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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed a lot the four "animated comics" based in the "I Am Legend" movie starring Will Smith. In many ways, those four animated shorts are able to show from a much more complex and fascinating perspective all the horror and grief that are part of the apocalyptic setting where the story of the movie takes place, showing the struggles and desperation of some survivors in different parts of the worlds.

    This is possibly the most heartbreaking and underrated and those wonderful stories, being able to express in just a very few minutes, and without any spoken word, all the sadness, solitude and despair suffered by one character in one apocalyptic scenario.

    The result is very simple and brief, but at the same time, so wonderfully effective, being a truly beautiful tragedy that has more effect one me than most of the horror movies that I've watched recently.

    The art and the atmosphere are magnificent as in the other 3 stories, but in what concerns to the plot, this one is my favorite.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Death as a Gift" is the fourth and final of these animated short films taking place in the "I am Legend" universe. It is set in Hong Kong and shows us the tragic story of a young woman who is immune to the virus. I have a bit of a problem with the story I must say. Maybe she is not really the only one who is immune. Or she could maybe try to go on a journey and find others who are immune instead of copping out? I am not sure. Still, I am not too happy with her decision. Nonetheless, like I said in the title, in terms of what you see and what you hear this is a pretty good movie and makes up for the flaws in story. I think I prefer the first short film of the series, but this one is my second favorite. Films 2 and 3 were not too great in my opinion. I recommend this one here.
  • TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews25 October 2009
    This is the last of the four "animated comics" on the I Am Legend DVD, taking place in the same universe as the flick, only at 4 different places in the world, none of them being that of the film. This being the only one directly written by Jada Pinkett Smith, I was interested in finding out how good it is. At just under three minutes with credits, it's the shortest. The first of these is about thirty seconds longer, and this has less "plot", so to speak, and establishing of setting than that. It's really a single idea, expressed in about as little time as it can without rushing. And the concept and execution are both marvelous. The style is fitting and subtle. Lighting and design are excellent. Pacing is spot-on. The music is perfect for the tone. Apart from the score, use of sound is minimal, and to great effect. Not a single word is spoken in this. Of the set, this is likely to be the easiest to take in for those not big on drawn art. There is arguably disturbing content in this, but no strong language or real violence. I recommend this to any fan of dark fiction, and while it will increase the impact this will have on you, it is not necessary to have watched the movie. 7/10