movie.

    Movie also shows the problems the MCU will be facing soon. Dr. Strange is a D-list character at best. After they lose Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, Widow, Thor, Nick Fury, and the other characters that the MCU was built on, they'll only have Spider-man and a bunch of C and D-listers holding their shared universe together.
  • Vinay Sital21 October 2016
    Trippy, Weird, Amazing and Jawdropping!
    I was lucky enough to be among the press-junket last Wednesday to witness this movie! I usually rate movies by different aspects, but i'll also answer some questions my friends had about this film which I also had myself!

    Acting (10/10): This cast is amazing! They embody their characters instead of trying to act like the character. Benedict as Dr. Strange was a portrayal right out of the comics! Tilda as the ancient one killed it!

    Action (10/10): Wow! I could argue the action in this movie being on par with the scenes in civil war. It was so incredible watching this scenes with million pieces moving yet focus sing on the main characters. Wide angles, long shots and great choreography. what else do you want?

    Story(8/10) : This movie had a solid story and you believed what, how and why things were going on! Villain was good and actually a memorable one for once(stab, you're welcome dc fans). It was not flawless though. The pace kind of slows down before the final act which was unnecessary!

    Cinematography/VFX 10/10: The images in this film blew my mind! There is a scene in the beginning where the ancient one shows Dr strange "the magic" and it is great! Some serious mind-bending stuff combined with great visuals to let it manifest itself to the audience. Most artistic movie yet of marvel.

    Overall, i'd give this movie an 8.5. Though this isn't THE best marvel movie, it is truly one of best out there. After the disappointing Jason borne, jack reach er etc. we finally have a movie that lives up to the hype! GO Watch this movie in Max 3d if possible, because it is worth it for once!

    Some questions that my friends asked:

    "Is this better than civil war?" - Well visual-wise on par, but story-wise civil war is better for many reasons including the fact that civil war had a lot of background information to work with. This was more of a standardized origin film.

    "Is there a post-credit scene?" - Ah yes sir! Apparently there are two, but we got to see only 1.

    "Is this the most mind-boggling thing you've ever seen on screen?" - Ehm yes and no. Yes, because the effects were amazing and things I've never seen before. No, nothing was so mind-blowing that it made me think different of the world or something.
  • ibynadat20 October 2016
    A fantastic, excellent and glamorous movie with everything. A class act
    Without giving away too much, Benedict Cumberbatch just kills it. He is one class actor. Cumberbatch rocks as Strange and pulls it off with ease. The impressions his portrayal gives us is that he was born to play the role of the ex-neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme. Such is the talent of the lead cast, that it represents just how good the movie was overall. Every normal movie watcher will love the action, humour, adventure and fantasy throughout the film.

    A solid new character introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with loads of potential. Cumberbatch solidifies and anchors his role in the MCU as Stephen Strange in a similar fashion to RDJ doing so with Tony Stark.

    A must watch! Enjoy!
  • annie13 November 2016
    takes the audience for a fool
    Warning: Spoilers
    Doctor Strange was a painful movie to watch.

    Almost forcing myself to sit through the end, I fought the urge to leave the cinema half way and go home. Now, just to put it out there, this may just apply to me because people have different values they look for in a movie, and I just happen to value story, above everything. Because that's what movies are, visual stories.

    Visual effects alone have a limit to which they can entrance the audience. The CG was stunningly beautiful in Dr. Strange, with buildings folding, twisting, and morphing into unimaginable ways. The first time it occurred ( the first ten minutes of the movie) I was struck with awe. But it got old, really fast. Why? Because they lacked logic. I don't mean logic as in, 'oh that can't happen in real life?' but as in 'if he elongated the hallways so that Dr. Strange can't run away before, so why doesn't he do that now, instead of throwing random things at him that he can obviously avoid?" Yes, I'm talking about the inconsistency of the characters' abilities to manipulate space just for the sake of 'plot.' Oh no, the villain is going to become very weak all of a sudden just so that Dr. Strange can get away, just because he's the main character! Not to mention that although, the ancient one got her powers from Dormamu, she can't beat Kaecilius at the beginning of the movie.

    Well, this severely weakened the credibility of the plot, but this isn't the only reason why I would give the story a 1/10. One of the first scenes of the movie (To be honest I can't remember if it was the first scene or the second one, that's how memorable the movie is to me) is of the ancient one trying to catch Kaecilius who steals a few pages from her book and kills the guard. Of course, here I thought, 'obviously the whole movie is going to be about trying to stop the evil guy that stole the page from using the pages to do something terrible to the world, maybe even word annihilation.' and as immediately as that thought occurred to me, I became terrified that I would have to sit through 2 hours of a very very cliché plot. I tried to doubt myself, I really did, and throughout the film, until the very end, I kept hoping for the best, 'okay, there's going to be a plot twist. Any time now, any time. Surely a movie can't be this cliché, right?' but it was just that cliché. And when the movie ended, I was furious.

    The amazing graphics and fantastic actors (I am a very big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, especially because I love the Sherlock series) was absolutely undermined and practically thrown in the trash because of the ridiculous, overdone story line. The movie basically ridiculed the audience and their level of intelligence, by making us sit through two hours worth of scenes so flashy and meaningless and hoping that they would enjoy the special effects like some new born baby or an extremely complex artist that only pursuits aesthetics for a living. Not to mention that I had the biggest migraine ever after the whole fiasco ended.

    Avatar, was an amazing movie because it had everything; it had originality/creativity, meaning, and steady natural development of characters. The amazing CG effects that blew the world at the time it came out was only able to shine because of everything else in the movie. That's what makes a classic. In comparison, Dr. Strange was just a bundle of mess with too rapid character development without any base, (why does Dr. Strange suddenly decide to get involved in the magical world? There were implied and LITTLE explicit reasons, but they were definitely not explored in enough depth to convince the audience) and the romance was so rapid and so cliché it almost seemed like there was no point to it, except to show the audience how much Dr. Strange matures, but again, how he matures is barely touched upon (apparently if you just train a few months and fight with a villain you just mature all of a sudden?)

    Maybe I shouldn't be tied to story so much when the movie is produced by marvel, after all. But I sat through all the avengers movies just fine, although they weren't exactly my cup of tea. This movie though, it was just so bad I had to write a review.

    I may be missing something huge in the movie here, and maybe that's why I am so thoroughly disappointed and maybe even disgusted with the movie. If that's indeed the case, please don't hesitate to point it out and enlighten me on what exactly I missed that makes the movie so great.

    Thanks for reading.
  • krieg881425424 October 2016
    Wonderful and Amazing Escapist Entertainment
    Way back when I first heard that Doctor Strange was being brought to the screen I was a bit worried. How could they translate the complexity of character and his true coolness but stay away from the cheeseball stuff? Dress a guy up like the books and remain true to the seriousness of the character? Well, they managed to not only pull it off but deliver one of the best hero origin films ever made.

    The director knew that you had to establish and truly care about the character. Making it grounded but still trippy really helps give it a flavor unlike any other comic adaptation. The Harry Potter meets Iron Man meets Ant-Man flavor was there yet it all feels unique. The MCU magic is there literally. Everything established in the Captain America films and both Avengers pays dividends in a way here. The universe has been established wonderfully and this film does the best job to date playing in that universe. Everything and every scene packs some sort of punch and resonates with true style and heart. They really let the action flow but also allow for key development of the overall story and over concept. This also allows them to probe deeper into the character's personalities. ALL the characters even the ones with smaller roles get to shine. This heightens the tension, so often missing from lesser comic-book movies, and adds real weight to the action sequences which are thrilling and often mesmerizing. Add more than a dash of thriller aspects and a few new characters that steal every scene that they appear in.

    I honestly can't think of one way to improve this film. The result is a movie that's just flat out exceptional and that honestly delivers the best visuals I've ever seen in a movie.
  • www.ramascreen.com23 October 2016
    An incredible mindtrip
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wow! DOCTOR STRANGE is an incredible mindtrip. Its VFX alone makes Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' look like some kind of beta test. And this film is so much fun, it's hilarious, it's got some of the most complex, most elaborate action sequences I've seen all year, and I can't stop geekin' out about the cloak of levitation. This is Benedict Cumberbatch making his grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Directed by Scott Derrickson who helped provide the script, DOCTOR STRANGE is about a successful, talented, arrogant neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Suddenly, a tragic car accident leaves Strange's hands permanently damaged, which means he can no longer perform surgery. After trying western medicine, he hears of a man who was badly injured and then got miraculously healed, this leads Strange to the secrets of a hidden world of alternate dimensions. Under the teaching and guidance of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) Strange unleashes metaphysical abilities and ultimately takes on the responsibility of protecting earth from mystical threats.

    Created by Marvel's legendary artist, Steve Ditko, the character Doctor Strange is a very unique one because he's not a product of some kind of technological armor, he's not a nordic god nor a space alien, and he doesn't get his powers from super serum nor gamma rays, and so kudos to Marvel Studios for taking a chance on this one of a kind character because it makes for an unbelievably fantastic origin story on screen that's just different from the rest of the bunch that Marvel has introduced to us so far. And there's just something refreshing about that.

    What a great cast, they could not have picked a better lead star, Benedict Cumberbatch knocks it out of the park. Whenever Strange gets a bit cocky, you can see a little bit of Cumberbatch's Sherlock attitude kicking in there. But Strange is more quick to sensibility whereas Sherlock would still have to put them all through his reasoning filters. And Cumberbatch's sense of humor is absolutely sharp. There's a ton of funny moments in this film but they never take away from the problem at hand or what Strange has to tackle at that very moment.

    I'm Asian but I'm not bothered by Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One, I understand this is supposedly the film's biggest controversy but the fact of the matter is that once you've seen DOCTOR STRANGE, you'll understand why Tilda is perfect in this role. The woman is an impeccable actress and she exudes the specific wisdom needed for this because in many ways, when you deal with a monastery-like setting where people learn martial art and philosophies about self- control, the expectation is that the master would preach parables, analogies, or metaphors in bestowing that wisdom and Tilda does it with ease like David Carradine's Kwai Chang Caine from the old "Kung Fu" series.

    Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius, I gotta say, is not my favorite villain in MCU, I think Mikkelsen does a fine job but the character just doesn't land for me. But I gotta give Scott Derrickson and his co-writers much credit for introducing as many elements as they could from Doctor Strange comic books including Dormammu, and so those who watch the film and may be confused by the jargons, like the Eye of Agamotto, can go to the comic books and discover why it is important to include those in a Doctor Strange movie along with the manipulation of space, energy and time which is also another big deal. And that leads me to what I think is the film's most amazing appeal,.. seeing buildings bend over on itself, characters teleporting, and the insane things that the cloak of levitation can do because it carries its own consciousness. It really doesn't get more of a movie magic than DOCTOR STRANGE.

    -- Rama's Screen --
  • BiiivAL13 June 2018
    I am a traveler of both time and space, to be, where I have been ©
    The story of Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon-the otherworld defender of the universe-is like a surname. A difficult destiny is the character, which he was able to push into the comic world, gently, with varying success. Charisma uncle is not deprived, but very much chakras-mantras-boddhisattva, accompanying his forces and abilities, went against the brute force of the reader's usual superheroes. At the end of the era, they forgot about him altogether, with a nostalgic smile hidden in that box of the sixties, where beads-rosaries, Pucci's prints, preparations for the expansion of consciousness and faith in the possibility of changing the world with a broad smile lay already.

    In the tenth years of the twenty-first century, in which everything new is a tolerantly fused old, the name of Strange again surfaced. It was sparkling, you can say, in the name of the Marvel genius, to make money from the air density of scripts, good visualization and simple humor. While DC breaks both to itself and the spectator with its three-hour, high-flown epics, Marvel, though slightly podraasteravshy old lightness, is still the same trampled caring and mummy road - eat, viewer, our gruel. Do not push (it will not be difficult - we promise). Do not burn yourself (here's the PG-13 rating). Do not be fooled (we sent you sentries so that you will not forget, as it was in the previous thirty-two films). And how about writing a powerful wizard with esoteric powers and psychedelic patterns in this template template? Yes, a trifle, it is not even worth the trouble, it sits like poured.

    It helped that Dr. Strange, who appeared to the world not in the best times for comics, is in itself simple as a one-color Rubik's cube. It was not initially difficult - for perception it was complicated by the surrounding situation of a tent under LSD. Reject unnecessary - and get "I do not want to be a hero - it's dangerous! - I must be a hero. " This is what the Marvel script writers used, revealing the hero exactly to the extent that it will help him to be adequately sequenced, trikvelizirovatsya and otsylnichat in the future. But there is one detail in "Strange", which makes it a curious movie for watching not only the fans and ordinary lovers of beautiful bubuhs, but also the comedian who is tired of comics, can bring something in a bowl with strong tea. It's about philosophy. The Strange's world is, first and foremost, a psychedel, which was desperately lacking during the fighting. The fact that the hobo-neurosurgeon was flown once inside the consciousness warms the soul of some pathetic five minutes, and the rest of the time the Mr. Doctor runs on foot and fights with sparks. Not enough skills were not enough for the creators of special effects (the transformations of the buildings were very impressive, Nolan's team puts the class), how much imagination to show something out of the ordinary. Let's say that there was no need to get out of the way because of the desire to not stretch the target audience - which is sad, because walking around the universe of Doctor Strange is at times more fun than drawing another Zakovi, a standard eastern market or a three thousandth Hydra bunker. Believe me, comrades from Hollywood - we are courageous, we are not afraid, we will be happy to see your fantasies. Do not be shy and do not limit yourself, and then, smelling senses, Asgard was our last gift in terms of visualization raisins.

    And a skeptical raised eyebrow is given to Marvel for another fused villain. Honestly, you simply did not know to which project to attach the extensive fan base of Mads Mikkelsen. However, this is empty: complaining about the clichés in comic films is like yelling at the wind, so as not to blow.

    Enjoy watching
  • Red_Identity6 November 2016
    Pretty average
    I think this film hugely benefits from being something at least a little different from most Marvel films. It's different in the focus that is on magic and sorcery and all of that. However, it's still quite familiar in its arc and predictable beats. The cast is fine, although nothing ever really great. Swinton manages to rise above her material, as predicted that she would. Rachel McAdams also adds a lot of heart to her character, who has a lot of screen time but who is really likable. The action sequences here are really impressive and they make a lot of the film worth it. As it is, it's not bad at all and it's enjoyable, just nothing too memorable.
  • Papa Lazarou17 November 2016
    Emperor's New Clothes
    Despite the visual similarities to Inception, Doctor Strange (in 3D) looks incredible. In places it's breathtaking. Without a doubt, this is the closest to tripping you can experience in a cinema. However, all this eye-candy fails to hide the fact that underneath it all is a terrible, terrible, by-the-numbers film. It makes the same fatal error as Finn fighting Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. The villain is powerful and experienced, but our hero, who is a beginner, manages to defeat him. This is only one of dozens of 'groan out loud' moments.

    The script is poor and the 'jokes' are misjudged. If there's one sure fire way of preventing your film from aging well, it's by inserting jokes about Beyonce.

    I can understand why Mads Mikkelsen did this film, as I'm sure he was well paid, but it's probably the worst film he's appeared in by a mile.

    Lazy and formulaic. I give it 3/10 only because it looks so good.
  • Corey James25 October 2016
    Strange world
    This is my review of Doctor Strange (spoiler free)

    **** (4/5)

    SINCE 2014s GUARDIANS of the Galaxy stomped all over the box-office with it's over $800 million boot and Ant-Man repeating the same process a year later, the Marvel Cinematic Universe have developed quite a knack for bringing to life virtually unknown origin stories in quite a spectacular fashion and that brilliant record shows that Doctor Strange will be no exception. However it may be the weirdest and strangest addition but by no means it is nonetheless an enjoyable addition as this cognitive story offers manipulative sorcery, clever screenplay, mind-melting action and mind-bending CGI it's fair to say that this will not be forgotten anytime soon. Get the thought out of your head that you never could see Benedict Cumberbatch in a cape, as he pulls it off so well along with that and the glorious devil look-a-like goatee that it looks like he was born to play this role and his brilliant performance shows it. The whole concept here is that this was strange from day one and the story written and directed by long time fan and look-a-like Scott Derrickson using his own vision this origin story is brilliant, and to put it lightly mind-blowing and is certainly a vast improvement over his last feature Deliver Us From Evil his vision and his screenplay are very clever and cognitive as the screenplay alone will manipulate the mind. In terms of the CGI picture the sorcery of Harry Potter meets the clever screenplay and the reality defying, world building dream worlds of Inception and imagine if those two joined forces and had a baby, well Doctor Strange is that baby weird concept but that's this in a bag.

    It may surprise you to know that the insanity that is this movie starts out ordinary with Dr. Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) working his normal shift as a show off neurosurgeon in a hospital along with his colleague/life partner Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), until he is the victim of a terrible car crash (might this be a lesson to never text and drive) and shatters almost every nerve in his hand and has to undergo several procedures in order to get better. Until he finds an elegant solution which is nicely done in this addition he has to go to the stunning Nepal near the Himalaya mountain range and has to learn the path to power and the kind of responsibilities it holds. However at some points he almost gives up on life and sees no more strength to learn but continues on.

    Naturally some origin stories of this style are terribly rushed and get to the action rather quickly and although at some points this does take a while to settle but with the clever screenplay and brilliant time bending and world building powers it's set out rather well, granted there are a couple of times when some of the scenes are just stuck together and some take a while to get with the story but who cares when the final result and the final battle are so eye achingly impressive, filled with a kaleidoscope of building splits, moving floors and also a levitating cape it's almost as if he stepped into a dream world but as the story goes on he realizes that its all too real.

    It's quite the spectacle.

    The first act is used to just settling into the story and introducing the many characters played by big international players, and also training with magic which is done in a very intriguing way as the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) shows him the powers of the mind and he looks very impressed as he has gone from a none believer to becoming a learner – this scene is both inventive and has a colourful kaleidoscope which looks amazing in 3D. The second and third acts are when the world literally turns upside down for Doctor Strange as he has to face Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and a great and powerful entity that he serves but he learns that his power is stronger than he thinks. Interestingly Kaecilius gives Doctor Strange some advice and also a shock which we won't spoil. During the second act there is a beautiful training lesson with Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) – this is brilliantly done with some very inventive CGI that shows the way he moves looking like he is flying. At one point there is a battle that has never been seen before in any film of this style and that is an astral projection battle between Strange and Lucian (Scott Adkins), which is just a gob smacking few minutes during the battle, and while they are at it they scare Christine this adds a bit of comedy to the scene. The clever screenplay also adds some hilarious moments where they are needed proving that the director can make a serious film with insane CGI and even add some comedy to the final production.

    Doctor Strange may be one of the strangest and possibly the most insane addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but is still nonetheless entertaining and this proves that Marvel are keeping a better record with kick-ass origin stories, that are a spectacular CGI f**kathon and if the end result is this entertaining then that is a record that shall continue for decades, much better than the record currently obtained by the DCEU who at the moment need a miracle to overcome the disastrous films they've made lately. Easily one of the best films this year and shall be remembered for ages and who knows may even repeat the box-office record set by Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. This is a strange world.

    VERDICT: The Marvel Cinematic Universe shines again with manipulative sorcery and cognitive storytelling as this may be the strangest addition but still delivers some kick-ass entertainment.

    8/10 powerfully manipulative.
  • Thebaitman4 November 2016
    Dr. Generic Superhero Movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    Let me get this out of the way first. Yes, the visuals and special affects were amazing. It was nice and polished. But that is a given for a super hero movie. You can CGI a hurricane or atomic bomb if you wanted to. Pretty colors are standard.

    Yet, what is not cool is Marvel and Disney producing this cliché trash year after year. And,boy was this movie predictable. It was filled with plot convenience and plot amour as if they think the audience are a bunch of monkeys.

    First, the backstory was rushed and poorly done. They show him do ONE operation to establish he loves his hands. Then, he loses his hands after screenshots of his manhattan loft and Lamborghini. And why should we feel sorry for him? Cause he is rich and has the means to retire or just teach brain science? Screw convincing backstory, we need to rush and spend the budget on pretty colors. It was insulting to expect we should be vested in this character.

    Then, after Dr. Gary Stu moves east he meets the right people at the right time in overcrowded Tibet in 2 minutes. Out of plot convenience, they train the guy cause maybe they were bored. An few moments he is a martial arts master. In his first fight, the bad guys dispatch all the ally wizards, but Dr. Strange as a rookie gets a 10 minute fight scene and masters all the magical items at the most convenient time. He gets a magical cape to solve all his problems and even fight for him. I don't mind overpowered assholes like superman or Thor cause you know what you are going to get. But, Dr. Strange has a horse shoe up his ass or the screenplay was written by a 13 year old.

    From then on, the movie is save the earth from Doomsday with people pulling random powers out of their ass. I like rules in super hero world. It's someone of a level playing field in batman or even some other marvel movies. But, in Dr. Strange, the possibilities are endless cause it's magic. So, what is the point of even caring. Here is some time travel. Here is some magic spears. Here is some magic portals. Let's fly. The movie is literally just special effects and you will get bored.

    They are not original effects either. If you have seen inception, you have seen Dr. Strange. If you have seen any Harry Potter movie, you have seen Dr. Strange.

    Overall, I think this movie is crap and you could find some equally entertaining videos. Don't feel bad if you take out your phone to check email or multitask watching this in theatres. Your fellow audience isn't going to be missing critical scenes from getting distracted. You could literally walk out and walk back in for 10 minutes and know what is going on, it is that cliché and generic. Avoid this movie and wait till it is available on Redbox.
  • Russell Bradley7 November 2016
    Fantastic Visuals, No Logic
    Warning: Spoilers
    While Doctor Strange should be praised for its' amazing visuals and CGI effects, the movie is filled with a less than logical plot line and various plot holes, such as Doctor Strange throwing people into portals while they still have their Sling Rings, not using his cape in many various scenes with which it would have been extremely useful, being accepted quickly and without test into the temple simply because of his "dedication", and Strange being able to master the art of sorcery better than the dozen or so other sorcerers, who are almost completely ignored in all of the action scenes throughout the movie, while Strange is shown as extremely skilled and powerful at his newly learned skill.

    This movie is for the circle-jerking Marvel fans that take shallow actions sequences and expensive visuals over a good plot. This movie does not have a shred of logic after the first 20 minutes, completely ignoring it for the purpose of looking dope and having intense fights.
  • spencergrande614 December 2016
    More of the Same, But Different!
    Perfectly enjoyable fun. Sound familiar? Doctor Strange being a different kind of hero doesn't really excuse most of this film's conventional plotting.

    There's a much more interesting film in here, one in which Mads Mikkelsen isn't the main villain (yet) and getting in the way of the hero's journey and in which Tilda Swinton is even more ambiguous. Her obvious parallels to Stephen are perfectly apt and yet not allowed enough time to breathe and spin. It's all a last minute reveal and then a call to arms because plot and all is well because plot.

    A lot has been made of the "trippy" special effects, and I guess they are compared to the traditional visuals employed in these types of movies. But let's not get carried away. Besides the travels through space and mind it's mostly buildings moving around like they're in Inception.

    I didn't buy the last end credits scene. Useless and not earned. I'm sick of hero's with photographic memories. Let the hero be exceptional on their own merits. Action scenes could be less choppily edited. But still, it's fun in ways other recent Marvel movies haven't been.
  • Ty Z15 November 2016
    Nothing Spectacular
    I went into the movie among high hopes. My friends told me it was fantastic and there were scenes that were "out-of-this-world". So entering this movie (with a certain elevation) I had high expectations. But it fell incredibly short.

    Overall, the acting. Monologue, boring, no worth while story, the hero who just entered the arts of magic is now suddenly one of the best in the business in a short amount of time, etc. etc. Now I understand that it's a Marvel and Superhero movie, but that doesn't change the fact that the script is entirely the SAME for every Marvel movie on the characters are changed.

    This movie was (for lack of a better term) boring. There were only three of those "out-of-this-world" scenes and those scenes were done well (save for the first. Focusing on a violently shaking your head side to side while flashy colors are beaming around you is lazy film directing at best).

    The movie was not what it was hyped up to be by my friends, other critics, and reviews. It is a generic action flick with terrible attempts at comedy with the usual on-liner and unbelievable looks of "How did you..." then to "I just did." and act all innocently.

    In short: This action/"comedy" movie is generic, bland, boring, with few action scenes just to make sure you are distracted by the endless, meaningless conversations. I expected more from this type of movie. 2/7

    P.S. This studio has become arrogant and lazy.
  • Giallo Fanatic2 November 2016
    I am really impressed.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously I am really impressed by the movie's atrocious script. It was basically 'Iron Man' just turned sorcerer. A rich, successful and arrogant man goes through hardship. Except there was actually some character development in 'Iron Man' and Doctor Strange had as much as character development as Roger Moore's James Bond. Which makes for a rather dull plot progression. The story was lazy too, it was mostly just there as an excuse for boring CGI effects. "Here are the good guys and here are the bad guys and here is our obnoxious, arrogant hero who under appreciates women. Go!" It was all eye candy. The characters consisted of stereotypes. Like in a Disnéy movie. Apparently the producers spent so much money on the CGI they could not afford a decent script. The CGI scenes were not even that good because, they just rip off '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Inception'. Creative? Absolutely not! Speaking of bad script, if the Ancient One was so powerful, what took her so damn long to help Strange and Mordo fight Kaecilius? Or how about Strange and Mordo were just standing there watching the Ancient One fighting Kaecilius which resulted in her getting killed? How about Strange was so irresponsible for leaving a dimensional hole in the cleaning closet? What a pathetic hero.

    The movie also had a dull sense of humor. I barely even smiled. In fact I was struggling to stay awake at the cinema even though I was watching it with 3D and 3D glasses. It even had boring slapstick humor. "Here is a magic cape, now watch it kick Scott Atkins' ass!" Such a waste of having Scott Atkins in the movie. Also such a waste of Mads Mikkelsen's talent for making him play such a dull villain. How about the sheer disappointment when Strange met the ultimate bad guy? I don't know about you but I was expecting more from a multidimensional being. "Stop it! What are you doing?! Stop looping the time! Come on!" It wasn't even funny and that is how you defeat a multidimensional being? It makes me wonder why people besides Strange were so scared of him when he has the same intelligence as a mere brute Batman would beat up. So I really did not like the movie. I did not enjoy the movie except for the part Mordo realized the Ancient One was using the Dark force. That's about it. The only reason I watched the movie was because a friend invited me to watch it with him, but even he was disappointed.

  • sparkytb31 October 2016
    One day, we will be rid of this garbage.
    Warning: Spoilers
    (spoilers ahead!)

    I saw a movie today and this is roughly what happened.

    After the obligatory opening CGI extravaganza, we are introduced to a younger and far less interesting version of Dr. House from House M.D., who crashes his sports car because he's distracted by his smartphone in exactly the way you crash your sports car in movies when you're distracted by your smartphone.

    Now he's all messed up and can't be Dr. House anymore, which annoys him, so he starts shouting at his girlfriend. Then after a series of neat screen writing coincidences, a man playing basketball tells him to go to Nepal to fix himself up, so he does a Kwai Chang Caine/David Carradine from KUNG FU, but not as well, and meets two British thespians (one in a bald cap) on the set at Pinewood and/or Shepperton studios, one of whom rescues him from muggers in a creepy alley like in, well, everything you've ever seen, but not as well.

    Then for the next eighty minutes it's a rinse and repeat of 1) endless fight sequences like THE MATRIX but not as good, with CGI like INCEPTION but not as good, 2) standing around in rubble making speeches full of words and names we don't understand nor care about; and 3) a scientifically calculated sprinkling of lame humour including jokes about wi-fi and Beyonce.

    Somewhere in the middle there's a scene where he's not very good in training, then has a shave and brushes his hair and is suddenly amazing. And another fight. Or two. There's some more chat about villains and the dark side, but not as good as STAR WARS, and I don't remember what anybody's true motivation was for anything, emotional or otherwise. All this is then covered in a thick brown gravy of forgettable score that tells us exactly how to feel.

    Further along there's a sort of climax similar to the end of SUPERMAN II but not as good, with a super villain who wears 70s glam rock purple eye shadow, then another bit of the climax that looks like a pumped up version of the end of FANTASTIC FOUR where Dr. House now has a cape and manages to outsmart a shouty CGI head by making him bored and frustrated, which is a little odd because the shouty CGI head lives outside of conventional space time, and in doing so probably wouldn't care that this might go on for a while.

    Then, at the almost end, the thespian in the bald cap dies like Obi Wan Kenobi in STAR WARS but not as well, the glam 70s rock super villain and his roundhouse-kicking minions get dispatched in exactly the same way as Gen Zod in SUPERMAN – THE MOVIE, but not as well. After that Dr. House's best mate, as they always do, gets a bit annoyed at something and decides to go off to be the villain in the sequel. Dr. House talks a bit about the upcoming sequels with another mate then stands next to a window looking serious.

    At the end there's a caption on screen telling us there's going to be a sequel.

    And that's it. The epitome of average.
  • akash mittal2 March 2017
    thought Benedict to be an underdog..!!
    Initially i really didn't hope that doctor strange role would be pulled off by Benedict but evidently i am wrong he's the one born for this role..! humour was one of the things i liked about the was great and subtle..the kinda needed in the film. It may look like that movie won't be able to keep up with it's pace but one'll surely realize that it's going over and over as the movie progresses.
  • giantbluemonkey7 November 2016
    Feces at Best
    Warning: Spoilers
    What a dung heap.

    Usually I love Mr. Cumberbatch, and even think his Bostonian accent in Black Mass was passable. Lord, this movie, though...

    Bad American accent, bad lines, dodgy acting by the entire cast (McAdams was the only thing I liked about True Detective II), lame villains, kindergarten costumes, unoriginal special effects (which may've been the one redeemable aspect), poor plot exposition, and at no time did it encourage me to suspend disbelief.

    At times, when fighting out-of-body in a hospital, they inexplicably bump into something things while passing right through others. Sitting with a friend, we both finished several predictable lines of dialogue prior to the character parroting it out.

    The only good thing about this movie is that it ends.
  • Julius Light11 February 2017
    visually mind-blowing
    In terms of the quality of the film as a whole, I would give Doctor Strange a 7, but because of its visual effects and implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I am totally giving it an 8. Let me explain.

    Watching this in theaters with the sometimes too-loud sound, seeing the buildings and streets give way and rotate and otherwise bend themselves completely to a person's whim, immediately made me think of Inception. But this was even more hectic. This wasn't imaginary, this was real.

    Another thing. Finally in the MCU we have some sorcery, direct utilization of magical energy for combat. Discussion of other dimensions; even traveling between them at will. Doctor Strange's final outfit is just wicked cool. If you know the character from the Marvel comics, then you'll know that he's pretty damn powerful. Unfortunately this is an origins film, that is, it reveals how Doctor Strange became Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme; the real deal will come in the third Avengers film hopefully.

    As a follower of the MCU who's seen basically all of the released films to date, I was eagerly awaiting this one, and I was not dissatisfied. The music was riveting as usual per a Marvel film (Giacchino), the fight sequences intense, the otherworldly conflicts enormous. I'm so glad this guy's joining the Avengers in their imminent battle with Thanos, or at least I'm pretty sure he is. Now all that being said, Doctor Strange wouldn't fall in my top 5 MCU films; Captain America, Avengers 2, for example were much better, but it's part of the MCU, and therefore is a must-see for any MCU fan.

    I also noticed a lot more wit and almost off-character humor in this film than in other MCU films. And of course, as all the MCU films are taking place chronologically within the same universe (or multiverse?), there are several references to the bigger pictures, i.e. the Avengers.
  • SquigglyCrunch5 April 2017
    Superb Visuals Accompanied by a Solid Script
    Doctor Strange follows a surgeon who, after suffering from a major injury, sets out to search for healing. Instead, he ends up learning about magic.

    The movie opens with a scene that is both darker and funnier than most Marvel superhero movies I've seen. It sets the tone really well, and it actually manages to carry that all the way through. It is comedic, yet it maintains a level of urgency or threat to the entire situation that the characters constantly find themselves in, keeping the audience intrigued for most the entire duration.

    The special effects were probably the biggest selling point for this movie. For me, anyway. I made a point of getting it on blu-ray, and it paid off. The effects are pretty trippy (for lack of a better word), and that's really all I'm going to say about them. I wasn't sure they always made sense in the context of the movie, but they were still pretty cool.

    Unlike other Marvel superhero movies I've seen recently, this one is actually funny. The character of Stephen Strange is actually fleshed-out and realistic to an extent. He's an engaging character with plenty of faults and just as much charm. He's a fun character, and I get the feeling Eggs Benedict Cucumberpatch felt the same. In fact, basically the entire cast seems to be having a jolly ol' time making the movie. There's just this air of fun surrounding it.

    The writing is actually pretty good, with dialogue that comes expected of a particular character, and a plot driven in a direction that makes sense and ceases to be boring. I never found myself questioning a character's decisions due to pure stupidity, nor did I find myself dozing like I have through the last few movies. It manages to build an intriguing world without revealing too much or boring the audience with lore and exposition, yet it gives us just enough to keep us interested.

    Overall Doctor Strange is both fun and funny, clever and pretty, well acted and well-written, and is just an all-around great movie. It's a step in the right direction for Marvel, and I'm hoping to see them continue in this direction. In the end I would recommend this movie.
  • DvdSage15 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't normally go these types of films, and I should have learned my lesson after going to see the latest Star Wars instalment last year. I had read the special effects in 3D were worth the admission price alone, so I thought it would at least be entertaining.

    It started off well enough with Cumberbatch playing a self centred neurosurgeon. But from the moment he arrived in Nepal I didn't have a clue what was going on. Very quickly, Strange had picked up all sorts of supernatural powers by reading a few books, and after a few rumbles with friends and foe alike, was suddenly fighting to save planet earth.

    There was an array of 'Red Dwarf' type gadgets which we were supposed to take seriously and Strange mastered them all. Even the 'magic cape' flew towards him.

    I really couldn't have cared less about any of the characters, and it was a relief when the Ancient One (lol) finally died and Strange did not resurrect her by turning back time.

    Needless to say Strange saved the planet, and I think the moral of the story was not to use your mobile phone while speeding in your sports car.
  • Harvey Penson25 October 2016
    Absolutely fun and what Marvel do best
    This isn't really a review, more or an informal statement.

    So this has been the number one film I've been looking forward to all year (yep more than Civil War and Finding Dory) for a few reasons, one its a marvel Movie which I am a big fan off, Doctor Strange is a great character and story, and Benedict Cumberbatch is my favourite actor. (just to say I have more a right than a lot of other people to say that Cumberbatch is my favourite actor as I have been following his career for 6 years now since the first episode of Sherlock) All this in one is just brilliant.

    Although this year I have been very nervous about whether it would be good or not. Don't get me wrong the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) have never made a bad film) but after some of the bi disappointments this year (Batman vs Superman, suicide squad, X men Apocalypse ( I like it but the majority of society doesn't)) and that the director Scott Derrickson has only produced not great horror films, I did worry slightly.

    But I am so glad to breath a proud sigh of relief, as Marvel have done their job as usual in creating a great fun action film with a great story and well executed performances. A really solid piece of blockbuster entertainment and fantasy.

    Doctor Stephen Strange is brilliant but arrogant neuro surgeon who's use of his hands fails him when he is victim to a car accident. He will then become so lost that he seeks help and guidance in the Ancient One, who teaches him in art of the dimensional and mystic arts to become a defender of his world to stop an approaching evil.

    First Cumberbatch, brilliant executes the role of Stephen Strange, an ignorant surgeon who becomes to obsessed with his ego and then transforms into the mystical sorcerer supreme. I was concerned about Cumberbatch's accent but its absolutely fine so no worries there. What I love about Cumberbatch is that he can tackle countless roles and characters which is what is very clear here, by displaying elements of being an ass-whole (excuse my language) becoming a strong confident hero and also a quirky humorous fellow.

    A big hats off to Tilda Swinton as well delivering an awesome performance as the mysterious Ancient One, showing off her wise craftsmanship as a teacher and skills as a defender of the dimensions.

    The story is a solid great structure with comfortable direction by Scott Derickson, just a bit rough around the edges in a few moments, but nothing to make me go mental over the internet.

    One of the big aspects of this film is the heavy visual effects, giving us a hint of Christopher Nolan's Inception at times (best film ever made). This wonderfully developed visual artwork really puts you in the realms of dimension and transports you to worlds never seen before in the MCU. I wouldn't be surprised to see this nominated at the Oscars.

    This is a key aspect that sets Doctor Strange from the rest of the movies, as it enters a whole new universe of super hero. But that what I love about Marvel is that the super heroes aren't really typical super heroes. (Cpt America, is a super strength patriot, Thor is a God, Hulk is a green monster, and Doctor Strange is a sorcerer) Doctor Strange was everything I wanted and needed it to be, a really solid good, fun, Marvel movie with a spot on performance by Cumberbatch, can't wait to see him in the future movies. Great fun Loved it 8.6/10
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